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Shore excursions in Iceland available for your vessel

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You are not staying on board, are you? Good! Stepping out into Iceland is as close as you can get to visiting the Moon. Prepare yourself to see the unique, unusual and sometimes weird things which Iceland has to offer

Raw nature - geysers and hot springs - volcanoes and craters - daylight during the day and the night - truly awesome waterfalls - a mesmerizing landscape - few trees - gigantic glaciers - pristine lakes - powerful and plentiful rivers - a true getaway from civilization.

If you would like to see places that are not on the list just let us know - we will tailor a tour just for you.

Exploring Iceland’s nature, geothermal areas, waterfalls, lava fields and volcanic craters is as much a part of the Iceland cruise experience as enjoying the on board amenities of the ship. Indeed, half the fun of taking a cruise lies in exploring exciting new places which will create memories that will last a lifetime.

Extreme Iceland can offer you all this and will help you to get the most out of your Iceland Cruise Experience. We will offer you shore excursions which will enable you to explore attractions which are located far from the pier. Furthermore, you will be able to learn more about Icelandic nature, culture and history through our local guides who will accompany you on all of our excursions.

Our aim is to provide a top quality service to cruise line passengers and provide them with opportunities to explore more of Iceland than a classical cruise experience would do. We have a highly experienced team with excellent working knowledge of our country who will be happy to assist you in planning your on shore adventure in Iceland.