10 of the oldest churches in Iceland

10 of the oldest churches in Iceland


Baenhusid in Nupsstadur around 1650 (the base could be even older)


Grof at Hofdastrond: 1670-80


Holadomkirkja cathedral in Hjaltadalur: 1763


Videyjarkirkja church in Videy island: 1774


Landakirkja church in Heimaey island: 1778


Domkirkjan cathedral in Reykjavik: 1796


Bessastadakirkja church, at the seat of the President of Iceland: 1823


Vidimyrarkirkja church: 1834


Knappsstaðir in Fljot: 1834 (rebuilt in 1838)


Bakki in Oxnadalur: 1843 (oldest house of worship in Eyjafjordur area in northern Iceland)