Glacier Walk - Vatnajökull glacier - GA03

Super Jeep ride and a Glacier Hike in Amazing Landscapes

In this glacier walk, that begins at Hali Country Hotel, you experience the wonders of Vatnajökull glacier. Our guide takes you on an unforgettable journey on Vatnajokull glacier. Ride in a super jeep, go glacier hiking and take a short boat ride.

Duration: 3.5 - 4 hrs

Available: May - Oct

Tour Highlights:
  • Glacier Walk
  • Vatnajökull Glacier
  • Super Jeep ride
  • Boat Ride

Meeting location: Guesthouse Hali, East Iceland

Note: Please be at our meeting point 20 minutes before departure time, click here for map. We recommend you to stay somewhere close to Hali the night before a morning tour, we will be happy to help you find lodgings.

Included: Crampons, helmet, ice axe, life vest (boat trip). Guided tour with a local.

Bring with you: Good hiking boots, warm waterproof layered clothing, camera (optional).

For further information:

15 500 per adult

Tour Description

The trip starts at Hali Country Hotel reception, where your guide drives you to the glacier area, away from the crowds and off the beaten path where you can breathe in the fresh Icelandic air.

The tour can take between 3 and 4 hours (1 – 1,5 hour on the glacier), including drive back and forth from our pick up location at Hali reception. This tour is moderated and can be done by most children and adults.

Before we start the drive we need to gear you up. It’s necessary to have the correct footwear for glacier hiking. You can rent hiking boots on location and the rental price is 1.000 ISK per pair.

After the Super Jeep ride to the glacier area we take a short zodiac boat trip and sail a short distance to where the glacier walk starts. (We recommend that people take a proper boat tour at Glacier Lagoon/Jökulsárlón or Fjallsárlón, this one is only for 2 minutes).

Further information (click here)...

The glacier walk starts with an introduction to the equipment and safety rules needed to explore the glacier. We provide ice crampons and teach you how to attach them to the boots. Crampons make it easy to walk on the ice so that there’s no worry of slipping. Other security items include helmets and ice axes.

We walk through a wonderland of glacial ice sculptures, ridges and the deep crevasses of the glacier. We see big sinkholes, called “Moulin”, that sometimes have drilled their way through the glacier, draining the meltwater of the ice through little waterfalls and streams. The glacier also carries with it ashes of volcanic eruptions, the ash sometimes forms into a pyramid, called “dirt cone”.

In this unique tour you will get the chance to learn about the magnificent glacier, how it is formed and how it continues to change and shape every day

As we walk in the stunning surroundings of Vatnajökull National Park with plenty of unique picture moments our guide takes you through the regions history from the settlement until our times. The tour is intended for those who want to spend half a day outside walking, talking and enjoying the unforgettable landscape in the surroundings of Jökulsárlón.