Reykjavik Escape - Live Interactive Game - For Groups

You need only your problem solving skills and good team work

Reykjavik Escape is a live Escape game where groups of 2-5 are restricted to one room with brain teasers, riddles and mysteries and only 60 minutes to escape. You must solve all riddles and puzzles to get out in time, with the final riddle showing the key for the locked door for your escape.

Duration: 1 hour

Available: All year

Meet: Our location

Available: Daily - see the booking system for timing.

Team Building: This is a good way to force cooperation and team work. Need a team building event? Come to Reykjavik Escape for an intense hour packed with puzzles, riddles and clues where you are bound to build up team chemistry.

Family & Friends: Put your parents' brains to the test or collaborate with your best friends to solve the puzzles. Reward yourself with an interactive live escape game instead of yet another movie.

Students & Classes: At Reykjavik Escape you can enjoy both an intellectual excercise with focus and fun! Excercise your brain power with puzzle solving while having great fun with school friends!

Booking information:
1) Choose your escape room from the tabs to the right.
Available: "Prison Break", "The Scientist", "Taken" and "Hangover".

2) Select the date and time in the calendar.

3) Choose between 2, 3, 4 or 5 people in the escape room. 2 is minimum, 4 is optimal and 5 is maximum. Once you book the room no one else can book it or join in. The room is yours once you have booked it and you have it all to yourselves.

Contact us: If you have a question about this tour you can use the contact form here below.
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Tour Description


The players have been unjustly condemned for murder and are now jailed prior to the execution. Escaping is a matter of life and death!

The prison guard has stepped out of his office for 1 hour which gives you a time frame to break out.

game fun Reykjavik

Boffins from the blue team


A genius scientist has found out the cure to every form of cancer – it is rumored to be a previously unknown species of the mushroom family.

Its wondrous properties can save millions of lives, and you and your accomplices have broken into his laboratory to "borrow" his discovery. Unfortunately the paranoid scientist has booby trapped the room and now you are locked in his laboratory. Can you escape before the police show up?

family game

Topless firemen, not an everyday sight


You and your young friends have been kidnapped by a mysterious lady! Waking up in a strange playroom, you realise that you are trapped.

Fortunately, you have discovered some clues left by a girl who managed to escape successfully. Can you and your friends work together to uncover the identity of the mysterious lady, and escape unharmed before she returns?

team building fun activity

Blindfolded fun for all


Last night you went out on town with some friends,- but after the first toast at the bar…total black out! You wake up in a strange hotel room with no memories of last night, where you went or what you did.

Bad as it is, situation takes a turn for the worse when you find out that the doors are locked and you are trapped inside the room.

To get out you have to retrace and figure out exactly what you did last night….and good luck with that one!

Are you up for the challenge? – You’ve got 60 minutes!

This room is for 4 to 12 people.