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Explore Iceland's Biggest Glacier by Foot - Easy Glacier Walk!

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This activity tour takes you safely on Vatnajokull, Europe's largest glacier, with an expert glacier guide among the crevasses and glacier sculptures of Falljökull glacial tongue in Skaftafell nature reserve. You'll be totally surrounded by the majestic scenery and experience the power of the living glacier. It's a fairly easy to moderate walk with real ice crampons attached to your hiking boots.

Duration: ~3.5 hours

Group maximum: 15 per guide

Available: All year

Age limit: 8 years

Difficulty: Easy

Tour Highlights:
  • Vatnajökull National Park
  • Skaftafell
  • Easy glacier hike
  • Falljökull or Svinafellsjokull Glacier
  • Licensed glacier guide


We have a few departures every day. See booking engine for details.

Meeting point:

Skaftafell booking office (South East Iceland). Click here for a map.


Guiding services, glacier gear and safety equipment (ice crampons, ice axe, helmets). The glacier walk takes place either on Falljokull or Svinafellsjokull, depending on conditions and season.

Bring with you:

waterproof warm clothing, and hiking boots (hiking boots may be rented from us). You need real hiking boots for the glacier hike, that have a thick sole and cover your ankle. We provide the ice crampons, and they cannot be attached to normal shoes.

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9 490 per adult

Easy glacier hike, suitable for most people
One of our best selling tours


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Review on TripAdvisor

"Amazing experience. My fiance and I were the only ones that booked the 10am hike so it was essentially a private tour. Our guide "Siggy" filled us with amazing information about the glacier and Iceland. He has his PHD in mountain rescue so we felt very safe. This tour is for someone who wants to experience the beauty of walking on a glacier without ever feeling unsafe and I highly recommend it if you are on a budget."

Tour Description

Vatnajokull glacier hiking tour in South Iceland

Prepare to be amazed by the beautiful surroundings!

Iceland is the type of place that makes you feel small and fragile – even powerless, when immersed in all this surreal nature and truly spectacular scenery. So let's take it up close and personal, feeling and understanding the strongest shaping force on earth - glaciers.

Before we start on the hike we need to gear you up. It's vital to have the correct footwear for glacier hiking. We’ll have the hiking boots ready for those who have rented such, and we provide ice crampons and teach you how to attach them to the boots. Crampons make it easy to walk on the ice so that there's no worry of slipping. Other security items include helmets and ice axes.

skaftafell glacier hike

Hiking on the ice...

Glacier Falljokull

This glacier tongue is an outlet of the immense Glacier Vatnajökull, Europe's largest glacier, and the ice is 1,000 years old.

Glaciers are made up of fallen snow. They are not frozen water, as some might think. But how does it turn into ice then? Simply by compression due to the weight of the snow as it keeps accumulating. It's just like taking a handful of fluffy snow and squeezing into a hard snowball and keep doing so for hundreds of years.

The ice eventually gets so compressed that most of the air is forced out of it. This is what causes glacial ice to appear blue.

A glacier is a river of ice. It flows. That's because the highly compressed layers of ice are very flexible. At locations where a glacier flows rapidly, giant cracks called crevasses are formed. This is why it's so dangerous to walk on a glacier - the crevasses get sometimes covered over by snow. Your guide may show you with the ice axe spots that may look like solid ice and snow but are in fact a steep drop just covered in a light dusting of snow.

easy glacier walk on vatnajökull

Easy glacier walk in beautiful surroundings.


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Image Gallery: Hiking on Glacier Svínafellsjökull

GPS location: 64.015999, -16.966754

Glacier hike on Falljokull from Skaftafell nature reserve

Time to have some fun!

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Ultimate Icescape - Rated 4.8/5 based on 59 customer reviews

Awesome tour!

5 by Todd from the US April 10, 2019
The Glacier Wonders tour was amazing! Our guide, Alberto, was very knowledgeable and friendly. Such a fun time!

Beginner's Glacier Tour

5 by Gus Sison April 6, 2019
I am a return customer. The tour guide Christian was exceptional. He was safety oriented, yet created an experience that was unforgettable. The support and office staff were efficient, patient, and professional. Cannot ask for more, and the company has my highest recommendation.

