Westman Islands Music Festival in Iceland

Westman Islands Music Festival in Iceland

The population of the Westman Islands is normally just over 4000 people but rises up to 16 000 for this one weekend. It is a camping festival that starts on a Thursday and lasts untill Monday.

It beginns with 'hook-up' ball on Thursday, intended for people to find someone to hook up with for the rest of the festival. Friday evening has a massive bonfire and Saturday a firework display. Every year a special 'Thjodhatid song' is made for the festival. On Sunday night everyone in the valley where the festival takes place sing this song as well as many other known Icelandic songs together under a torch-lit sky.

There are some bands playing throughout the festival - but this is not really a music festival. It's a festival for the entire family where people come together to eat, drink, dance and sing. And perhaps to find some romance.

A tip: The locals throw up 'white tents' where they come together to eat smoked puffin and cakes and play the guitar and be merry. Knock on someone's tent and politely ask if you can join in - if you're lucky you might get some free puffin!


For more information visit: www.dalurinn.is