Snowmobiling & Ice Caving in Langjokull - AA16

Departure from Gullfoss Café - On the Golden Circle

This tour is perfect for adrenaline junkies and nature lovers alike: offering spectacular views and exhilarating fun, it is an incredible way to spend a day in Iceland. We will collect you from Gullfoss (the golden falls) and then take you on a snowmobiling adventure, on Iceland’s second largest glacier, Langjokull.

Duration: ~4-5 hours

Departure time: See booking calendar

Group maximum: 6 sleds per guide

Available: Oct - Jun

Age limit: 8 years

Difficulty: Easy

Tour Highlights:
  • Small group experience
  • Snowmobiling ride on a glacier
  • A visit to a natural ice cave
  • Super Truck experience

Pick up:

At Gullfoss Café. Please show up at least 15 minutes early.


Pick up from Gullfoss café, 1 hour snowmobile ride, two people sharing a snowmobile, visit to a natural ice cave, necessary snowmobiling gear


A standard booking is for 2 people sharing 1 snowmobile. If you wish to have a solo snowmobile or your group is an odd number please choose the number of solo participants with the option "participants - solo on a snowmobile" when making your booking.
A valid drivers license is required to operate a snowmobile.

Contact us: If you have a question about this tour you can use the contact form here below.
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* Sharing a snowmobile

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Reviews on TripAdvisor


"We went on the snowmobile and ice cave experience. Started off with a fun ride up to the glacier in their large truck. Then after being kitted our we drove out on snowmobiles to an ice cave. The ice cave was fascinating. Highly recommended."

Tour Description

glacier snowmobile iceland

A fun and exciting glacier day

Your adventure begins when we collect you, in a super truck, from Gullfuss café (close to the spectacular Gullfoss waterfall). From there we will take the scenic journey to our base camp at the foot of Langjökull Glacier (long glacier). At that point we will give you all the equipment that you need and one of our certified glacier guides will demonstrate how to use it properly. Then after a quick safety briefing, you will be ready to get out onto the snow and see the vast Langjökull Glacier, in all its majestic glory.

Once you are on Langjökull, you will understand what all the fuss is about: a mesmerizing untouched natural beauty, covered in a blanket of perfect fluffy white snow. It is the second biggest glacier in Iceland and is surrounded by some of Iceland’s most incredible sights: including: Eiríksjökull glacier, a giant table mountain formed during the last ice age; Hofsjökull glacier (temple glacier) and its famous domed peek; and the multi-coloured Kerlingarfjöll Mountains. All of which offer amazing photo opportunities, alongside the fun of playing in the snow.

ice formations glacier ice cave

The ice formations in the cave are amazing!

Then, midway through your adventure, our friendly guide will take you into a majestic natural ice cave: formed over thousands of years. This will allow you to get a whole new perspective on glaciers and is of course a great chance to snap a couple of photos. We will spend around 15 minutes exploring the incredible ice cave and then get back out on to the snow, for some more adrenaline filled fun. Once we return to our base camp, we will take the scenic drive back to Gullfoss: the perfect end to the perfect day. This tour is an unbeatable combination of natural beauty and snow filled fun: you are guaranteed to form a load of memories, which you will treasure for the rest of your life. So book our snowmobiling and cave exploring adventure today, trust us you won’t regret it!

glacier ice cave iceland

Touch the icy walls of the cave

Read customer reviews

Snowmobiling and ice caving from Gullfoss - Rated 4.8/5 based on 45 customer reviews

Fantastic experience

5 by The Krangel Family 2018-02-24
The snowmobile and ice cave experience was great fun. The guides were excellent and very friendly. Going into the ice cave was fascinating. Throughly recommend.

White-out adventure

4 by Jackson Norton 2018-03-06
"I have never been snowmobiling before so I was really looking forward to this adventure as well as walking on the glacier and hiking an ice cave. Unfortunately, due to the weather we were unable to get on the glacier and hike the ice cave. While it was disappointing, I was totally understandable as the weather was intense with freezing fog. The tour guides had our safety in mind and I was thankful for that. We still got to ride the snowmobiles for about an hour and see some of the beautiful scenery when the fog briefly lifted. It was so much fun. The trip up to and back from the glacier in the mega buses is half the fun, but can be somewhat nauseating if you are prone to car sickness. The only negative I can say about this trip was the tour guide was late picking us up from Gullfoss which caused some anxiety for the group I was with."