Easy tour to walk on a glacier!

3 by Kathleen Dwernychuk March 29, 2019
This was an awesome experience to walk on the glacier and learn more about it. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who wants an easy and low pressure experience in such a dangerous place. I do wish, however, that I had booked something more difficult for myself as it was easier than I expected. If I booked again I would pick a longer tour where I would see and do more.

Great tour guide

5 by Mel March 24, 2019
"Great glacier hiking experience with excellent guide! Beautiful views and unforgettable experience!"

Great guide & wonderful experience

5 by Au Kwan Choon March 17, 2019
Our guide is Kish, not sure if this is how it's spelt. He was friendly and humorous. We enjoyed his lead into the glaciers. We felt safe under his wings. Very professional and helpful. What a great experience.

Amazing glacier tour

5 by Pan March 14, 2019
The tour was AMAZING! Highly recommended! Magnificent glacier and interesting 4WD vehicle experience. Cristian was very knowledgeable and friendly. He well managed the whole trip (a good proportion between hiking and rest and also taking pictures) and always took care of everyone. Definitely don't miss this trip when you are in Iceland.

Highly recommended

5 by Marija Ramute February 25, 2019
The tour was just fantastic! We’ve got lots of emotions seeing the blue ice and learning many interesting things about the glacier from our guide who is really a fantastic guide! I do highly recommend the tour!!!

Glacier walk

5 by Deirdre McConville October 30, 2018
Wonderful tour with a well informed and entertaining guide. All staff were helpful and friendly. I highly recommend Extreme Iceland.

Excellent Experience

5 by Jim Murray October 27, 2018
Thoroughly enjoyed our glacier walk. An amazing experience. Guide was excellent. Highly recommended.

Do not skip the Glacier Hike

5 by Highlight of our trip October 16, 2018
This was a definite highlight of our trip and exceeded all expectations. We were put into the "fast" group which worried us at first since it was our first time on ice (we are from Texas). It ended up being perfect pace with plenty of stops to rest and enjoy all the views and get some glacier knowledge/stories. Our guide was awesome and the group was split into perfect sizes (less than 20 people). Make sure to do the lagoon as well if it is available. Can't wait to go back

Awesome experience

5 by Jas October 15, 2018
My husband and I chose the glacier hike and we have a terrific experience! The guide was very knowledgeable, funny, and extremely accommodating. We will definitely recommend anyone to choose them.

Perfect Tour

5 by Andrew Tran October 12, 2018
I highly recommend this tour for anyone who wants to climb a glacier! You spend a few hours here and get amazing views. Our tour guide Aaron was awesome. Super friendly and showed us all around and even gave us food recommendations afterwards. We even drank from the glacier!

Highly satisfactory experience!

5 by Rony Panarsky October 12, 2018
The tour was very interesting though not challenging enough for me. Max, the guide, was very knowledgeable and funny and it was overall very nice experience. Would definitely come back for more challenging tours.

Beautiful Hike

5 by Liane October 11, 2018
My favorite Activity in Iceland. Glacier is beautiful!!

Great glacial hike!

5 by Heidi October 7, 2018
How many people can say they hiked on a glacier?? Awesome experience, had a great guide. There were unfortunately a few people in our group who were not physically capable of even hiking TO the glacier, much less walking ON the glacier, so there should be a bigger warning on that! One even decided to turn around when we got to the glacier, after struggling the entire hike. Wish we had been told to bring an empty water bottle, would have liked to fill it up with the fresh glacial river water! Guide was very informative and friendly. There were quite a few groups on the glacier, plus some people hiking it on their own, but you never felt like it was too crowded.

Wonderful Glacier Hike

5 by Morgan Clingan October 4, 2018
We had a great time with Ollie on our glacier hike!

Fun experience

4 by Sue October 3, 2018
"Even the non-hiker can get a glimpse of a glacier if you take the Glacier Wonders tour. Our guide, Simeon, gave us plenty of information interspersed with some pretty corny jokes :) and made sure everyone could keep up, by helping out the people in the group who needed it. I would recommend that you wait until close to your tour date before booking any extras (like boots / rainwear) as if the weather is fine, you might not need them."

