Whale Watching & the Beer Spa - AA-WW-BB

Whale Watching Tour from Dalvik & Beer Spa in the North of Iceland

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Join us on the northern coast of Iceland, for a chance to see some of nature’s most magnificent creatures as we sail through the fjords of Eyjafjordur surrounded by amazing landscapes and scenery. With over 98% sighting succes, Eyjafjordur is one of the best places in the world for whale watching. To top the experience, you get a chance to try sea fishing and then a barbacue tasting of the freshly caught fish. We follow with a soak in the replenishing foams of young beer and relaxation in a truly unique beer spa.

Duration: 1 day

Available: All year

Age limit: No limit

Difficulty: Easy

Tour Highlights:
  • North Iceland Tours
  • Whale Watching
  • Beer Spa
  • 98% Whale Watching Success Rate

Meeting Points:


Arctic Sea Tours ticket office in Dalvik village. We recommend arriving 20 minutes prior to departure.
Address: Hafnarbraut 22, 620 Dalvik
Click here for a map.

Beer Spa / Bjórböðin is located on Ægisgata 31, 621 Árskógssandur. Click here for a map.

What to bring:

Warm & waterproof clothing, hats, gloves, swimsuit and towel.

16 990 per adult

Tour Description

The day begins with a whale-watching tour that leaves from Dalvik, taking us to the deep blue depths of the North Atlantic Ocean, renowned for being one of the best places to see whales in all of Europe. Our Dalvik whale watching tours have an average success rate of 98%, so hopefully, we'll spot something! Upon our return to dry land, we will settle down for a delicious Icelandic barbeque, with fresh fish at the very top of the menu, before finishing at the weird and wacky beer spa, where you can enjoy some refreshing golden delights while soaking in fermenting beer.

Whale Watching in Dalvik

Sea fishing in the Eyjafjordur, whale watching from Dalvik

Try sea fishing on the whale watching tour!

Our exciting whale watching adventure begins in Dalvik, a picturesque harbor town, which looks out across the North Atlantic Ocean. Once we are out on the water, our expert captain will take us to the spot that he believes gives us the best chance of encountering these regal giants of the deep. Using a combination of local knowledge, sea patterns and weather patterns these expert seamen have an average success rate of 98%, meaning that it's quite likely that we will see something.

Humpback whales are especially common in the area and seeing these gargantuan creatures frolic in the waters is a profound experience that will give you a new perspective on just how great wildlife can be. We also regularly see white-beaked dolphins, minke whales, and harbor porpoises, along with a plethora of incredible birds. If we are really lucky, then we may spot the elusive blue whale, the largest creature to ever inhabit the planet or the iconic black and white, orca, renowned for its intelligence.

Sea Fishing & Tasting

We will also do a spot of traditional Icelandic sea angling, with cod, haddock, pollock or Atlantic catfish the most common fish that we reel in. Once we have returned to dry land, we will enjoy a traditional Icelandic fish barbeque, using the fresh fish that we have just caught. The perfect time to reflect on all the amazing things that we have seen and take in Dalvik’s awe-inspiring mountainous terrain.

Relaxing in the beer spa in North Iceland

Soak in the locally crafted Beer...

Beer Spa

We will end this magical adventure with a truly unique experience: in Iceland’s first and only beer spa, which is located in Arskogssandur. Here, you will be able to kick back and relax in a bubbling tub of fermenting beer, whose yeast is famed for its health benefits. Each tub comes equipped with a separate barrel, of mature Icelandic beer: what better way to appreciate this unique experience than with a refreshing glass of golden wonder. The whole process lasts around 25 minutes, with plenty more beer-tasting options available in the bar area, this tour is perfect for anyone who loves beer.

Please note that the legal drinking age in Iceland is 20, meaning that only visitors above that age will be able to drink. Younger visitors can enjoy the spa experience, although children under the age of 16 are required to be accompanied by an adult.

Relaxation room at the Beer Spa in North Iceland

It's time to relax!