Landmannalaugar - Super Jeep Tour

Discover with us the beautiful colors of the Highlands: Landmannalaugar by Super Jeep!

Going to the Highlands is a unique experience in Iceland! Landmannalaugar offers a variety of colorful rhyolite mountains: it's a spectacular place to visit.


Starting from Reykjavik, we drove through Þjórsárdalur valley: a lot of purple flowers were surrounding us under the sun. This valley is situated at the edge of the central highlands, it looks like an oasis with sharp contrasts such as flourishing birch woods, sandy lava fields, rivers and waterfalls. Therefore, our first stop is Hjálparfoss waterfall, meaning the Helping Falls.

Standing in front of the beautiful Hjálparfoss waterfall.

Our journey continues towards the Highlands. You notice how different the landscape is: when you arrive, you could think you are on the moon!

Big wheels make that possible!

We had a chance to discover the huge crater lake Ljótipollur formed in 1477 before stopping at lake Frostastaðavatn. You feel so little in front of that wonder!

reflecting mountains

Symmetry in water!

Our main destination is Landmannalaugar. This region gathers a lot of geological elements, which come together to create amazing multi-coloured sceneries: red, yellow, green, purple...




This breathtaking place is the perfect place to sit down and have a small picnic. After that, we had two choices: take a short hike or relax in the hot pool (or both!). The hike takes about 1 hour and you can buy a map there. We personally chose to enjoy a bath in the warm natural pool with a stunning view.

Don't forget your swimsuit!

After 2 hours of discovery in the Highlands, it's time to go back. However, as usual, the journey is part of the adventure! Two more hidden waterfalls are waiting for us on the way back! Each time, the very blue water remains a surprise and a pleasure.

A picture is worth a thousand words :)

Haifoss waterfall

Surprise on the way back

An amazing day with a beautiful sun and awesome colors! Enjoy your trip!

Contributed: Chloé & Marie