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Bono and Damien Rice spent New Years Eve in Iceland

November 20, 2015

Bono, singer and frontman of the band U2, spent New Years Eve in Iceland along with friends and family. He landed at Reykjavik Domestic Airport on his private jet yesterday after flying in from Dublin.

Bono live in Iceland

It is likely that Bono will leave the country again today, but that is uncertain and he might stay a while longer. When Bono landed he did not give an interview to reporters but instead he waved at them kindly.

The Irish musician Damien Rice came with Bono to the country yesterday, but Damien has been to Iceland many times before.

Bono's family came with him, his wife Alison Hewson, and all of their four children. Bono's parents-in-law also came with them. Bono and Damien Rice are good friends, and they are both from Ireland. Bono stayed at a hotel in Reykjavik last night but according to local sources it is likely that Bono will also use the time in Iceland to explore the nature and landscape outside the capital.