One of the highlights of my time in Iceland

5 by Katie M October 2, 2018
"This tour was extraordinary! I had never hiked in crampons before, but the guide was very good at explaining and checking and re-checking the fit before we even stepped on to the glacier. The sites are other worldly. We could see a small lagoon, mountains, lava fields, and a glacier all in one. I would definitely recommend this experience for anyone wanting to see the beautiful sights while in Iceland. Also, we did drive almost 4 hours from Reykjavik for the tour as they do not provide transportation from the city. Something to keep in mind before booking."

Great time on the glacier hike!

5 by Shonna October 2, 2018
The glacier hike was incredible. I was a little weary about doing a scheduled tour, but it was something unique that we could not have done on our own. The price is great for the equipment and time you get on the ice. Our guide was incredible, and we could tell that he wanted us to experience as much as we could on the ice. It was obvious that staff enjoyed their job. Hike was beautiful!

Fun tour guides

5 by Amanda Ho September 30, 2018
Our tour guides made the whole experience real fun and at the same time very informative. It was indeed an enjoyable tour and we enjoyed our self very much!


5 by Amber September 27, 2018
It was a wonderfully pleasant tour, our guide was very knowledgeable and i learned a lot. It was well worth it and I'm glad I made the last minute-ish decision to do the glacier tour.

Great hike and great guide

5 by Yan September 23, 2018
Haley is a wonderful tour guide. He was very friendly and knowledgeable. I would recommend it to anyone who is thinking about hiking in glacier!


4 by Wouter LOBBESTAEL September 19, 2018
with an experienced guide on the glacier.. something not to forget

Great tour, great guides

4 by Haiku R September 16, 2018
Once in a lifetime chance to walk on the ice of a glacier. The Glacier Wonder route is easy and safe and was a good choice for us. The guide, Aaron from the UK, was excellent. Extreme Iceland provided gear (waterproof pants and good boots). We almost skipped it because it was raining and windy in the morning, but we're so glad we went - the weather we got there was perfect. If you do the Glacier Hike in Skaftafell make sure to leave an hour and half before or after the tour to walk to Svartifoss Waterfall - there are many longer hikes in the park (you can hike up and see the glaciers from the path) if you want to spend an extra day there. There is a great visitor center at Skaftafell with info on all the hikes as well as a good cafeteria; there is a campsite right there.

Great guide

4 by Monica September 13, 2018
"Our guide Maxim gave us a lot of interesting information, and we appreciated his kindness and knowledge. Great glacier experience!"

Glacier Wonder Tour with Prokop

5 by juliet September 8, 2018
I thought the glacier was interesting but the best part of the tour was the informative, funny, articulate guide Prokop. He kept me entertained as well as my 15 year old son. (Which can be a challenge). I would highly recommend the tour and hope that you get Prokop as your guide.

Excellent hike up the glaciers

5 by ken September 3, 2018
"The tour was well organized and conducted. Our tour guide Brenden was wonderful and very safe to go with. He made sure we were safe and enjoyed our hike."

Fantastic on the ice

4 by ali August 29, 2018
I did two tours with Extreme Iceland. I had a fantastic time on both. The guides were both amazing and I would strongly recommend them. The only downside was that on the second tour Glacier Experience / A Glacier Hike on Sólheimajökull Glacier, we had a 10 am tour time. We waited with a number of other people until 1045 beside the empty bus wondering where everyone was. When the guides finally arrived they did not know there was a 10 am tour which was frustrating as we had all been sitting there for an hour. However a guide arrived and took us up on the glacier and he was absolutely fantastic. We had a great hike.

Great Trip

5 by Matt August 29, 2018
Would highly recommend. Lots of fun.

What an experience !!!

