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North Iceland is the region of Iceland along the Greenland Sea, flirting with the Arctic Circle. There is no exaggeration in describing North Iceland as Iceland in miniature. It is an area of extremes: The lush farmland of Skagafjörður and Eyjafjörður, the rugged mountains of Tröllaskagi many capped by small glaciers, the almost desert-like landscapes of the far north-east, and Grímsey sitting on the arctic circle.

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The region as a whole is characterised by wide bays and fjords, surrounded by mountains on two sides and long river-shaped valleys on the third. It is probably the region in Iceland best suited for outdoor activities, but the north is also interesting for its cultural heritage. As Iceland's second largest urban area, Akureyri is an important centre for art and commerece. Many of the smaller villages offer an experience that rustic, rural Iceland with its deep traditions in farming and fishing.



North Iceland


Akureyri city

Akureyri is a town in northern Iceland. It is Iceland's second largest urban area (after the Greater Reykjavík area) and fourth largest municipality (after Reykjavík, Hafnarfjörður, and Kópavogur). Nicknamed the Capital of North Iceland, Akureyri is an important port and fishing centre, with a population of 17,754. The area where Akureyri is located was settled in the 9th century but did not receive a municipal charter until 1786. - Location Map

Webcam feeds:

Akureyri City - Capital of the North

Akureyri City - View to the North East


Hlidarfjall mountain - Skiing area - Akureyri

Hlíðarfjall is a mountain located west of the Icelandic town Akureyri in Eyjafjörður. It is the site of one of two major ski resorts in Iceland. The former hotel no longer offers accommodation and is now mostly used for meetings. Hlíðarfjall is generally considered to be named after Lögmannshlíð, a (formerly important) homestead and church site on the slopes of the mountain. - Location Map

Webcam feeds:

Akureyri - Hlidarfjall Skiing Area (1)

Akureyri - Hlidarfjall Skiing Area (3)


Eyjafjordur fjord

Eyjafjörður is the longest fjord in Iceland. It is located in the central north of the country, near the second most populous region of Iceland. - Location Map

Webcam feed: Eyjafjordur fjord - Laufas


Olafsfjordur town

Ólafsfjörður is a town in the northeast of Iceland located at the mouth of the fjord Eyjafjörður. The town is connected to Eyjafjordur via a 3.5 km one-lane tunnel. Fishing is the main industry in the town and several fishing trawlers make their home in the town's harbor. The municipality of Ólafsfjörður and Siglufjörður has merged to form a municipality called Fjallabyggð, which literally means Mountain Settlement. - Location Map

Webcam feedOlafsfjordur town


Sauðárkrókur town

Sauðárkrókur has an endless number of natural treasures, from the mountaintops to the sea and islands, from the glacial ice in the south to the outermost tips of land in the north. - Location Map

Webcam feedSauðárkrókur town


Dalvik village

Dalvík the main village of the Icelandic municipality Dalvíkurbyggð in Iceland. The population of the village Dalvík is approximately 1,400. - Location Map

Webcam feeds:

Dalvik village - From the skiing area


Skagastrond town

Skagaströnd is a town and municipality on the north coast of Iceland, on the east coast of the bay Húnaflói. Notable landmarks include the mountain Spákonufell and the Cap of Spákonufell. The population is 530. - Location Map

Webcam feeds:

Skagastrond town- Skuffugardur

User: gestur   Pass: gestur


Blonduos town

Blönduós is a town and municipality in the north of Iceland, in the county of Austur-Húnavatnssýsla, 245 km from Reykjavík. The town has a population of around 850 and a small 9-hole golf course, and is a good base for touring the Húnaflói area. - Location Map

Webcam feed: Blonduos town- From the Airport to the North



Extreme Iceland


Webcam feed of road conditions in North Iceland

Live webcam feed


Here below you can find a direct feed from selected roads in North Iceland.

Hringvegur (1) Ring road, Brandagil, Hrútafirði

Location map - Webcam feeds: Brandagil to the South - Brandagil the road - Brandagil to the North


Hringvegur (1) Ring road, Gauksmýri

Location map - Webcam feeds: Gauksmyri to the West - Gauksmyrir the road - Gauksmyri to the East


Hringvegur (1) Ring road, Blönduós

Location map - Webcam feeds: Blonduos to the East - Blonduos the road - Blonduos to the South - Blonduos to the North


Hringvegur (1) Ring Road, Langidalur

Location map - Webcam feeds: Langidalur to the West - Langidalur the road - Langidalur to the East


Hringvegur (1) Ring Road, Vatnsskarð

Location map - Webcam feeds: Vatnsskard to the West - Vatnsskard the road - Vatnsskard to the East


Þverárfjallsvegur road (744), Þverárfjall

Location map - Webcam feeds: Thverarfjall to the West - Thverarfjall the road - Thverarfjall to the East


Siglufjarðarvegur road (76), Stafá

Location map - Webcam feeds: Stafa to the North East - Stafa the road - Stafa to the South West


Siglufjarðarðarvegur road (76), Herkonugil

Location map - Webcam feeds: The road to the North East - On the road - The road to the South West


Siglufjarðarðarvegur road (76), Héðinsfjarðargöng tunnel

Location map - Webcam feeds: To the East from Siglufjordur side - On the road on Siglufjordur side - To the West, Olafsfjordur side - On the road, Olafsfjordur side - The tunnel towards Olafsfjordur - The road, towards Olafsfjordur


Ólafsfjarðarvegur road (82), Ólafsfjarðarmúli

Location map - Webcam feeds: Olafsfjardarvegur road to the South - On the road - The road to the North


Ólafsfjarðarvegur road (82), Hámundarstaðaháls

Location map - Webcam feeds: The road to the South - On the road - The road to the North


Hringvegur (1) Ring Road, Norðurárdalur, Skagafirði

Location map - Webcam feeds: The road to the North - On the road - The road to the East


Hringvegur (1) Ring Road, Öxnadalsheiði

Location map - Webcam feeds: The road to the West - On the road - The road to the East


Hringvegur (1) Ring Road, Víkurskarð

Location map - Webcam feeds: The road to the West - On the road - The road to the East



Extreme Iceland


Webcams in other areas in Iceland


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