5 by Penny 2018-03-25
The whole experience was amazing

An exhilarating experience

5 by Mohamed 2018-04-05
"Pick up was on time with detail explanation along with some humour ! Tour guides during ride was always present guiding am assisting. In general worth every penny....."

Well worth tour

5 by Vicki Riley 2018-04-05
"Absolutely amazing. Thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. Tour guides was great. Ice caves was a brilliant experience. All the equipment and the equipment we were provided with to wear was very good quality and obviously maintained well. Would definitely book again if we come back too Iceland."

Glacier Snowmobiling & Ice Cave from Gullfoss adventure tour

3 by Fam Gotfredsen 2018-02-26
"We were all too many snowmobiles on our trip. About 20. Felt like we were in a rush. No time to make a short stop for taking pictures on our way til the Glacier. Perfect wheather, so beautiful. But we felt like cattle with so many people. Nice icecave. But again too many people to se it at one time. Friendly guides. Perfect instruktions to ride the snowmobile Very fine trip with the minibus to basecamp."

Glacier Snowmobiling

5 by Emma Parr 2018-04-07
Had a fantastic trip- best thing we did in Iceland, went up to the Gullfoss cafe for lunch and a wander down to the waterfall before the trip,friendly guides,amazing scenery that you just wouldn’t experience at ground level! The ice cave stop was also really interesting. Really professional and passionate company would recommend to all :)

Amazing Day!!!

5 by Julia Beynon 2018-04-07
The Snowmobile to the Ice Cave tour was outstanding! The ride to the base camp on the super truck starts the adventure off on the right foot. Staff was friendly and efficient with getting us kitted out for the ride across the glacier. Conditions were perfect with blue bird skies and loads of snow to fly across. As a first timer on a snowmobile, I found the instruction was thorough and in not time at all, I was having an absolute BLAST driving it with my son (8yrs) on the back. The ride to the ice cave was just long enough to be ready for a break. The location of the cave was impressive on its own but then we get down into it and its like nothing I've ever experienced in my life. Stunning natural beauty for this once in a lifetime experience. Our guide was informative and funny and ready to answer any questions that went his way. After my mind was blown by this natural wonder, it was back on the snowmobiles to head back to base camp for hot drinks and cookies. This is the tour to do and this is the company to do it with!

Amazing adventure!

5 by Chloe 2018-04-15
We (family of 4 - 2 boys aged 14&12) had an absolutely fantastic time on this trip. The tour guides met us on time and were efficient at getting us all on the big wheeled bus to go up onto the glacier. The journey up there was fascinating (if somewhat bumpy!) and our guide told us lots of information about the glacier. We arrived at the base on the glacier and were kitted out speedily, and given a quick demo on how to use the snowmobiles. Then we sped off across the glacier - such a buzz! The ice cave was beautiful and we had ample time to take photos. We were really lucky to have a perfect day with blue skies and bright sunshine. The journey back on the snowmobiles was even speedier and really good fun. There was hot chocolate and coffee waiting for us back at the hut, which was very welcome. I can recommend wearing gloves under the mittens you are given because it's pretty cold! Even though this trip seemed massively expensive when I booked it, I would recommend it without a second thought. When you get there you realise why it costs so much to run this kind of excursion! Thank you to all of the guides for a very memorable day.


5 by Tim Henderson 2018-10-23
Great adventure, all guides where amazing and the equipment was top notch

Best experience

5 by Kasey 2018-10-24
One of the best experiences of our trip! The views were phenomenal and riding the snowmobiles on the glacier were so much fun! Definitely do this tour! You won’t regret it!

Amazing tour!

5 by Parisha 2018-10-26
Amazing tour and great fun! The visit to the ice cave was incredible! Highly recommend!

Well organized

5 by Rachael 2018-11-06
The tour was well organized and the guides were very informative and knowledgeable about the area and explained what we were to expect during the tour, including safety aspects. The guides were all very kind and patient. They provided excellent gear for us to keep us safe and warm. We had a great time and I absolutely recommend booking a tour with them if you travel to Iceland!

