5 Reasons Why you will fall in love with Iceland

Iceland is a dream destination for many and there are reasons behind it.

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Travelling is a mixture of courage and curiosity – with a little hint of desire, Iceland is that sort of place that ignites wonder while fulfilling the desire of curiosity. The amazing landscapes, the wonderful sights and a deep historic culture is the magic that is Iceland.

1. Beautiful Mountains A Dream Come True for Hikers

The beauty of Iceland is something that perhaps can be found nowhere else on the planet. It is unlike anything you have seen before, the fabled magnificence is like a well-constructed piece of art, and only this art was constructed by Mother Nature. If you like hiking, there is no better adventure than the one waiting for you in Iceland. It starts with joy and turns into a sense of freedom and rave. You can explore yourself through the landscape; the endless space has no limits.

The natural setting is known to give a strange yet freeing feeling of wildness and pleasure.

Hiking in Iceland

Iceland is home to some of the most beautiful hiking routes in the world.

2. Skogafoss waterfall

30 km further up the south coast we have Skogafoss, another majestic phenomenon which won‘t be a disappointment. It is one of the largest waterfalls in Iceland and on a sunny day you can be sure of catching a rainbow. It is possible to hike up to the top and view it from above.


Skogafoss Waterfall produces rainbows!

3. The Northern Lights

Iceland is the best place to observe the Northern Lights. It is indeed a spectacular sight! The world was always amazed by this natural phenomenon – The fire in the sky. It definitely deserves seeing and experience at least once. The lights dance in the terrain as if they are in a trance. It’s romantic and thrilling, perhaps even magical.

northern lights

Northern Lights

4. The Best Swimming Pools in Europe

You might say that Icelanders love water – well who doesn’t?

Almost every Icelandic village, be it small or large, has a swimming pool. Both indoor and outdoor – surprising right? There is more.

Iceland uses naturally warm water, as its location is geothermal, so warm water perhaps serves as an elixir. Therefore, if you are bored, or not in a good mood, you can always jump in a hot pool or a Jacuzzi – there you can relax and breathe in the awesome sights of Iceland.

In fact, you may never feel bored at this place because the landscape changes all the time. You can see volcanoes, meadow, mountains and glaciers – it’s a calming sight therefore, there is no place for boredom, only excitement.

It is like a fairy tale and many people describe it this way. It is because of its uniqueness that is seems unreal and you may ask yourself, “Am I dreaming.”, “Is all of this real?” Yes, Iceland can do that to you. Where else can you find glaciers and lava streams living in harmony?

Driving around Iceland

You can rent a car, and do a self drive tour.

5. Grundarfjordur’s Waterfall

Waterfalls to Iceland are like Beer, everyone likes them. You can’t really be in Iceland and not see a waterfall as they are almost everywhere, and in all shapes and sizes. What if I told you that there are literally hundreds of them and each one is as beautiful as the next? You will be amazed but you cannot imagine how it is like to actually witness them until you are there.

Your journey to Iceland awaits you.

Waterfalls in Iceland

There are countless waterfalls in Iceland...