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Inspired by tourists

February 19, 2015

Many of you have probably seen the lively video that got viral few years back, called "Inspired by Iceland". The video is about the little island way up north hat the Vikings found more then 1000 years ago. This is the island which is full of pride, untouched nature and undiscovered adventures.

During the last 5-10 years, more and more people from all over the world have found interest in that particular little island. These are people craving for new moments, magnificent sights and lively things to cross out from their bucket list. These people are full of ideas, interest and admiration.

I must say that these people inspire me. They have taught me new ways to appreciate the country I was born and raised in and have been living in for the last 25 years.
When you have volcanoes in your backyard and lava fields as your playground, it can sometimes be easy to forget how magnificent the nature is. It becomes the norm, something that you get used to. It might be a similar feeling to be married to a supermodel.

When more and more tourists, seekers and travellers flock to Iceland to experience it's vastness and wilderness they open up the eyes of us Icelanders.
We start to look at our country in a different way than before. We want to join, and live as tourists in our own country.

My name is Perla and I come from Iceland. I am inspired by tourists.

- Perla Magnúsdóttir, travel specialist at Extreme Iceland