Verslunarmannahelgin - Tradesmen’s Weekend

ein med ollu akureyri

Iceland biggest festival and traveling weekend is the Tradesmen’s Weekend or as Icelanders know as ‘’Verslunarmannahelgin’’. This 3-day long weekend started in 1894 when biggest business managers in Reykjavík and the representatives of the labor unions met to organize an extra day off for those workers who were engaged in trade, Frídagur Verslunarmanna or as you say it in English ‘’Commerce Day’’. Variety of Festivals are held all across the country, you can’t find Iceland more life over this weekend. You will find 6 big and annual events:

  • Innipúkinn: is held in Reykjavík, the name of the festival literally explains it all, it means an indoor event as you will find downtown Reykjavík nightlife amazingly strong. There are music programs at selected bars and clubs, a great option for those who prefer to have fun indoors rather than to venture outside.Mýrarboltinn: is a festival that has taken place in Ísafjörður, the capital of West Iceland.

  • Mýrarboltinn or ‘’Mud football’’, is a football tournament played at a mud field, people make groups and each team plays in a self-made uniform. This very family-friendly festival is not only a football tournament, but you will also find music events and entertainment.

  • Síldarævintýrið: The Herring Adventure Festival in Siglufjörður, North Iceland are known for pre-starting the Tradesmen’s Weekend as they start a week before, with various activities and entertainment all across their small fishing town. The breathtaking landscape and mountains around will even make this family-friendly festival even more enjoyable.

  • Þjóðhátíð: is by far the largest festival of the Tradesmen’s Weekend and is located in Westman Islands.  The party is on around the clock for at least 4 days, the small population gets nearly 4 times bigger or between 12.000-15.000 people. The festival is held in their biggest valley on the island and you can almost say that it was made just for this event, as the formation of the valley is perfect for people to come together and have fun. Events are held in the valley and at the dock, the main event is on Sunday. Though this festival doesn’t sound like a family-friendly one, it definitely is, people of all ages arrive, families and friends.

  • Ein með öllu: Concerts, museum, shows, walking tours, markets and more in the capital of the North, Akureyri. The name ‘’Ein með öllu’’ or as you say it in English ‘’One with everything’’, is what almost all Icelanders say when they order a hot dog. The name of the festival definitely describes what the festival has to offer.

  • Neistaflug: This family-friendly festival is getting bigger each year although it is held in a small town Neskaupstaður, in Eastfjords. This festival is compared with nature and nightlife, classic Icelandic style.





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