The Reykjavik Duck Tour - Sightseeing Bus - DT01

Amphibian bus tour - Reykjavik by Land and Water!

This 80-minute tour will take you on a journey of exploration through Reykjavik – in an innovative vehicle that is just as comfortable on land as it is on water. This allows you to see all the amazing sights that Iceland’s vibrant capital has to offer – in an efficient and exciting way that also offers us the chance to explore the waters around Reykjavik. This coupled with the wealth of fascinating information that your friendly guide will provide you with, makes it ideal for anyone who wants to explore the capital of the land of fire and ice.

Duration: 80 minutes

Available: All Year

Age limit: No age limit!

Difficulty: Easy

Tour Highlights:
  • Harpa Concert Hall and Conference Centre
  • Hallgrímskirkja
  • Perlan Museum
  • Reykjavík City Hall
  • Tjörnin (The Pond)
  • National Theatre of Iceland
  • Sólfarið sculpture
  • Old Reykjavík Harbour
  • Höfði House

Pick Up not included

The ultimate way to explore the city!

3 960 per adult

Youth (12-15): 3 960

Children (0-11): 2 640

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Tour Description

Reykjavik Duck Tour

The day begins when the specially designed ‘Hydra Terra’ collects you from the iconic Harpa Concert Hall and you begin your journey around the city. Your friendly and helpful driver will tell you all about ‘The City of Smoky Bay’ (the literal translation of Reykjavik) and stop at the following locations:

• Harpa Concert Hall and Conference Centre

A gleaming glass building that was finished in 2011, it has quickly become the center of Reykjavik’s vibrant cultural scene. Its design was inspired by Icelandic nature, with its glass façade reflecting both the sea and the sky.

• Hallgrímskirkja

The largest church in Iceland, which took nearly half a century to complete, its impressive design was inspired by the basalt sea stacks that populate Iceland’s South Coast. There is a statue dedicated to Leifur Eriksson, the Viking explorer who discovered America almost 500 years before Columbus outside.

• Perlan Museum (Kjarval's Temple of Dreams)

A spectacular domed building that sits atop five massive water tanks – its impressive architecture makes it a must for anyone visiting Reykjavik.

• The University of Iceland

Iceland’s foremost university has been educating people for more than a century and is well worth a visit for anyone in the capital.

• Reykjavík City Hall

An impressive building perched on the edge of Tjornin – it is an important part of civic life in Reykjavik.

• Tjörnin (The Pond)

A picturesque waterscape at the heart of the city – it is framed by the many colorful buildings that populate its shores.

• National Theatre of Iceland

Another stunning building designed to look like some of the fascinating rock formations located in Iceland – you are sure to appreciate the way it blends modernity with nature.

• Höfði House

The historic house where Regan and Gorbachev began negotiations to end the cold war, it is bound to appeal to any student of history.

• Sólfarið sculpture (The Sun Voyager)

A gleaming steel sculpture that looks like a Viking longboat – it gazes out to sea and has become totemic of the city.

• The colorful Old Reykjavík Harbour

Previously the commercial center of the city, the rustic old harbor is charming and busy.

• Grandi district

The closest district to the harbor – it is quickly becoming one of the most fashionable areas in the city and is crammed with restaurants and bars, offering great food and great views.

• Landakotskirkja (Cathedral of Christ the King)

The center of Catholicism in Reykjavik – it has an enchanting old-fashioned design that everyone is sure to appreciate.

• And much, much more!

If you want to experience all the magic that Reykjavik has to offer in a fun and amphibious vehicle then this is the perfect tour for you!

The Vehicle

The specially designed Hydra Terra vehicle is a state-of-the-art amphibious vehicle that offers a safe and comfortable way to explore Reykjavik. It has been rigorously tested to meet the safety standards of the Icelandic Transport Authority and is suitable for all passengers. During the course of the 80-minute tour, it will spend 60 minutes on land and 20 minutes in the water, allowing us to go where other vehicles can’t!

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