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Jónsmessa or the direct translation is ‘’The Mass of John’’ is also known as Midsummer Night in Iceland, that day is celebrated annually on June 24th. This night is supposed to be the most magical nights of the year according to the Icelandic folklore. This is a holiday in Iceland but hasn’t been a big holiday like most others. On this day there were 23 churches made holy by John the Baptist (Jóhannes skírara) or by some other Baptists. Jónsmessa was also not removed from the number of Icelandic holidays until 1770, long after the Reformation, which indicates that during the day there was a great deal of weekend far beyond the Catholic tradition. It is also known that elves seduced people with food and gifts all night long on this day and cows gain the ability to speak for themselves as well that seals took their skin off and became humans. There is also a very odd tradition to take off your clothes and roll around naked in the few-covered glass, it is said that it benefits your health a lot. Very odd factors and conclusions about what was going on many decades ago, but who knows!




June 24th

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