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The Highlands of Iceland - Tour Packages

A selection of tours to the magical highlands

The Highlands are the most remote part of Iceland, an uninhabited wilderness of weather-beaten mountain peaks. The weather is extreme in winter, sometimes closing roads. Luckily we have the means to take you there - our Super-Jeeps and expert guides! So check out our highland tours below.
  • Holaskogur - Highland Accommodation

    Sleeping bag dormitory near the Golden Circle and Landmannalaugar

    Holaskogur is a cozy cabin in the highlands of Iceland, between the Golden Circle and Landmannalaugar. Accessible by any type of car. Cheap sleeping bag dormitory accommodation, with beautiful hiking routes nearby.

    All year
  • Glacier Wonderland - Into the Glacier

    See the majestic world inside a glacier - Ice Tunnels

    Welcome to the glacier wonderland. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to see the majestic world inside the heart of Langjokull Glacier with your own eyes. This tour allows you to understand the meaning behind the name ICE-land, as you get to go inside of a glacier and witness 2500 years of ice sculpted by the hand of nature.

    ~11 hours
    Apr - Sept
  • Glacier Wonderland & Northern Lights

    Enter the famous ice tunnels & look for the dancing lights

    This adventure you shouldn't miss – explore another world, inside Langjokull glacier. Transported by monster truck up to the tunnel‘s entrance at 1200 m, you may start to feel a little like 007. On the way, we visit interesting locations, including historical and geothermal areas.

    ~12 hours
    Oct - Apr
  • Meet on location
    Landmannalaugar nature reserve

    Landmannalaugar Adventure - A Day Tour to the Highlands

    Geothermal Pool - A short hike - Meet on Location

    Meet us at Hólaskógur or Hrauneyjar and join us on a bus tour to Landmannalaugar Nature Reserve, a geothermal area in the highlands of Iceland. You can bathe in a natural pool, hike around the area and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

    9-10 hours
    Jul - Oct
  • Fimmvorduhals Day Tour - Volcano Hiking

    Eyjafjallajokull eruption area and Thorsmork nature reserve

    In the spring of 2010 a fresh eruption on the Fimmvörðuháls Ridge was like a short prelude to the main eruption in Eyjafjallajökull. We offer you an opportunity to visit the new craters (Magni and Modi) on a day trip from Reykjavik. The hike is only for people in good shape.

    12-14 hours
    Apr - Sep
  • Landmannalaugar on Big Wheels - Mountain Adventure

    Bathe in a geothermal pool - Visit the highlands in a super jeep

    The highlands of Landmannalaugar Nature Reserve are a superb example of mind-blowing landscapes. Bathe in a natural geothermal pool, ride in a super jeep and enjoy the landscape. At Landmannalaugar you can also take a short hike and enjoy the surrounds.

    ~12 hours
    Jun - Oct
  • Golden Circle in a Super Jeep - with Snowmobiling

    Super Truck tour and snowmobiling on Langjokull Glacier

    The Golden Circle tour allows visitors to get in touch with some of Iceland’s most exciting and famous natural phenomena. Among sightseeing places are Thingvellir National Park, Geysir hot spring area, Gullfoss (the Golden Waterfall) and Langjokull, the second biggest glacier in Iceland.

    ~10 hours
    All year
  • Laugavegur and Fimmvorduhals Hiking Tour

    Landmannalaugar - Thorsmork and the new craters Magni and Modi

    Experience some of the most remote, breathtaking scenery in the world. This tour gives you plenty of opportunity to hike across diverse terrain whilst enjoying the stunning rugged beauty of the Icelandic highlands.

    5 days
    Jun - Sep
  • Affordable Super Jeep Tour on Glacier Langjokull

    Unbelievable ride to the 4th largest glacier in the world

    How about a real extreme adventure tour to a glacier such as Langjokull, about 900 square kilometres in size with its highest peak at 1355 metres? Let the Super Jeep take you into the ultimate conditions it was designed for and experience this on just a one day tour!

    12 hours
    All year
  • Landmannalaugar in Time of Northern Lights

    Three day tour, relax in highland geothermal pool

    A journey of unforeseen challenges, bathe in the stunning geothermal natural pool in mid winter and enjoy being alone with nature, surrounded by the stars and the dancing northern lights.

    3 days
    Nov - Apr
  • "Highland Exploration" - Super Jeep Tour to the Heart of Iceland

    The stunning highlands in winter and northern lights

    An adventurous extreme Super Jeep round trip for 7 days which covers half of Iceland and crosses the highlands in winter. Expect hot springs, hot tubs, snowmobiles, horse riding and probably the Northern Lights.

