A Hidden Gem

Strandir in the Westfjords of Iceland

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A little secret place in Iceland offering stunning beauty and remote landscapes. Strandir in the Westfjords is a must see.

A Hidden Gem

I‘m going to reveal a little secret.

It‘s about a magical place up in the northwest of Iceland, part of the West Fjord‘s coastline. Have you ever heard of Strandir?

Strandir heated pool

A Place of Magic

Strandir is kind of a „yet to be discovered by travelers“ place in the Westfjords of Iceland.There are many folklore and legends related to the region and many people from Strandir were thought to possess powers of witchcraft and sorcery. The region is filled with rich and mythical history and spectacular nature. Driving there takes about 3 hours assuming you‘re traveling from Reykjavik. On your way you‘ll be treated with entrancing landscapes, a true feast for the eyes! One of the most scenic drives available.

Standir Harbor

4 small villages

At Strandir, you will find 4 charming villages in the region, Hólmavík being the biggest and the first one you‘ll arrive at. It contains The Museum of Icelandic Sorcery & Witchcraft, which is very interesting indeed. The next village, Drangsnes, is likely the smallest fisherman village in the world. From Drangsnes is only a 10 min boat ride from to Grimsey Island, which is said to be the biggest puffin area in the world. Djúpavík is small as well, once there was a herring factory operated there but now it‘s closed. Norðurfjörður the last village of Strandir has a spectacular landscape, indented coastline and high mountains. There you find a geothermal pool right by the coast so you can relax and enjoy the Arctic Ocean view.

Ship wreck

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