Super cool tour

4 by Emiel 2018-11-08
"The tour was awesome. The guides were great, also when we had an accident with the snow mobile. The only this is that we were looking for Extreme Island on the parking lot. It was not really clear we had to go to arctic adventures."

Snowmobile/ice Cave/ Notthern Lights

5 by JR 2018-11-08
Unbeatable prices! Great guides that go above and beyond to make sure you have an amazing time. Booked 2 tours with extreme Iceland. Snowmobiles / ice Caves & northern lights tour. No complaints. :) great customer service!!

Fantastic Experience

5 by Lesley 2018-11-11
"My family and I had an amazing experience on this trip. The journey to base camp was a lovely scenic drive, basecamp was well organised and we were impressed with how easy the snowmobiles were to handle (with no experience). The ice cave was impressive and the ride back in the dark was exhilarating. I was amazed at how well the leaders/drivers coped with the road conditions on the way back as the weather had turned and it was a 3hr return journey. Despite our concerns they were very competent and safely returned us to the car park. We feel very priviledged to have had such a great experience. Thank you."


5 by Kerstin Balbo 2018-11-20
"The tour was amazing! All staff was great, already to help us, and explain everything! Thanks guy!"

adrenalin rush

5 by pauline 2018-12-13
Excellent afternoon adventure. Transported by Monster Truck from Gulfoss Waterfall Café across to the glacier. We were then kitted out ready for a hair raising 40 minute Snow Mobile drive across the glacier. This was followed by a visit inside the ice cave, where we received a very informative talk. We then swapped drivers and had an equally dramatic ride, as a passenger, back to the monster truck. We then had an interesting 45 minute drive through a blizzard to Gulfoss waterfall café.

Friendly people fun experience

4 by Ahmed 2018-12-17
Fun experience i would definitly recommend if you have the money for. Tour guides are all super friendly and informative. They make sure everyone is well accommodated

Adrenalin Rush

5 by explorer!!!! 2018-12-13
An excellent afternoon adventure. We were picked up by a Monster Truck at Gulfoss Waterfall Café and driven for 40 minutes onto the glacier. We were then kitted out in snow gear and drove for a 45 hair raising minute snow mobile journey across the glacier to the ice cave. After a very informative talk inside the ice cave, we changed drivers and drove through a blizzard back to the hut for a warm drink and change of clothes. We then travelled back to Gulfoss in the Monster Truck after a thoroughly enjoyable day.

Awesome Adventure!

5 by Michele 2018-12-21
Everything about this tour was great! The tour guide and staff made sure everyone was outfitted properly and knew what to expect. They showed everyone how to ride the snowmobiles safely and stayed with us throughout the trip. You don't need any experience or special gear. They provided us with everything we needed, including cookies and warm beverages at the end. The ice cave was very cool to see and sunrise on the glacier was breathtaking. If you aren't sure about booking this trip, do it. You will leave thinking this was one of the best things you did in Iceland. It was amazing!

Amazing trip

5 by Kath Kitson 2018-12-23
This was one of our highlights of our long weekend in Iceland. The tour guides were great fun. Driving the snow mobiles and the ice cave were amazing. It should be ‘a must’ as part of your trip.

Excellent experience

5 by Kimberly H 2019-01-01
My sons and I did this on Christmas 2018. It was amazing. I highly recommend. My sons are young adults and said this was one of the best things they have ever done.

Amazing tour, poor customer service

5 by Megan Taylor and Jack Wood 2019-01-05
"We had an amazing tour on the snowmobiles and was much better than expected. The only problem however was our tour time was moved however we received no notification of the change! This led to a very stressed and panicked morning as we were told we may not be able to go on the tour! Luckily we went and it was amazing but the stress beforehand was unnecessary and not ideal on a holiday while abroad! An idea for future tours could be to supply the tour guides with cameras to take photos of you which you could purchase afterwards rather than risk bringing your phone/camera on the snowmobile."

