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Geothermal Wonders in Reykjanes

Tours near Reykjavik - hot springs and the Blue Lagoon

Reykjanes Peninsula provides epic and dramatic landscapes galore. The diverse terrain is inspirational with an seemingly endless array of shapes rising from the green-grey moss-capped lava fields. Check below for tours of this surreal paradise of hidden treasures.
  • Volcanic Veins - Caving tour

    Minibus tour from Reykjavik

    Available all year long, this speleology tour takes you to unique locations in Iceland’s most spectacular lava tube caves and craters. These beautiful, natural phenomena were created when the surface lava solidified but magma continued to flow in tunnels.

    ~3 hours
    All year
  • Lava Field Safari - Minibus Tour

    Reykjanes Peninsula & Hot Springs

    Drive through a desert of lava fields... a true safari. On this minibus tour we will see volcanoes, hot springs, cliffs, lakes, a geothermal area and of course lava fields. We pick you up in Reykjavik but you have the option of being dropped off at the Blue Lagoon or at KEF airport.

    ~7 hours
    All Year
  • Caving Tour and the Blue Lagoon

    Volcanic Veins with options - Cave Leidarendi

    With the options of either staying in the Blue Lagoon for a few hours, or being dropped off at KEF international airport, this tour is highly recommended for speleologists as well as amateurs in the field. Adventure exploring a rare world of lava tubes. That is truly entering into a volcano's interior.

    All year
  • Earth and Sky

    Caving and Northern Lights by Minibus

    From the centre of the earth to the sky. Experience the natural wonders in Iceland. First we go caving and then we search for the northern lights. Operated in a Minibus, small groups for a better experience. Afternoon combo tour.

    ~7 hours
  • Reykjanes Super Jeep Safari

    Super jeep tour with a stop at the Blue Lagoon

    We drive out of the city for only half an hour and you enter an amazing world of lava fields, volcanoes, hot springs, and craters of various kinds! See different types of hot springs and steep cliffs with ocean waves breaking ashore. We will also visit Svartsengi geothermal power station, and bathe in the Blue Lagoon.

    7-8 hours
    All year
  • Inside the Volcano

    Thrihnukagigur a most remarkable Magma Chamber

    All you need is the willingness to do a moderate 45–50 minute hike (in order to get to the Thrihnukagigur crater) and the guts to descend 120 meters (400 feet) to the bottom of the volcano's magma chamber in an open cable lift. One of the most remarkable natural phenomenons on the planet.

    5-6 hours
    May 15.- Oct 15.
  • Cave Leiðarendi Dark and Bright

    Evening tour near Reykjavik

    Summer nights are long and beautiful. Join us in this evening tour and return to your hotel after midnight. We will explore the darkness of a magnificent lava tube cave, and then we enjoy the sunset from a high stand point in the stunning surroundings of Bláfjöll, the Blue Mountains.

    June - Aug
  • Transfers to the Blue Lagoon

    KEF International Airport with a stop at the Spa

    There are 3 different options: to go to the Blue Lagoon geothermal spa as you arrive in Iceland; to go immediately before your departure flight; or just to travel there and back from Reykjavik. Hotel pick up service is 30 minutes prior to bus departure and is included in the price.

    All year
  • Cave Buri in Leitahraun Lava Field

    One of Earth's most spectacular lava tube caves

    Explore inside a unique underground world with ice sculptures, lava tunnels and a 17 metres high vertical pit made from a lava fall. Buri is probably the most prized of all Icelandic lava tube caves. Its size is unrivaled in Iceland, the largest chambers are about 10 metres in height and 10 metres wide.

    Note: The cave is now closed until further notice

    8 hours
  • Reykjanes Secrets - Private Tour in Iceland

    In the neighborhood of Reykjavik

    Just half an hour away from Reykjavik we find this amazing world of lava fields, volcanoes, mud pools and volcanic craters. See the hot springs and steep cliffs with Atlantic Ocean waves breaking ashore.

    4+ hours
    All year
  • Fatbike Fun - Day tour in Iceland

    Discover the Reykjanes Peninsula

    If you enjoy combining adventures with beautiful landscapes, this fatbiking tour is for you. Ride off the beaten path while exploring the stunning scenery that Iceland has to offer. Whether you are an experienced rider or are just starting out, we have guides that will choose a trail that fits you best. This tour is a great way to get up close and personal with the Icelandic nature.

    ~2 hours
    May - Dec
  • Fatbike Pro - Day tour

    A real challenge for those with experience

    This amazing fatbike tour allows you to explore the best of the Reykjanes Peninsula. Get ready to feel completely free as you ride through untouched nature, on your own, without a guide. This tour is suited for more experienced riders as it takes you through rough tracks.

    4 - 5 hours
    May - Dec
  • Biking in Reykjanes Peninsula - Energy Tour

    Mountain biking through the lava field

    Do you want to discover the rough Reykjanes peninsula by bike? This tour takes you through the lustrous lava field. You will be provided with bikes and helmets.

    2-3 hours
    All year
  • Ocean Dive Tour in Iceland - Reykjanes Peninsula

    Enjoy the wonderful aquatic life

    On our local ocean diving tour we usually go to Gardur on the Reykjanes peninsula, in the Reykjavik area. On this tour we see a lot of marine life: wolf fish, scorpion fish, nudibranchs, crustaceans, flatfish, monk fish and much more.

    6 - 8 hours
    Apr – Sep
  • Airport Direct Comfort

    Airport shuttle - simple and fast

    There are 2 different options: from the airport to your accommodation in Reykjavik and from your accommodation to the airport.

    All year
  • Seakayak in the Reykjanes Peninsula

    Sea kayaking very early in the morning and in the late evening

    Seakayaking is a great activity, and Iceland is known for its stunning landscapes. Experience the beauty of both land and sea by getting up close and personal with nature in the vibrant and safe environment of Reykjanes bay.

    2 hours
    May - Sep