    7 days
    Oct - Apr
  • Snowmobile tour from Gullfoss Café

    Exciting glacier exploration - Langjokull Glacier

    This tour, is perfect for both nature lovers and adrenaline junkies: combining breath-taking views and exhilarating activities. Not only, will you see Iceland’s second largest glacier, you will also have the opportunity to go snowmobiling on it! We will collect you from Gullfoss café (on the Golden Circle) and take you for the experience of a life time on Langjokull, Iceland’s second largest glacier.

    3-4 hours
    All year
  • Glacier Snowmobiling - From Reykjavik

    Snowmobile action on Iceland's 2nd largest glacier

    On this tour you will get the opportunity to ride a snowmobile across Europe’s second largest glacier: the vast and stunningly beautiful Langjökull Glacier (the long glacier), situated in the heart of the Geysir area.

    7-8 hours
    All year
  • Snowmobiling on Langjokull glacier - Meet us on location

    Drive yourself to the meeting location at the glacier

    Make your way to our mobile snowmobiling basecamp on the Langjokull Glacier (the long glacier), for the experience of a lifetime. Providing both exhilarating views and an adrenaline filled experience: snowmobiling on Langjokull, has something for everyone!

    1.5 - 2 hours
    Jun - Oct
  • Landmannalaugar and More - Private Tour

    Gorgeous and remote highlands

    Landmannalaugar is a natural gem in the highlands of Iceland with a surprising and memorable landscape. There you can hike in breathtaking scenery, enjoy a thermal swim in the lukewarm hot spring stream or simply relax in this extraordinary place.

    1-3 days
    On request
  • The Ice Age Tour - Into the Glacier - Meet on Location

    Drive to location and start the tour from Base Camp

    Never before has anyone been able to see the beautiful glacial-ice at the heart of a glacier. Here you may join a tour to the Ice Tunnel in Glacier Langjökull if you have a car and can meet at Base Camp. The drive is about 3 hours. Remember to check on road conditions before you head out.

    2-4 hours
    All year
  • Horse Riding - Kjölur

    From south to north or vice versa

    Feel that you are part of Iceland’s history when you follow the same tracks people have used all the way back to the early days of settlement. At Hveravellir, a geothermal area in the highlands.

    9 days
    Jun - Aug
  • Northern Lights tour to Hveravellir Geothermal area

    Winter super jeep tour to the highlands of Iceland

    Take a tour to Thingvellir, Gullfoss and Geysir. They are even more beautiful in winter. Then you head into the highlands to Hveravellir the land of the outlaws in the Sagas. Take a bath in the hot natural pool and look out for the northern lights.

    3 days
    Oct - Mar
  • Horse Riding - Northern Exposure

    One of the best trails in the world

    The North of Iceland is known for its great natural sights. We visit Godafoss Waterfall, Myvatn Lake area, Theistareykir and many other beautiful places. During the ride full board is provided.

    6 days
    Jun - Aug
  • Surreal Glacier Landing

    With landing on Thorisjokull glacier

    As we take to the skies from the glacier you will see deep crevasses and steep ice-falls that make this a totally surreal setting. En route back to Reykjavík we peek inside the crater of the shield volcano Skjaldbreidur, and follow the continental rift through Thingvellir National Park.

    1.5-2 hours
    All year
  • The highlands of Iceland - Airplane Sightseeing

    Fly over the 2010 eruption site

    This tour takes you from Reykjavik east toward Mt. Eyjafjallajokull (Volcano) and the magnificent Thorsmork Mountain Ridge, after circling and taking pictures of this famous volcano event in Iceland. The flight can then take you toward Landmannalaugar Nature Reserve.

    ~1.5 hours
    All year
  • Holuhraun Eruption Site - Myvatn and Askja - Sightseeing Flight

    Fly over the eruption site and discover amazing scenery!

    The best way to see a lava field is of course, from the air! Departing from Mývatn, this tour takes you to the volcanic site of Holuhraun eruption, associated with Volcano Bardarbunga. The views of the new lava field resulting from the eruption that ended in February 2015 are just spectacular.

    ~1.5 hours
    May - Sep
  • Pearl of the Highlands & Golden Circle

    The colourful rhyolite mountains of Iceland

    This two-day Super Jeep Tour will take you to some of Iceland’s most famous sites and natural wonders: Landmannalaugar, the central highlands and the Golden Circle. It is a true Icelandic adventure in a fantastic landscape, combined with relaxation in geothermal pools.

    2 days
    May 1 - Jun 9
  • Extreme Planet - The Genesis at Holuhraun

    We travel on Earth but we explore Mars - 3 days / 2 nights

    A Hawaiian-type volcanic eruption started from a fissure in late August 2014, just 10 kilometres north of glacier Vatnajökull in Iceland. The magma source belongs to the depths of central volcano Bardarbunga, one of the largest on earth.

    3 days