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Lake Myvatn - North Iceland

Tours to this magical volcanic location

Myvatn is an unforgettable part of Iceland, and the setting to many an Icelandic saga. Considered by many to be amongst the most beautiful spots, Myvatn encompasses volcanic lakes, geothermal activity, and varied birds and flora. Explore this true paradise, check out our tours below.
  • The Ring Road - Package tour

    Northern Lights Minibus Tour - All Around Iceland in 7 Days

    Let’s take an epic journey and circumnavigate the beautiful island in the north, Iceland. This tour lasts for seven days, where we drive around Iceland and discover the mysterious beaten track places during the winter time. We will also visit the most famous places and landmarks that are must-sees for anyone visiting Iceland.

    7 days
    Oct - Mars
  • Myvatn and its surroundings – Airplane Sightseeing

    Enjoy a bird view of the amazing Myvatn area

    This tour gives you the chance to discover the wonders of the Nature as you will fly over Lake Myvatn and its surroundings. Join us on this tour and experience the Myvatn area in another way!

    20 min
    May 15 - Sep 20
  • Super Tour – Airplane Sightseeing

    A very varied moon-like landscape, seen from the sky!

    Join our fantastic airplane tour to discover the landscape of Iceland as you never seen it before: from the sky! This tour gives you the chance to discover many places of Iceland with their stunning scenery.

    2 hours
    May 15 - Sep 20
  • Lake Myvatn Classic - Minibus Tour

    Enjoy the stunning views in the Lake Myvatn area

    Enjoy an amazing journey by minibus through this area of extreme contrasts, bird life, flora, geothermal activity, geology and places which were settings for the Icelandic Sagas. Lake Myvatn is considered by many to be the most beautiful place in Iceland.

    8-9 hours
    All year
  • The Diamond Circle Classic

    From Akureyri

    It is said that after seeing Dettifoss, up close and personal, you will never be the same. It domains over its surrounds and roars with the power possessed by mother Nature. Enjoy this magnificent day tour to the jewels of the north.

    10-11 hours
    Jun 16 - Sep 30