Landmannalaugar Hiking Day Tour - Trekking

Landmannalaugar Hiking Day Tour - AA22

Pickup in Reykjavik or meet us on location

Landmannalaugar (the people’s pools) is certainly one of the jewels in Iceland’s crown: combining stunning untouched natural beauty, geothermal wonders, colourful mountains and incredible hot springs. Landmannalaugar is every hiker’s dream, offering endless awe inspiring sights and incredible panoramic views in every direction.

Duration: From Reykjavik: 14 hours
On location: ~5 hours

Group maximum: 16 per guide

Age limit: 10 years

Pick-up: See schedule below

Available: Jun-Sep

Difficulty: Moderate

Pickup: Pickup in Reykjavik begins at 07:00am. See schedule below for exact pickup times and meet-on-location times and locations.

Included: Knowledgable guide, A stunning hiking route, Bathing in a natural hot pool

Bring with you: It is extremely important to have warm outdoor clothing, waterproof jacket & pants, headwear and gloves. Good hiking shoes are essential on this tour. Sturdy hiking shoes, waterproof jacket, and pants can be rented beforehand if you contact us or book online. Last but not least, don’t forget your bathing suite and towel!

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12 990 ISK per adult


Landmannalaugar nature reserve

Be prepared for jawdropping views!

Pickup schedule

07:00am from Sólfarið (Sun Voyager) on Sæbraut
07:15am from Ráðhúsið (City Hall) on Vonarstræti – in front of the Reykjavik Tourist Information Center
07:30am from Hallgrímskirkja Church – bus pick up/drop off nr. 8
7:45am from Reykjavík Campsite in Front of Reykjavik City Hostel
8:35am from Selfoss N1 Gas Station
9:15am from Hella Bus Stop
12:00 and if you did not purchase the pick up: Main hut in Landmannalaugar. Please keep in mind that you need a 4*4 jeep that is permitted to drive on F-roads to drive to Landmannalaugar

Tour details

Landmannalaugar, is located in the southern part of Iceland’s spectacular Highlands and is possibly the most amazing sight in them (though the competition is intense). Landmannalaugar overlooks a jet black lava field, originally created by an eruption in 1477: offering stunning sights of amazing volcanic scenery. This contrasts magnificently with the place itself, which is made up of Rhyolite Mountains: an incredible rock, which creates a wide spectrum of different colours on the mountainside. That’s right the mountains actually change colour: offering shades of red, yellow, green and pink all changing colour according to the Sun’s rays. It truly is an untouched natural wilderness and is like no other place on earth.

Landmannalaugar hiking

Landmannalaugar Nature Reserve

Beneath these incredible colourful mountains, lies a naturally occurring hot spring, from which steam rises and is a popular spot for locals and tourists alike to take an amazing natural bath. Hence its name: The people’s pools.

We will all meet together in Reykjavik, from where we will take the scenic drive to Landmannalaugar. Once we arrive, your friendly guide will give you a quick safety talk and tell you some more facts about this incredible area of mesmerizing natural beauty. Then, we will start the 4 hour hike, which is about 8-10km in distance and offers stunning views throughout. It covers the jet black Laugahraun lava field; descends through the luscious Vondugil canyon and then climbs up Mt. Brennisteinsalda, whose colourful peak is typical of the area. Each spot offers incredible views and many opportunities for you to snap some amazing photos. Then we will start our descent: walking through the emerald green Graenagil gorge (green gorge in Icelandic) famed for its green rhyolite rocks and luscious vegetation. Then, we will visit to the imposing Blahnukur Volcano (if we have time) and then taking a dip in the legendary hot pool in Landmannalaugar. All of this is done to an absolutely stunning backdrop of truly majestic natural beauty: it is ineffable and words don’t do it justice. So book this amazing hiking experience today: we promise that you won’t regret it!

Map of route

Map of route