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Bathe in a geothermal pool - Visit volcano Hekla by super jeep

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The highlands of Landmannalaugar Nature Reserve are a superb example of mind-blowing landscapes. Traveling by super jeep is fun and adventurous and they provide a more private and relaxed atmosphere with the small group sizes.

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Duration: ~11 hours

Pick-up: 09:00 - 09:30

Group maximum: 16 persons

Available: Jun - Oct

Age limit: 8 years

Difficulty: Easy

Tour Highlights:
  • Landmannalaugar Nature Reserve
  • Super Jeep ride
  • Highlands of Iceland
  • Natural geothermal bathing pool
  • Crater Lake Ljótipollur
  • Volcano and glacier view
  • Hjálparfoss waterfall


Pick up & drop off in Reykjavik, guided tour in a super-jeep, natural geothermal pool.

Not included:

Meals and refreshments

Bring with you:

Warm clothes, sturdy shoes(available to rent), swimsuit & towel, snacks/packed lunch.

Landmannalaugar on Big Wheels - Tour video

Landmannalaugar Nature Reserve - image gallery

29 990 per adult

Children (8-15): 25% off

The tour is available a few times a week or month

Review on TripAdvisor

"Route is well planned, you get to see wonderful unique places. Travelling on Super Jeeps is comfortable and relaxing, even on gravel roads. Trip is well worth the money. The destination is breathtaking."

Tour Description

geothermal bathing landmannalaugar

Super Jeep Tour to Landmannalaugar's natural thermal pool - paradise on earth

Natural Habitat for Super Jeeps

The route takes us from Reykjavik to Þjórsárdalur valley where we stop at Hjálparfoss waterfall, meaning the Helping Falls. This name comes from historical times when travelers arrived at this lush area and their horses could graze and recover.

After Hjálparfoss we'll be leaving the green farmlands of the lowland and we head for the highlands where the stunning wilderness awaits us.

brennisteinsalda volcano

When the midnight sun goes down the colours get even stronger

The highlands are the super jeep's natural habitat. Crossing rivers and driving on coarse gravel roads on your way to Landmannalaugar will give you an experience to remember. We will make a stop at Crater Lake Ljótipollur, formed in 1477 and now filled with a cobalt-blue deep lake.

Landmannalaugar is a region forged by different and compelling geological elements, such as extensive lava fields and the multi-coloured rhyolite mountains. Awash in a rainbow of colours, the mountains fade from pink to brown and green, with splashes of yellow, blue, purple and black in between.

There is a good opportunity to bring out any lunch-packs or snacks you have upon arrival at Landmannalaugar, before we take off for a short hike. If you prefer you can go straight to the pool for a relaxing bath

On our way back we will take the Dómadalur route that takes us through lava fields and between the mountains, truly a unique scenery. Vikings would drown thieves there in the old days, binding their hands and feet and throwing them into the falls from the high cliff.

highlands super jeep

Deluxe travel by super jeep into the wild

If conditions allow, we will stop to by volcano Hekla and take a walk in the lava fields. Hekla was nicknamed "the Gateway to Hell" in the Middle Ages, and for good reason – it's Iceland’s most active volcano and she last erupted in 2000.

We head back to the city in the evening sun.

bathing highlands iceland

Natural pool at Landmannalaugar

The Geothermal Pool

Bring a swimsuit and seize the chance to bathe in the warm natural pool. At Landmannalaugar, colourful rhyolite mountains fill the views, indicating that geothermal activity is everywhere.

We hope the memories of Landmannalaugar's majestic scenery and of our thrilling super jeep excursion will stay with you forever.

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Landmannalaugar Day Tour - Rated 4.8/5 based on 17 customer reviews

Landmannalaugar Safari

4 by Leah J Flynn October 15, 2018
"Our guide, Sven, was AMAZING. The Landmannalaugar Safari was our 4th tour in four days and was, by far, the best tour and best tour guide. The only suggestion is to recommend a bathing suit and towel in the voucher. If we had known to go into the thermal pool was a possibility we would have brought these items. Thanks for a great day!"

Amazing Adventure

5 by Caroline October 11, 2018
Our tour guide was fantastic. He regaled is with history, folklore, and personal stories while giving us an exciting ride into the highlands. We stopped at craters, waterfalls, geothermal sites and then had the choice of a soak in a hot spring or a hike. We saw things we never would have been able to access on our own. Incredible.

Landamannalaugar Safari tour

4 by Wei October 8, 2018
"I have booked the Landmannalaugar Safari - Super Jeep day tour with extreme Iceland. The highlight of the day must be the bath in the geothermal pool. The weather was great, so we can really see the beauty of nature. And we had also short extra stops because of good weather. What I don’t like is that, even though our guide is friendly, but she is totally new to this trip and can’t tell us a lot about the area, the driver can drive very well, but he can’t really speak English, so although he has great experience with that area, he can only talk in Icelandic with our guide. I hope our guide can make her studies before the trip, not during the trip, and show more professional accomplishment for this job."

