Iceland Bucket List: Food


Iceland Bucket List: Food

This is the second part in our Iceland Bucket List Series here at Extreme Iceland. Each week we will feature a new list of things you must see or do before you leave Iceland. In this second part of our Iceland Bucket List, we have chosen “Food to Eat In Iceland”. This series is perfect for planning your next trip to Iceland, or for getting ideas once you are already here. So, here it is, 10 foods to eat in Iceland that should be on your bucket list!

1. Skyr

Skyr is a really well known Icelandic dish. Recently it has been gaining popularity in other countries, and it is becoming more and more visible in grocery stores in countries like the United States. Skyr is a cultured dairy product, that is actually made from cheese. It is very similar to greek yogurt, but the flavor is milder. Icelanders usually eat skyr with milk and some fruit. It is also popular to put skyr in smoothies, since it is a very healthy thing to eat.


Skyr is a traditional Icelandic dish

2. Slow Roasted Lamb

Lamb is one of the fanciest meals that Icelanders will eat. Lamb is often used as a dinner on celebrations or on Christmas. The best way to cook lamb is to cook it in the oven on low heat for many hours, or if you truly want to do it the Icelandic way, cook it in a geothermal hole in the ground for a few hours. It’s delicious.

Slow Roasted Lamb

Many natives favorite dish

3. Fermented Shark

Fermented shark is not a food that is commonly eaten by the locals. Most people who try fermented shark actually think that it is quite gross. But fermented shark is the national dish of Iceland. Icelanders used to eat these back in the day when they did not have refrigerators or many other food options. Even though this dish isn’t necessarily the tastiest, it is a must eat while you are in Iceland.

Fermented Shark

Are you brave enough to eat some shark?

4. Lamb Soup

Lamb soup is an Icelandic delicacy. This soup is also becoming very popular amongst visitors and tourists in Iceland. It is a simple dish that has been around in Iceland for centuries. The soup is a broth based soup with lamb, potatoes, and root vegetables. It’s very tasty.

Lamb Soup

Lamb soup for the soul

5. Icelandic Fish

Iceland has a great variety of fish available. You should try to eat as much Icelandic fish as possible when you’re in Iceland. Not only is it very good for you, it also tastes great! In many restaurants you can eat fish that was just caught earlier that day. It doesn’t get any fresher than that!

Icelandic Fish

Fresh and delicious

6. Icelandic Hot Dog

Unbelievably, Iceland’s most popular and frequented restaurant is a hotdog stand in Reykjavik called Baejarins Beztu Pylsur. There is often a long line of people waiting to eat this delicacy. Many famous people have also eaten at this establishment such as former United States president Bill Clinton. The hot dogs are affordable and delicious.

Icelandic Hot Dog

A must eat when in Iceland!

7. Dark Rye Bread from a Hot Spring

Rye bread or “rugbraud” is a rye bread that Icelanders have been eating for many years. You can make the bread the regular way, by baking it in a pot, but the Icelandic way is to bury it in the ground close by a hot spring. This bread is quite sweet and is great with butter and cheese. Icelanders often eat this bread as a side dish with Icelandic fish. You can get this bread in most grocery stores in Iceland.

Dark Rye Bread from a Hot Spring

Rye bread pairs perfectly with some butter and cheese

8. Dried Fish

An Icelandic delicacy that most locals love is dried fish. It may sound gross to most foreigners, but Icelanders love it. The fish is hung up to air-dry outside, and then later eaten. Many people eat the fish without anything on it, as a healthy high protein snack, but many people like to eat it with loads of butter on it. You should definitely try it!

Dried Fish

Healthy and delicious

9. Bakery Food

If you go to Iceland, you should make sure to make a quick stop at a local bakery. Iceland has many delicious bakery foods that you should try, from the Icelandic “snudur” which is a soft cinnamon bun with icing on it, to the more traditional “kleina”, a Scandinavian treat. Bakeries are an affordable option when eating in Iceland, and it sure is delicious.

Bakery Food

Many Icelanders eat bakery foods on Sundays

10. Icelandic Ice Cream

Icelanders love their ice cream. It doesn’t matter if it is during the winter or summer, we want ice cream. Some ice cream parlors are open until 1 am, just so people can have their ice cream at night too. Iceland has a big ice cream culture, and many different types of ice cream.

Icelandic Ice Cream

Icelanders love their ice-cream

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