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The Icelandic Thorri

Þorri as we call it in Icelandic, is the personification of frost and winter in Norse mythology and the name of the fourth winter month in the Icelandic calendar. Þorri is a legendary Nordic King. The Icelanders celebrate this month with a festival called Thorrablot.


During the month of Thorri, locals come together to eat, drink and have fun. The menu consists of very unusual delicacies, mostly traditional Icelandic food. These will include congealed sheep‘s blood wrapped in a ram‘s stomach (blóðmör), boiled sheep‘s head (svið) and rotten shark‘s meat (hákarl). This tasty food is traditionally washed down with some Brennivín, also known as Black Death – a potent schnapps typically bottled at 40% ABV. Of course, not all Icelanders enjoy this type of food so usually “regular” food is also offered at the festival.

Icelandic Thorri meat and bread

At this time, most grocery stores offer this traditional Icelandic food, as well as many gas stations. If you are in Iceland now, it sure would be a great experience to try some of this tasty and smelly food. After the Thorrablot dinner, traditional songs and storytelling are accompanied by dancing ending in a true Icelandic style, party until the early hours of the morning.


If you are in Iceland during the Thorri, be sure to at least try some of the traditional Icelandic food.