Golden Circle & Secret Lagoon - EI103

The famous five and geothermal bathing

On this amazing one day adventure, you get to explore the main sights from The Golden Circle Route, and to bathe in the magnificent natural geothermal pool The Secret Lagoon. This tour offers you a taste of what Iceland has to offer in just one day.

Operated in a minibus
Small groups and personal service

Duration: 9 - 10 hrs

Pick-up: 08:00 - 08:30
09:00 - 09:30

Group maximum: 20 persons

Available: All year

Age limit: 6 years

Difficulty: Easy / Sightseeing

Map (click here)

Tour Highlights:
  • Thingvellir National Park
  • Geysir Geothermal Area
  • Gullfoss Waterfall
  • Faxi Waterfall
  • The Secret Lagoon
  • Small groups

Reykjavik pickup: During the summer season (From May 15th - September 15th) the pick up starts at 8am. During the winter Season (From September 16th - May 14th:) the pick up starts at 9am. Please see booking engine for exact availability.

Included: Reykjavik hotel pick up, English guided minibus tour, entrance to the lagoon.

Excluded: Meals. We will stop at a diner / restaurant, but you can also bring packed lunch.

Bring with you: Warm clothes, good shoes, bathing suit & towel (you can also rent a towel).

11 990 per adult

Children (6-15): 50% off

If you are staying downtown Reykjavik please read this information about pickup.


Tour Description

Golden Waterfall Gullfoss

Exploring the Golden Waterfall - Gullfoss

If you want to enjoy relaxing in an all-natural pool located in the Icelandic countryside, surrounded by beautiful nature this is the Golden circle way to go.

Thingvellir will be the first stop, a very important place for Icelanders, both historically and geologically. Next up is Geysir, the mother of all geysers, and the geothermal area. After seeing Strokkur spout hot water high up in the air (sometimes up to 30 m) Gullfoss, the golden waterfall, welcomes us with open arms as well as Faxi. The Secret lagoon will be a perfect place to wash off the mist from Gullfoss, and there you can relax, enjoy beverages and the surrounding nature.

Geothermal bathing Secret Lagoon

Geothermal bathing at the Secret Lagoon

Our guide will pick you up from your accommodation in Reykjavik. We then start our journey by heading to Thingvellir National Park. Thingvellir is a UNESCO world heritage site because of its historic significance. The Icelandic parliament was established in Thingvellir in 930 AD, making it the world's first parliament. Thingvellir is not only known because of its significant history, it is also known for its geology. Thingvellir is where the Eurasian and North American tectonic plates meet. At Thingvellir, you can visibly see where the two tectonic plates are drifting apart, but each year they drift around 2.5 cm apart. Thingvellir is filled with beautiful landscapes as it has some waterfalls, a lake, and much more to explore.

geysir geothermal area iceland

Watch out, they are extremely hot!

Our next stop is at Geysir Geothermal Area. The whole area has a surface of approximately 3km2 and it is extremely stunning. The geothermal field is named after Geysir, the oldest geyser in the area and the most well-known geyser in Iceland. At this location you can also find the amazing geyser Strokkur. Strokkur is the most energetic spouting spring in Iceland. It spouts water around 10-20 meters in the air every few minutes. It’s truly a magnificent sight.

Gullfoss Waterfall or The Golden Waterfall is our next stop. Gullfoss Waterfall flows from the glacier river Hvita. The massive amount of water flowing down the waterfall comes from Iceland’s second largest glacier, Langjokull. If you stand close enough to the waterfall you can feel the ground trembling beneath your feet, and you get mist from the waterfall on your face, it’s so refreshing! We then continue to another great waterfall, Faxi. Faxi Waterfall is a smaller waterfall, but truly beautiful. Faxi is surrounded with the beautiful Icelandic nature, and it is the perfect place to make a short stop.

canyon Thingvellir National Park

We take a stroll around Thingvellir National Park

After seeing some of Iceland’s most stunning waterfalls, we head to the Secret Lagoon. The Secret Lagoon is a natural hot spring pool located in a geothermal area in the small village Fludir. (The locals call it Leynilaugin.) The steam coming from the ground and the beautiful Icelandic nature surrounding the Secret Lagoon makes it a unique and wonderful experience to go for a swim. Sometimes you can see geysers erupt in the area while you relax in the pool. Truly magnificent!

After a great day of exploring Iceland, our guide will drop you off at your accommodation in Reykjavik.

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