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How to stay healthy on your trip to Iceland

Sometimes when traveling it can be difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

August 20, 2016
Birta Bjornsdottir

Sometimes when traveling it can be difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Staying active and eating healthy often goes out the window when people are in different environments. We of course suggest that you try all sorts of new food and different things. But if you want to stay a little bit healthier on your trip to Iceland, here are a few tips for you.

Stay Active in pool

Stay Active

The best way to stay healthy is to stay active, and Iceland has an endless amount of activities. Whether you want to go river rafting, glacier hiking, snorkeling, or caving, you should not struggle with finding activities to keep you busy. Many gyms in Iceland also offer a one-day free trial at their facilities, and there are hundreds of swimming pools in Iceland if you want to stay active in a more traditional way.

Here are some of the activity tours we offer

Extremem Iceland Glacier Lagoon

Plan Ahead

When you are traveling the ring road around the country, there are not always a lot of healthy food options. The best way to eat healthy is to plan ahead. Before you leave the capital, make sure to pack some healthy snacks. Iceland has a very healthy yoghurt called Skyr that we strongly recommend. We also suggest that you buy local fruit and vegetables when you are in Iceland.

Jumping on the Blue Ice

Try some healthy Icelandic habits and traditions

A good way to stay healthy is to start your day like so many Icelandic people do. Many Icelanders go swimming every day, no matter the weather or the season. You will feel great relaxing in a hot tub after a good swim in a naturally heated swimming pool. After the swimming pool you should go drink some Lýsi (a cod liver oil) and eat some skyr. It is also important to drink a lot of the clean Icelandic tap water to stay hydrated. After this routine you are ready to start your day a healthy way.