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Flights to Iceland in Winter

October 19, 2014

If you're looking for a DIRECT flight to Iceland from the UK, the USA, Canada, Northern Ireland, France, Holland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Faroe Islands, Spain, or Greenland, check this list here bellow. Winter 2014-2015.

United Kingdom

London Gatwick:

WOW air, 10 flights per week
Icelandair, 6 flights per week
easyJet, 3 flights per week

London Heathrow:

Icelandair, 14 flights per week

London Luton:

easyJet, 5 - 7 flights per week

Manchester: easyJet and Icelandair 3 flights a week
Glasgow: Icelandair, 5 flights a week
Birmingham: Flybe, 3 per week, Icelandair 2 from Feb 5
Bristol: easyJet, three flights per week
Edinburgh: easyJet, three flights per week
Belfast: easyJet, twice a week from Dec 12

Iceland Air

United States

New York: Icelandair, daily from JFK, and 4 flights a week from Newark
Boston: Icelandair, 9 flights a week
Seattle: Icelandair, daily
Washington: Icelandair, 5 days a week
Denver: Icelandair, 4 flights a week
Orlando: Icelandair, 3 flights a week

Airport Terminal Keflavik


Copenhagen: Icelandair, 15 flights a week, and WOW air10 flights


Oslo: Icelandair, 8 flights a week, Norwegian, 3 flights a week, SAS up to daily
Bergen: Norwegian, 3 flights per week

WOW Air plane


Berlin: WOW air, 3 flights per week
Frankfurt: Icelandair, daily
Munich: Icelandair, 3 - 4 flightss per week


Paris: Icelandair, daily and WOW air, 3 flights a week


Edmonton: Icelandair, 4 flights a week
Toronto: Icelandair, 5 flights a week


Stockholm: Icelandair, 8 departures a week


Amsterdam: Icelandair, daily


Helsinki: Icelandair, 3 - 4 flights per week

Faroe Islands

Faroe: Atlantic Airways, Fridays to Keflavik


Nuuk: Air Iceland, 2 flights a week to Reykjavik
Kulusuk: Air Iceland, 1 - 2 flights a week to Reykjavik
Ilulissat: Air Iceland, 2 flights in March to Reykjavik


Basel: easyJet, 2 flights a week
Geneva: easyJet, 2 flights a week


Alicante: WOW air, Saturdays until Nov 29


Salzburg: WOW air, Saturdays Dec 20 - Feb 28

Additionally, some local travel agencies offer charter flights from other locations this winter. It will be possible to fly from Warsaw (Poland) during Christmas, and from Stavanger and Trondheim (Norway) in the beginning of November.

Airlines to and from Keflavik Airport