The Blue Lagoon in Iceland - Geothermal Spa

Treat yourself in a most unique spa

The Blue Lagoon is unique and relaxing environment. The waters and natural silica mud are very beneficial to the skin, and the lagoon location is truly stunning. If you're feeling indulgent then you can treat yourself to a relaxing massage in the spa centre.

Questions and info about Iceland‘s most popular tourist stop

If you‘re planning on traveling to Iceland, chances are you‘ve heard someone recommend visiting The Blue Lagoon while you‘re there. It‘s definitely one of the most visited tourist attractions in the country, and since you are wondering if you should go, you must have a lot of questions about it, like: What makes The Blue Lagoon worth visiting? Why is it blue? Is it clean? Do ancient lagoon monsters live there? Here are some facts and info about the Blue Lagoon that can answer these questions and more, to help you make up your mind.

What is The Blue Lagoon anyway?

Contrary to popular belief, The Blue Lagoon isn‘t a naturally formed pool, but rather a result of a geothermal power plant that was built near there in the mid 70‘s. The plant releases its runoff water in the area, which formed a pool. But keep in mind that even though the lagoon isn‘t naturally formed, the power plant is environmentally friendly and a renewable energy source.

In the early 80‘s, people started bathing in the water, which is composed of mainly three ingredients: Silica, algae and minerals. The early lagoon bathers thought the water had purported healing powers and was healthy for the skin, so it became more popular as time went on. A decade later, in 1992, a company was formed around the baths and it took off from there. It is expected that the Blue Lagoon will accept over 1 million guests in 2016 (More than three times Iceland‘s population!).

But why is it blue?

Plot twist: It isn‘t, The Blue Lagoon is actually white! The blue color of the lagoon comes from the silica in the water and the way it reflects sunlight. According to their website, the lagoon can also take on a greenish hue during summertime, which is a result of algae, which multiplies more rapidly when the sun shines. But pour the water into a small container and you‘ll see that it actually has a smooth milky white colour.

What‘s it like there?

Today the Blue Lagoon has been transformed into a world-class spa and pool area, that is most likely unlike anything you‘ve ever experienced in other spas you‘ve been to. The modern facilities are top class, and in stark contrast with the beautiful natural lava field that surrounds the lagoon.

They also offer a number of extra services if you feel like you need some extra care, like in-water massages, a guided tour and other amenities like a face mask made from the lagoon‘s silica. They also have a sauna, steam rooms and a relaxation area.

The temperature of the water in the Blue Lagoon is steady at around 37-39°c (98-102°F). It‘s also good to know that the water is as clean as other pools, as the water is renewed every 40 hours.

Where is it?

The Blue Lagoon is conveniently situated not far from highway 1, between Keflavik International Airport and Reykjavik. It takes about 20 minutes from Keflavik and about 40 from Reykjavik.

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