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Where to buy clothes in Iceland

December 21, 2016
Birta Bjornsdottir

If you are looking to shop some of the hottest Icelandic fashion trends or if you just want to stay warm in the cool Icelandic temperatures, but don’t know where to go, this blog is for you! Before you go and do your shopping, make sure to read this over so you know where the best places and the best deals are.

Winter Clothes / Outerwear

If you plan on traveling up to the highlands of Iceland or visiting Iceland during the wintertime, we recommend that you have some real winter clothes to wear. The weather in Iceland is very unpredictable and it can change drastically. It can easily go from being sunny and nice out, to pouring rain, to hail, and then to snow, all within one hour or so. Therefore, it is best to come prepared for all kinds of Icelandic weather.

66° North – 66° North was founded in 1926 to clothe Icelandic fishermen. Now, nine decades later, they clothe a large portion of Icelanders. This is a highly popular brand for winter coats and wool hats in Iceland.

Cintamani – Cintamani is a very popular Icelandic clothing brand. It is most known in Iceland for winter coats and fleece jackets. On your visit to Iceland, you will see many Icelanders wearing this brand.

66 North Coat

Second Hand or Vintage

There are a lot of second-hand and vintage clothing stores in Iceland that are very popular by the locals. Icelanders like to dress in their own unique way and want their clothing to express their personalities. Check out some of the top second-hand and vintage clothing stores.

Spúútnik – One of the most popular second hand stores in Iceland is Spúútnik. The store is conveniently located on Iceland’s main shopping street, Laugavegur, as well as in Kringlan mall. Spúútnik refers to themselves as “second hand heaven” and we agree!

Gyllti Kötturinn – Gyllti Kötturinn or The Golden Cat, is a vintage boutique that sells both vintage and new quality clothes for women. The boutique is located on Austurstraeti in downtown Reykjavik. If you are looking for high quality vintage clothing, Gyllti Kötturinn is where you should go.

Fatamarkaðurinn – If you are looking for more affordable vintage and second hand clothing, you have found the right place. Fatamarkaðurinn offers lower prices than most other stores, and still has great quality clothing. You might have to go through piles and piles to find what you are looking for, but once you find that one item it will all be worth it!

Second Hand store Gyllti Kotturinn


Juniform – Juniform is an Icelandic fashion label that is located in Kringlan mall. All of the garments in the store are hand made in Iceland. Juniform offers very unique knitwear, as well as dresses, outerwear, and accessories.

Kiosk – Kiosk is a co-shop owned by eight different Icelandic designers. The designers even take shifts behind the counter, so you are always guaranteed to meet at least one of them. Kiosk offers a wide range of clothing, and since it is real Icelandic design, the store is very popular among the locals.

Farmers Market – Farmers Market is an Icelandic company and clothing brand founded by a young artist couple – a designer and a musician. Farmers Market sells clothing for both men and women, and it sells everything from outerwear to underwear.

Kjólar og Konfekt – this store is cleverly named “Dresses and Chocolates”. The store offers dresses from all over, as well as they sell Icelandic chocolate. The store can take in small groups where the group can try on dresses and eat chocolate. They even offer a make-up artist for the group.

Juniform Icelandic Fashion Label