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Virtual Tour & Bird’s Eye View of Iceland

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Join us in Reykjavik for an interactive tour of Iceland’s history and natural wonders! FlyOver Iceland is a brand-new, interactive experience of Iceland's history and geological wonders. The main experience takes you on an exhilarating aerial journey over Iceland's most impressive natural sights. We use state-of-the-art technology to simulate like you’re actually flying. The other two shows transport you back in time. Discover how the land of fire and ice formed eons ago. Witness history and see how Vikings and their descendants survived on the land. If you’re looking for an immersive and educational experience, then FlyOver Iceland is the one for you!

Duration: 35min+

Available: All year

Age limit: No age limit

Difficulty: Easy

Tour Highlights:
  • Interactive exhibits
  • Simulated flight over Iceland
  • Narrated history tours

Pick-up Information

  • This is a meet-on location tour, please come to the FlyOver Iceland center in the Grandi neighborhood of Reykjavik. 
  • FlyOver Iceland’s address is: Fiskisloð 43, 101 Reykjavík.
  • You can also get there via the number 14 bus.

Please Note

To enter FlyOver Iceland, children must be at least 102cm (40") tall. Children must be accompanied by an adult or guardian (14 years or older).

4 490 per adult

Youth (0-12): 2 245

Join us in Reykjavik for an immersive, family-friendly experience that will take you on an aerial journey across Iceland.

What is FlyOver Iceland?

FlyOver Iceland is a new, virtual experience that takes you on an incredible aerial journey across Iceland. Using state-of-the-art technology, FlyOver dangles you above a 20-meter spherical screen. You’ll have a bird's eye view of many sprawling glaciers, volcanoes and fjords in Iceland. The exhibit also utilizes special effects to simulate flight. See Iceland from a whole new perspective!

Other Parts of the FlyOver Iceland Experience

FlyOver Iceland also offers two other fascinating shows, which depict the roles and impact of humans and nature over time. From volcanoes and glaciers to Vikings and trolls, there’s no better way to learn more about Iceland than these remarkable shows.

The Longhouse

Your journey begins in a historic Viking longhouse, with an Icelandic narrator teaching you about Iceland’s rich history. This fascinating story is brought to life, via a wonderful shadow-show that brings the story off the page and makes it truly interactive.

The Well of Time

The Well of Time is an amazing immersive journey that takes you through the entirety of Icelandic history. Your guide and narrator is a troll called Sú Vitra, designed by renowned illustrator Brian Pilkington. He’ll be sure to engage the younger members of the family in the story. A character from the sagas, Sú Vitra is older than recorded history, she symbolizes the wisdom and enchantment of Iceland.

Sú Vitra takes you on a journey through three interesting parts of Iceland’s history. From the time the land was uninhabited, to the age of the first settlement. Learn how the Vikings came to settle and how they survived Iceland’s extreme conditions.

Free Shuttle Bus

The free shuttle picks up from FlyOver Iceland – Harpa – Hlemmur – Icelandair Hotel Hilton – Grand Hótel. It runs once an hour from 11 AM to 5 PM daily.

Bus schedule

Disclaimer: This tour is operated by a trusted partner in Reykjavik.