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Tours to Jokulsargljufur - Vatnajokull National Park

Chaotic canyon and volcanic mountains - in North Iceland

Jokulsargljufur is home to some of Iceland's most renowned natural attractions. Dettifoss, Europe's most powerful waterfall lives here. You will also find Ásbyrgi Canyon, which is a truly majestic sight. Browse our tours below to discover more.
  • Waterfall Dettifoss Off-Season Tour

    Departures from Akureyri, or from lake Myvatn

    The power of nature can be seen in all its glory at the mighty Dettifoss, one of Iceland’s most impressive waterfalls. With the greatest volume of any waterfall in Europe, this truly is nature at its most spectacular.

    6 or 9 hours
    Oct - Jun
  • The Diamond Circle Classic

    From Akureyri

    It is said that after seeing Dettifoss, up close and personal, you will never be the same. It domains over its surrounds and roars with the power possessed by mother Nature. Enjoy this magnificent day tour to the jewels of the north.

    10-11 hours
    Jun 16 - Sep 30