Lava Cave Exploration

Do you want to know how it looks like under your feet? Go inside a lava cave!
Today, the Sales Department of Extreme Iceland tested the King of Caves tour!

Extreme Iceland staff

The more you experience, the more you can advice!

After being welcomed by our two passionated guides, Davið & Anna, we entered into the lava tube named Raufarhólshellir. This cave is enormous and the third largest in Iceland.

Entering into Raufarhólshellir

Entering into Raufarhólshellir

Visiting a lava cave is some of the greatest experience you can get in Iceland: you can see the country from the inside! This lava tube is estimated to be 1360 meters and you can find many hidden places inside called chambers.The tour was informative and now we know that the lava flow was running into that cave approximately 5000 years ago. Nowadays, you can still observe its runoff, mostly by a lot of different colors!

colorful cave

Such amazing colors!

Good to know: A lava tube is formed by lava flowing after an eruption. The surface cooles and becomes solid on the contrary of the inside that stays liquid and disappears flowing away. Thousand years after, it's that part you can visit and enjoy!

lava flows

Lava flows!

Before entering total darkness, we walked around the first part of the cave: the illuminated part where you can even organise some private events, if you want to. Our guides showed us the different lava formations and their explanations.

guided tour

Davið explaining

The rest of the tour led us into the total darkness. Don't worry, helmets with headlamps allow us to see the surroundings. The experience of walking on old lava is amazing!

We had the chance to be underground, where no life is existing (except some bacteria). You can feel peaceful and so small in front of the natural wonders.

After walking around on colorful rocks, we went back to the surface of the earth, remembering that light exists ! :)

surface of the cave

Almost at the surface!

We really advice you to try this tour in order to live a truly Icelandic experience! We are sure that you are going to love it, as we did!


Enjoy your come back on earth!

Contributed: Chloé & Marie