Glacier Wonderland & Northern Lights - Ice Tunnel in a glacier

Glacier Wonderland & Northern Lights - EI25

Enter the famous ice tunnels & look for the dancing lights

Inside the Ice tunnel

Inside the ice tunnel

This is an adventure you shouldn‘t miss – to explore inside another world, inside the core of Langjokull glacier with your own eyes, a 2500 years old, second largest ice cap in Iceland. We will be transported in a monster truck up to the tunnel‘s entrance which is at 1200 m above sea level. On our way there, we will make many stops at interesting places, for instance at historical and geothermal areas.

Operated in a minibus
Small groups and personal service

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From 29 900 ISK per adult

Teenagers (8-15): 50% off

Age limit: 8 years

Duration: ~ 12 hours

Pickup time: 11:00 - 11:30

Available: Oct - Apr

Max group size: 18 persons


Tour highlights:
Hraunfossar waterfalls
Deildartunguhver geothermal area
Monster truck ride
Inside the tunnels
Northern lights search

Glacier Wonderland - Summer: is available at 9:00 from 15th Apr - 30th Sep, click here.

Included: Reykjavik hotel pick up, guided minibus tour, transport on the glacier by Monster Glacier Truck, guided tour in the ice tunnel and a northern lights tour.

Footage from the tour

Excluded: Lunch (we will stop at a diner / restaurant)

Bring with you: Warm clothes, hiking shoes, packed lunch (we will also stop at a diner / restaurant). Spikes which fit over your shoes to give extra grip on ice.

Map of the route: See here below, or click here.

Gallery: Glacier Wonderland

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Note: Due to weather and limited daylight during winter time the itinerary can vary between days. Our guides evaluate circumstances and take the best informed decision possible. During winter our return trip will be the same as on our way there, due to road conditions in the highland over winter season.

The journey takes us up on the glacier, away from everything else. Here, Iceland is definitely the appropriate name for this island. This trip is probably the closest you get to experiencing the Ice Age!

Tour Description

On our way up to the glacier we will make different stops. The places we will visit are Deildartunguhver geothermal hot spots and historical sites and the waterfalls Hraunfossar and Barnafoss. If we have more time we could also stop at Sturlureyki farm and the lava field Hallmundarhraun.

Inside the Ice tunnel

The gate to the tunnel

Iceland northern lights, auroras borealis

Hopefully we will catch the northern lights

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Deildartunguhver our first stop, is a hot spring which spouts out about 180 litres of boiling water per second (fastest rate flow of European hot springs). The water is utilized for heating up the nearest towns, Borgarnes located 34 km away and Akranes, 64 km away.

Next we will visit Hraunfossar, a series of beautiful waterfalls formed around the year 930. It happened due to rivulets streaming out of the lava field Hallmundarhraun and spread over about 900 metres. The name Hraunfossar translates into Lava waterfalls.

Just next to Hraunfossar we find another waterfall named Barnafoss (e. The waterfall of the children). Its name derives from a sad story; there was an accident said to have taken place there a long time ago. There was a natural bridge over the waterfall and two small children living on a nearby farm fell to their deaths crossing the river on the bridge. Afterwards their grieving mother had the bridge destroyed.

Icelandic ice tunnels

50 shades of blue

Ice Tunnel & Monster Truck

From Barnafoss we will head on to the glacier Langjokull – this lands second largest glacier, after Vatnajokull.

At the edge of the glacier we will bord the huge monster truck that will take us up all the way to the tunnel‘s entrance which is located really high on the glacier, almost at its peak. The tunnel is human made but designed so you can follow the formation of a glacier. From normal snow to glacial ice you can see the layers formed over time. It‘s magical to see. This sub-glacial level world of snow and ice, is buried deep inside the mighty 953 km2 glacier.

Map of route

Map of the route - click here

We will stay in the tunnel for about 50 minutes exploring them to the fullest, the crevasses, moulins (glacier mills), waterways, ice layers and spaces between them. This will give you first hand experience of the different types of snow and ice, and the process of the glacier evolving.

Northern Lights Tour

Many of the roads in the highland are closed during winter. Therefore we will need to go the same way back down to the main road. From there your guide will take you wherever there is the highest chance of catching the magical northern lights.They take the weather forecast and their experience into account when deciding on which way to go. Hopefully you will find them but note that the northern lights are a natural phenomena so unfortunately we can't turn them on as we would love to. Afterwards you will return back to your accommodation, and hopefully you enjoyed this legendary journey of cultural history and geological importance.

Read about important winter information

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Inside the Ice tunnel

The gate to the tunnel

Iceland northern lights, auroras borealis

Hopefully we will catch the northern lights

Icelandic ice tunnels

50 shades of blue

The entrance into the glacier

The entrance into the glacier

Great selfie territory

Great selfie territory

Hraunfossar waterfall iceland

Hraunfossar waterfalls, one of the highlights of this tour

Map of route

Map of the route - click here
Note that the yellow route is only available during summer.


Glacier Wonderland & Northern Lights - Book here...

The yellow route on the map is only available during summer (typically from July - Sept), the rest of the year we drive the blue route to and from the glacier.

If you are staying downtown Reykjavik please read this information about pickup.