Exciting Trip

5 by Mary Ann P 2019-01-05
Ten of my family ages 17-58 went on the Extreme Iceland snowmobiling trip. Our tour guides were professional and I felt safe in the extreme conditions of riding in a snowmobile on a glacier in white out conditions. I highly recommend this company if you want to feel safe and experience “Extreme Iceland”

Great experience

4 by Ruben ten have 2019-01-10
"This trip was a great experience. We where warned before we departed to the glacier that it could be possible that the cave was flooded. But we decided to go anyway. Very nice tour guide, difficult name (he knows) but with a long beard. It was great to see the glacier. Totally will go again if possible."

Amazing Experience

5 by David D. 2019-02-02
"Our snowmobiling and ice cave experience was unforgettable. The guides we had were very knowledgeable both in terms of the technical skills needed to get where we were going, and academically to teach us all about the area - its history, formation, etc. Snowmobiling was insane fun, and the way to and from the ice cave had landscape views I'd never in my life seen before - almost otherworldly. Likewise, the cave had kinds of ice I'd never seen before, and learning about how it came to be was super interesting. Very highly recommended!"

Snowmobile and Ice cave tour

5 by Hannah 2019-02-07
It was our first trip to Iceland and we wanted to do something really unique and exhilarating so booked for the 4 of us to do this was amazing and exactly what we had hoped for! Nothing can describe the feeling of being on the glacier, I would highly recommend this to anyone who gets the opportunity. Fantastic, thank you!

Dope AF

5 by Keegan MacLeod 2019-02-08
The entire trip, from Gulfoss to Basecamp to the ice cave and back again, was stunning. Instructions and preparations before leaving on the snowmobiles were more than adequate for any skill level. The guides were engaging and very knowledgeable. Unbelievable bang for your buck and time.

Awesome experience

5 by Cherry 2019-02-16
It was an awesome experience to drive the snowmobile for the first time and get inside a glacier! A must-do when visiting Iceland! Very unforgettable for me and hubby.

Fantastic tour!

5 by Katherine 2019-02-25
"We went on the tour in the 18th February. Our driver and guide Quentin was absolutely excellent and is a credit to your company, he stated calm and confident, despite having obviously very difficult driving conditions on that day. We had a great experience being driven to the starting base and once at the base the staff, Chris and Rita were also really friendly and helpful. The snowmobile instruction by Chris was really clear, easy to understand and informative. Made us feel really confident driving the vehicle. We would 100% reccomend this tour to people in future. Many thanks again"

Fantastic Experience

5 by Andy 2019-03-01
"This was a fantasic experience of the Glacier, Ski-dooing and Seeing under the Glacier. I found the guide very friendly and informative. Both my wife & two childer (under 12) came on this experience and also throughly enjoyed themselves. My Daughter felt a little scared at the thought of the Ski-Doo ride, but was put completly at ease by the wonderful staff up on the Glacier. She was so pleased at the end of the experience that she had taken part. Many thanks for being so kind and considerate to younger tour members!"


5 by Sarah Nethercott 2019-03-08
Would thoroughly recommend this trip to anyone looking for abit of an adventure. The guides were very helpful and full of interesting information. A special thanks to our guide Hans who kept us all very entertained. We had the best time and such an amazing experience!!

snowmobile and ice cave

5 by andrew c 2019-03-10
"Well organised trip, with a small group that made it all more personal. Simple things like clear areas to change, a hot drink when you return and a detailed talk about the glacier and Volcano's in Iceland really rounded off a very enjoyable excursion. A friend of mine went with an adjacent company a few weeks earlier: the party was much larger and the overall experience wasn't anywhere near as good. Friendly staff/guide helped us at all stages and we felt we were being professionally led and looked after. Highly recommended."

Fun and Endurance

5 by Ice-Tracker Geoff 2019-03-11
"Snowmobiling is fun, but in almost white out conditions, it was an endurance to reach the ice-cave. Based on the briefing, we felt safe, and during the trip the Safety rider at the back checked that we were all ok. Icecave was great. Nice mocca coffee to finish Thoroughly recommend"

Amazing experience!

5 by Kostas Kaltekis 2019-03-11
One of the best experiences of my life! A bit pricey but totally worth it. Tour was well organised, all staff is very professional and helpful and the snowmobile ride was spectacular!!