5 by Séverine August 28, 2018
"It was our first time in Iceland, and on a glacier too! My husband and my daughter don’t speak English so each time we travel I have to translate. For this hiking tour, our guide, Claire, although she was from Australia, spoke French so that my family could enjoy at the same time as I was (or almost!). And she was really kind to everybody, especially with my daughter and another woman who was scared (I guess?). Anyway, she told us many things about how the glaciers live and recline, all that’s moving and anything we've asked. As customers, the tour was really amazing and will remain one (and maybe THE one) of the most terrific experience we’d had there! Thanks for all this"

Amazing Experience

5 by Karsten M August 17, 2018
Thanks to our tour guide (Olli) we (Me, 50, average fitness Level and my son, 13, Football Player and thus quite fit) experienced an amazing tour onto the glacier. Throughout the tour, we felt safe and well taken care of. Olli had a friendly, humorous way of guiding us and he took care of the needs of all the group members. Before starting off, all health issues were discussed to make sure that the tour was safe for everyone. Although the tour was labelled as not too difficult, one should be aware that it's not like a walk in your neighbourhood park. So, ask the staff if you're not sure about taking part - but, if possible, don't miss it. At the end, we were a bit exhausted, but extremely happy and excited about the things we had seen.

Great morning on the glacier

5 by Fiona Percy August 13, 2018
We had a fantastic time during our glacier walk. Everything was planned well, the giudes were all very friendly and had loads of information to share that was interesting and relevant. Bea was our group’s guide and she made the whole experience lots of fun, educational and safe! Would 100% recommend - it was my favourite part of our time in Iceland.

Glacier hiking

5 by Mateja August 3, 2018
The tour was great, we climbed high and the guide was great! She explain everything we asked and was very simpatic.

Great experience

5 by Emily G July 30, 2018
We loved our glacier hike experience. Great guide, well organised tour which was very informative! Definitely worth it!

Great experience

5 by Jenny July 28, 2018
It was a great experience. The guides were kind, humorous and careful, taking good care every single member in the group. Highly recommended!

Breathtaking view and a wonderful tour guide

5 by Ricky July 26, 2018
It was our first time to walk on a glacier. The staff at the reception gave helpful advice on our clothing and footwear. Our tour guide was friendly, professional and helpful. He explained and demonstrated the use of equipment clearly. He took care of everyone in the small group. The walk itself was undoubtedly unforgettable and the view was breathtaking!

excellent experience

5 by msanders July 26, 2018
On our recent trip around the ring road, we were able to book a last minute glacier tour. It was well organized, on time, and a lot of fun for our family. Our guide was knowledgeable, funny and always aware of safety. The glacier was beautiful. One of our most memorable experiences in Iceland.

Surreal Glacier Walk (even when it was raining!)

5 by TheFilmyCouple July 25, 2018
We had the greatest experience of our lifetime, when we did the Glacier Walk with Arctic Adventures. Even though it was raining and we were drenched waist down, the excellent attitude of our guide, Steve, his readiness to answer all questions, and the valuable information that he shared kept us in great spirits all throughout the walk. In fact, he even took us on a small detour to make us experience how a crevasse looks like, which was quite thrilling. Do not miss this adventure - it's fun, informative as well as thrilling. Be prepared and don't forget to rent water proof gear, as that will keep you protected and you won't have to worry about getting wet.

A wonderful experience on ice

5 by Silvia July 24, 2018
This tour was a really delightful experience: our tour guide (Mama Duck, I forgot her real name, sorry!) was cheerful, experienced, helpful and informative, and I had a very good time and learnt a lot of things. Plus, the scenery is simply breathtaking. I was with a friend who was nervous because she doesn't do much sport and it was her first time wearing crampons, but we both ended up having a fantastic time, thank you!

Nice Tour

4 by Melanie July 24, 2018
"Our Guide Reese was really funny. We had a great time."

Wonderful tour with an amazing guide

5 by Kim July 23, 2018
Peter was our guide on the glacier tour. He was so informative and super patient. This experience was one of the best excursions I have ever done. I look forward to doing the longer hike the next time in Iceland. I would highly recommend this tour.

Glacier Walk

5 by Maggie Singham July 8, 2018
Our guide Reece, was welcoming and friendly. we really enjoyed our walk on the Glacier ,?