Ever Changing Landscape

5 by Marie Gage October 1, 2018
We had the privilege of seeing this magnificent landscape with and without snow ... As it snowed during our hike. The hike was magnificent with amazing, changing views in all directions.need to constantly look behind you or you will miss something.

Great day trip

5 by Pat Thompson October 1, 2018
"I really enjoyed this trip to the highlands. The scenery is spectacular and the hike was a lot of fun. Our guide Thor really added to the enjoyment of the day. His happy, friendly manner was very welcoming. I sat near the front of the vehicle so I could hear everything he said but I would suggest repeating the questions asked as well as answering using the microphone so people in the back can hear everything as well."

Great day

5 by Lena September 30, 2018
The guide was funny and made the day go really well brilliant. would recommend soup in a flask as this kept us going throughout


5 by Jean September 13, 2018
"At the time being the company's email response time was not excellent. The super jeep is roaring loud inside, and your body will be well shaken when the jeep is going through the moon landscape and nearing Lanmannalaugar with it's a narrow and windy road. As long as you are healthy, this isn't a problem. The guide could be stricter with the amount of time given at each location because there really is a schedule. Any tourist would understand this, even though we'd all love just one more picture. Otherwise, the guide was customer friendly. The bus is comfortable. I would recommend this tour due to Iceland nature of course, and because of small groups are the most comfortable. Swimming anywhere in Iceland is also a bonus. There are enough snack, and restroom brakes. Remember to be clear on pick-up, and drop-off location in Reykjavik. And be polite to your guide and don't wander way off. Do not lose your phone. Personal preference; be kind and take other people's pictures, if asked. It's their beautiful memory also. Thank you. I also went on the Snæfellsnes tour the next day. Recommended. Yes, you will be exhausted by two-day tours in a row, but so worth it!"


5 by DAVIDE from ITALY August 26, 2018
Beautiful experience, in Iceland wild territory, fantastic landscape & good bath in a natural pool.

Good tour

4 by Katja July 20, 2018
During our Tour, it was raining all day Long. So it was sad, that we didn‘t visit the Hekla or drove closer to him. But the hole Tour was great and our Guide was very informative. Thanks a lot.

Just fantastic

5 by Dietmar Krause July 13, 2018
"We had a perfect day. The tour guide was very nice, everything was well organized and the scenery was amazing. We would certainly do it again."

Landmannalaugar Super Jeep

5 by Ellen July 8, 2018
Very beautiful and well organized tour. Awesome topography. Non touristy. Our guide Aaron was terrific. Knowledgeable about region, great sense of humor, presented several options for location visits. We covered a lot of territory and he made the long day fun, educational and entertains. Would definitely recommend. Well worth it!

Great tour

5 by Kiran kumar mehra July 7, 2018
It’s the best tour we had in our life. Excellent and very scenic location. Tour guide Johann was very very helpful. Because of him, my wife could undertake such an arduous hike. Lots of thanks to Johann. Don’t lose him he sure a great asset to the company. Must to do Tour when in Iceland. Thanks

Exceptional day

5 by Allan Furlong July 6, 2018
"The tour guide was very good and the day out was well worth it. I would recommend that anyone going to Landmannalaugur to book with Extreme Iceland/Arctic Adventures. It was an exceptional day - despite the bad weather to start. I could not have been happier with the experience and really enjoyed the company of our guide on the day (Friday 29th) Allan"

Landmannalangur Super Jeep Tour

5 by Pamela July 5, 2018
This tour is worth the drive! At first, I was wary of spending so much time driving to get to our final destination particularly after spending the previous day on another full day tour. However, our tour guide Johan was great at stopping or calling out from time to time to show us points of interest along the way so that the time passed quickly. Our final destination in the national park was quite remarkable with a landscape, geographic features and views from other world. We enjoyed our hike as well as having a soak in the hot/cold waters (you have to walk through a cold river for a brief period before getting to the hot water). Great tour, great guide. Thanks!

Very good guide and beautiful tour

5 by Hans Droppert June 29, 2018
It was beautiful in Landmannalaugar en also on the way to and from. The guide was very professional and helpful. And we liked the nice detour to Bobby Fischer at the end.

Very good guide and beautiful tour

5 by Hans Droppert June 29, 2018
It was beautiful in Landmannalaugar en also on the way to and from. The guide was very professional and helpful. And we liked the nice detour to Bobby Fischer at the end.

Landmannalaugar Safari

5 by Iceland Untouched June 22, 2018
Long adventures day into to the nature wonderland of Fjallabak Reserve
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Disclaimer: This is "off-road" in the meaning of traveling on already existing, well marked trails in the rugged terrain of the highlands, on unpaved roads. Creating new trails by driving off-road would be illegal, as it would permanently damage the fragile environment.