A 75 minute theatrical comedy roller coaster ride through Iceland’s literary heritage.

Icelandic Sagas: The Greatest Hits - Book Here

Icelandic Sagas: The Greatest Hits

Icelandic Sagas: The Greatest Hits

The Icelandic Sagas are a collection of 40 stories that revolce around the first settlers of Iceland - Well, Icelanders say they’re true. Everyone else says: No way!

Nevertheless, everyone agrees that the sagas are a fantastic collection of tales about worthy men and feisty women that lived on this harsh island over a thousand years ago. Stories of viking raids abroad and blood-feuds at home. These stories were passed down through generations and preserved on calf-skin manuscripts. They truly are the crown jewel of Icelandic culture, amazing stories of ordinary vikings, facing ordinary viking problems – These problems range from the mundane like how to get your wife to stop killing your neighbor’s slaves to the common problem of what to do when someone calls you a horse-ass-eater. And who can‘t relate to suing your brother in-law for not living up to your sister’s expectations?


Step into the world Hallgerda Long-Pants, Gunnlaug Serpent Tongue, Killer-Glum, Harald with the great hair-do, Mjoll the-biggest-of-all-women-who-were-not-giants and Leif the Lucky who found America… and lost it again.


Never heard of them? No worries, just come to the show and get to know them all in Icelandic Sagas - The Greatest Hits. Be thrilled, entertained and intrigued - and find out what it really means to toss a pair of blue pants into an Icelanders face - really.



The show will be available every night in July, irregularly in June and August (see booking engine belove) and starts at 20.00 (08:00 pm).



At Harpa concert hall located downtown Reykjavik by the harbour.
Click here for Google Maps directions.


What do the guests say about it?

“We couldn't stop laughing!” -D.Winterthur, Switzerland

“Hilarious and engaging, both for the newcomer and the Saga enthusiast. I highly recommend this production to any visitor (or resident!) of Iceland.” -Jensen Scheuer, Canada

“The perfect ending to my trip” -Robert Fanning, USA

“Totally brilliant!” -Dagur B. Eggertsson, The Mayor of Reykjavik

Icelandic Sagas Greatest Hits - Book here...

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