Amazing Tour

5 by Sebastian 2019-03-12
"Unfortunately the start of our tour got changed several times. But it was absolutly worth it!!!! Blue sky, bright shining sun, great group and great guides!!! An unbelievable, unforgetable view from the glacier. A lot of fun wühle riding a snow-mobile for the first time! And the visit of an ice cave that is like a time machine! You have to do this tour!"

Snowmobile and ice cave

4 by Nikki 2019-03-13
"The best experience Iv ever had. Brilliant guide that told us everything we needed to know plus information about Iceland and any questions we had. The snowmobiling was just incredible. Landscape was jaw dropping. Kept wanting to stop and stair. Ice cave was awesome. The only disappointment was it was a massive group of maybe 30 people when it said small groups. Defiantly wasn’t a small group, but other reviews also said this. Would still recommend but be aware of waiting For other people (we were 45 minutes late to leave as we all waited for a couple who were never even coming. Even though we turned up early as it said to 15 minutes before the leave time)"

Highly recommended!

5 by Jan van Drongelen 2019-03-16
Our first time on a snowmobile and we had great fun! A very well organized tour and amazing views on top of the Glacier. And on top of that our guide Val (kilmer ;-)) was very knowledgeable and really friendly and humorous. I highly recommend this tour!

Very good but you need to explain the pick up better.

5 by Darren Robins 2019-03-16
We booked two trips with you and they were both excellent. My only comment is that you need to have some identification on the pick up vehicles so customers know which vehicle they are on. The pick up for this trip was. Truck with Artic adventures on but we booked with Extreme Iceland. The coach for the northern lights trip was very confusing. Their were hundreds of people at bustop 13 and more than 15 couched came to collect. None said Extream Icelland. Your helpline had to talk to the coach guide before we were finally accepted for the trip. Initially she refused to let us board the coach.

One for the Bucket List

5 by Sue G 2019-03-17
Riding on a snowmobile through the white vastness of a glacier was a top life experience. The tour guides were knowledgeable and the ratio of tour guides to guests (3 guides) made you feel safe and that they were on top of things. They gave thorough instructions on how to drive and ride on a snowmobile as most participants had never ridden on one before. The ice cave was really interesting and again, guides explained formation and other interesting facts. Thoroughly exhilarating and fun. This activity is fine for young and middle-aged adults.

Bargain trip!

5 by 5-Speedxj 2019-03-18
I opted for meeting up at gulfoss since it was closer to my rental cabin. The shuttle ride in the lifted sprinter bus was awesome. The snowmobiles are modern lynx similar to the skidoo’s from back home. The group was around 20 riders some with passengers. I would say that that the group size was just right. A similar tour with a different company is over 30. The ice cave is amazing you won’t see anything like it as it was just recently found and could change at a moments notice. Round out the trip back at the base camp with warm beverage and a snack and then you head back to the van to gulfoss to finish the trip.

Really nice

5 by Nadine 2019-03-20
"We experienced a really nice and humorous guide, giving us many interesting and funny information during the tour. The tour was not too touristic since the group is relatively small (12 people). Also, they differentiated between slow and fast drivers in the group itself with a second guide which was really useful and good. So we had the option to speed up a little. We enjoyed it a lot!"

Great tour - So glad we booked it.

5 by Daniel Taylor 2019-03-20
"Me and my wife booked this tour as we really wanted to experience driving a snowmobile and see the ice caves in the extremes of Iceland. We were looking forward to the trip as all the reviews seemed good. We were not disappointed. Great communication before the trip and excellent service and quality throughout the trip. Only thing that could be improved would be the biscuit selection after the tour. My wife is gluten free so couldn’t have any of the snacks. Not a minor issue, but the only thing we could think of as an opportunity. If you’re thinking of this tour. Just book it. Ps. Friends of our booked with the rival snowmobile firm(blue overalls) and had nowhere near as good as a time."

This tour is awesomely extreme!

5 by Mayra Vega 2019-03-25
We were a group of 10 with no previous experience in a glacier or ice cave. The tour guides were very knowledgeable and cautious, making sure the group had a nice time. We were caught up in a snow storm, but everybody made it safe, thanks to the guides. I got dizzy on my way down, and a soon as I got to the camp a very very lovely guide (I so sorry I was to dizzy to get her name to thank her, she was the sweetest person) help me get better. It is a once in a lifetime exprience and you guys made it possible. Thans!
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