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Private Caving Tour and Secret Lagoon - for Cruise Liners

Cave Leidarendi and geothermal spa - for cruise passengers

This tour is highly recommended for speleologists as well as amateurs in the field. Join us on this adventure exploring the rare world of lava tubes, formed when boiling hot magma continued flowing into tunnels of already petrified lava. We will truly enter into the interior of a volcano.

Duration: 9 hours

Pick-up: 30 min after docking

Available: All year

Age limit: 8 years


Transportation, guided tour of cave, flash light, gloves and helmet.


Lunch and entrance fee to the Secret Lagoon (2800 ISK) are not included in the price.

Bring with you:

Swim suit, warm clothes, sturdy shoes.

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Upon request.

For groups only (tailor made tour)

Tour Description

lava tunnel iceland

The tunnel was formed by incandescent flowing magma

Leidarendi lava tube cave

We will enter through narrow cave entrances and find they open out to reveal an extraordinary scenery of lava formations and unexpected colours. You will see natural stalactites and many different rock formations making this an experience of majestic and almost indescribable beauty.

The caves become wide and high in places with an even floor, however, the trip can also be rather difficult in places. We recommend you wear good walking shoes or hiking boots which are suitable for walking on uneven lava surfaces.

sheep carcass cave iceland

The carcass of the sheep who met the End of the Journey hundreds of years ago

The sheep carcass

Cave Leidarendi is about 900 metres long and it is situated in a lava field near a volcanic crater southeast of the town of Hafnarfjordur. It was first mapped in 1992. The cave's name translates to "End of the Journey". It was so named because the carcass of a dead sheep which reached its "End of Journey" was found at the far end of the cave. It obviously fell into the cave through a shakehole and was not able to climb out.

Respect for nature and safety are our main concerns. There are no handrails, lights or any tools installed in or around the caves. We rely completely on the equipment we carry and it is important that people respect our guidelines. This tour is suitable for all who can walk on uneven surfaces and at times, on all fours.

lava formations caving

Nature has made a modern chandelier in Leidarendi

Stori-Bolli is a rather handsome crater (about 150 metres in diameter) south-south-east of the town of Hafnarfjordur. From Stori-Bolli crater flowed its namesake lava field, Stora-Bollahraun and the lava tube Leidarendi was created within this. It only takes 25-30 minutes to drive to the cave from Reykjavik and the cave's entrance is not far from the road.

Leidarendi lava tube is considered to be a subterranean wonder world. The entrance is a small pit that leads down into the cave; the cave itself runs in both directions and connects in two parts so it runs in a circle. The cave's ceiling and walls are broken or collapsed in very few places and it is therefore easy to navigate. Although sometimes the cave's ceiling gets a bit low so at times you might have to crawl for a short distance.

The Secret Lagoon  Fludir

The Secret Lagoon at Fludir

The geothermal bathing lagoon

The Secret Lagoon is located in a small town called Fludir. The area is close to the Golden Circle area and therefore surrounded by hot spots. It is one of the oldest geothermal pools in Iceland and the nature and steam rising give the place a mystic atmosphere! The temperature of the water is about 38° – 40° celsius the whole year and the place is perfect for relaxing.

After relaxing in the Secret Lagoon we will head back to Reykjavik where we will drop our passengers off at the port in good time for your vessel's departure.

Finally we will drive you back to your ship in Reykjavik!