DIY: Explore a fantastic lava cave!

Do you want to explore the underground world by yourself? Arnarker Cave is the perfect cave to do so. This lave tube cave is not well known and therefore a perfect alternative for anyone who wants to visit some of the less frequented spots of Iceland.

lava cave iceland

The Entrance to the Lava Cave

Arnarker Cave is only a 45-min drive from Reykjavik. You take highway 1 towards Selfoss, then turn right onto route 380. It is the old road leading from Þrengsli to Selvogur that leads you right to a little parking area. You can also find a little sign which indicates that this is the right way to the Arnarker cave.

inside cave

Amazing experience

Follow the little trail through the moss covered Leitarhraun lava field and you will find entrance of the cave after a few minutes. A ladder leads you 16 meters deep into the cave. It is a mystical experience as the lava tube is completely dark. We highly recommend you to bring strong lights, helmets and sturdy shoes, as you have to climb over bigger rocks and the cave ceiling is quite low.

arnarker cave

The Ladder that takes you into the Cave

But climbing through this dark lava tube leads you into a different world. With a bit of luck, you will be the only ones exploring this cave which makes the whole adventure even more exciting. You will come across many different shapes of lava formations. If you have a good camera with the right equipment, you should be able to take some good shots within the cave.

If you prefer exploring this magical cave with an experienced guide, you can also book a private tour with us. Please click here for more information.

flashlight in cave

Remember to bring a flashlight

Contributed: Christina