Serious and efficient

4 by Simon July 3, 2018
Very easy to book activities with the web site of extreme Iceland. Activities proposed are diverse and in line with website description.

My Glacier Hiking tour

5 by Yan July 2, 2018
My husband and I enjoyed the glacier hiking tour very much. It was an excellent experience to walk on the ice and the glacier scenery was wonderful.

An exciting tour

5 by SDUAN June 29, 2018
We have a great time during the iceland tour. It is a 3.5h ice sheet climbing tour with two experienced handsome guides and 6 tourists. The two handsome and hot guides are very considerable to help and check the climbing tools wearing and using, i.e safety boots, and patient to make stairs during the climbing and pay attention to all the tourist, for the sake of safety. It is exciting to have a such close look at the ice sheet and make some nice photos.

Great experience

5 by Jane June 26, 2018
Great experience! I came on the glazier wonders tour with my 18-year-old daughter. And we both had a very special time. The tour was well organised and all directions etc were clear. Our guide, Morika, was superb, friendly knowledgeable and positive. We particularly enjoyed the glacier walk. Big Thankyou.

Super cool experience

4 by CARLOTA June 26, 2018
Not every day you can walk on a glacier and so we want to do in Iceland. It is an easy tour if you want to have a closer look of the ice and walk a few hours equiped with crampons! Shame we didn't choose a longer tour! We recommend it for sure!

Great tour. !!

5 by Dave Shiffer June 17, 2018
Thank you for a wonderful time. We enjoyed the tour. Just the right amount of glacier time and walking for our family.

My experience with Extreme Iceland

4 by Ewa June 13, 2018
Hi, I'm very pleased with my tour. Our guide - young man from Moldavia was very nice and told us a lot about glacier and ice climbing. He is very keen on climbing. It his passion and it was nice to listen to him what he wanted to share with us. Best regards, Ewa

Great guide, amazing tour

5 by Danny Chang June 9, 2018
Dan was our guide and he was very knowledgeable in his explanation about glaciers! We thoroughly enjoyed our trip and would recommend anyone checking out the South side of Iceland to do any of the day tours!


5 by Philipp June 7, 2018
Great tour, great guide, interesting, fascinating!

May 2018

5 by Amy June 5, 2018
Had a great time on the tours and enjoyed the beautiful scenery. The glacier lagoon was amazing!!

Once in a lifetime trip

5 by Dave C June 3, 2018
This was a once in a lifetime trip. Can't recommend enough.

Glacier hiking tour

5 by Josco de Vor May 25, 2018
The glacier hiking tour was amazing. We were so lucky with the weather, and the ice was very beautiful. We even drunk out of a melted icewater stream, by doing some push-up. Together with the Glacier Lagoon boottrip this was an amazing experience.

Fabulous tour guide, very fun!

5 by Elizabeth Zurn May 25, 2018
We had the amazing tour guide, Prokop, who was delightful and kept us very safe the whole time. The tour we went on includes walking/hiking up the glacier slope. We had anticipated we'd be walking on the top of a flat surface, but it was actually much more interesting to climb the glacier. Prokop helped us get great photos and kept us entertained the entire time. Highly recommend.

Great Experience - Spectacular Views

5 by Dennis May 20, 2018
My sons and I had a great day with our guides on both the Zodiac tour of Glacier Lagoon and the afternoon Glacier hike. Everyone was very informative and we learned a great deal about the area, the geology, the myths and legends, and just had an overall great time. The scenery is spectacular. I highly recommend!

Very safe and Tons of fun!

5 by 5 May 18, 2018
I went with my son on this tour and had a blast. We hiked a bit to get up on to the Glaciers and it was simply beautiful! This is basically and introduction and not crazy demanding. Tour guide was awesome and always felt safe. Highly recommend this tour company :)

Amazing trip!

5 by Zac Spowart May 6, 2018
Had an amazing time on the glacier and on the entire trip. Iceland is a gorgeous country and the people were great. Was nice to know that a little weather and rain didn’t stop them. Just another day! Highly recommend.


5 by Raul Martin April 11, 2018
Stephanie did a great job , very knowledgeable and make sure everyone was safe .
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