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Former mayor of Reykjavik in an interview with Craig Ferguson on CBS

July 31, 2014

Jon Gnarr, comedian and former mayor of Reykjavik, appeared on the Late Late Show hosted by Craig Ferguson on CBS yesterday. Jesse Tyler Ferguson, a Modern Family star, was also on the show. Jon Gnarr was promoting his new book, called Gnarr! How I Became the Mayor of a Large City in Iceland and Changed the World.

Ferguson said that he thought that his childhood years were similar to Gnarr's. They were both in a punk band. "But then you became a mayor in Iceland, and I didn't" said Ferguson. He said that he has always wanted to go to Iceland and that he was fascinated by the country. He mentioned the band Sykurmolarnir and received an applause. 

"Thank you Icelanders. And well informed hipsters" said Ferguson. He also mentioned Sigur Rós and the bands documentary, Heima (2007). You can see the interview here below, it begins on the 24th minute.