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The South West Corner of Iceland

Webcams of cities, landscape and weather conditions

South West IcelandSouthwest Iceland is the region of Iceland where the majority of the country's population lives, in and around the capital. Economically Southwest Iceland is dominated by Reykjavík and the capital area (Icelandic: Höfuðborgarsvæðið). It could be argued that all other towns in the Southwest today function partly as suburbs of Reykjavík. Geographically, however, the capital area is simply at the eastern fringe of a peninsula known as Reykjanes, which juts out from the west coast into the Atlantic Ocean. This peninsula is one of the youngest landscapes in Iceland and is mostly covered by a field of lava, making it very inhospitable away from the coastline. Between Reykjanes and Snæfellsnes (in West Iceland) is the Faxaflói bay.

Southwest Iceland has historically been considered part of South Iceland, and it was only over the last century or so that it gained the position of absolute dominance over other regions that it has today. The Southwest is currently home to over two thirds of the population of Iceland and in addition to some important fishing harbours, it is the location of most economic activity in Iceland other than primary production. As in many other countries, there is a level of animosity (or at least competition) between the capital area and the rest of the country. Some would argue that the "real" Iceland is not found in the Southwest. Nevertheless, it is the area most visited by tourists, being home to popular destinations such as Reykjavík and the Blue Lagoon and with easy access to the Golden Circle.



The Greater Reykjavik Area


Reykjavik City

Reykjavík is the capital and largest city in Iceland. Its latitude, at 64°08' N, makes it the world's northernmost capital of a sovereign state. It is located in southwestern Iceland, on the southern shore of Faxaflói Bay. With a population of around 119.764 (2013) (and over 200,000 in the Greater Reykjavík Area), it is the heart of Iceland's economic and governmental activity. - Location Map

List of webcams:

Reykjavik city - Pond

Reykjavik to the North

Reykjavik to the South East

Reykjavik to the South West


Austurvöllur public area

Austurvöllur is a public square in Reykjavík, Iceland. The square is a popular gathering place for the citizens of Reykjavík, and especially so during good weather due to the prevalence of cafés on Vallarstræti and Pósthússtræti. It has also been a focal point of protests due to the close location to the Parliament of Iceland. - Location map

Webcam feedAusturvollur - In front of the Parliament - Down town Reykjavik 


Kopavogur city

Kópavogur is a city and Iceland's second largest municipality, with a population of 30,779. It lies immediately south of Reykjavík and is part of the Greater Reykjavík Area. The name literally means seal pup bay. The town seal contains the profile of the church Kópavogskirkja with a seal pup underneath. Kópavogur is largely made up of residential areas, but has commercial areas and a lot of industrial activity as well. The tallest building in Iceland, the Smáratorg tower, is located in central Kópavogur.  


Reykjanes peninsula


Eldey island

Eldey is a small island about 10 miles (16 km) off the coast of the Reykjanes Peninsula, southwest Iceland. Located west-southwest of Reykjavík, the island of Eldey covers an area of about 3 hectares (7.4 acres), and rises to a height of 77 metres (253 ft). Its sheer cliffs are home to large numbers of birds, including one of the largest Northern Gannet colonies in the world, with around 16,000 pairs. - Location Map

Webcam feed: Eldey Island



Akranes downtown


Akranes village

Akranes is a port town and municipality located on the west coast of Iceland. It is the ninth most populous town in Iceland with a population of around 6,623 people (as of January 2011). The area where Akranes is located was settled in the ninth century, but did not receive a municipal charter until 1942. - Location Map

Webcam feeds:

Akranes village - Downtown



Extreme Iceland



Webcam feed of road conditions in Southwest Iceland

Live webcam feed


Here below you can find a direct feed from selected roads in Southwest Iceland.


Hringvegur (1) Ring road, Hellisheiði mountain road

Location map - Webcam feeds: Hellisheidi to the West - On the road - Hellisheidi to the East


Hringvegur (1) Ring road, Hveradalir

Location map - Webcam feeds: Hverardalir to the West - On the road - Hverardalir to the East


Hringvegur (1) Ring road, Sandskeið

Location map - Webcam feeds: Sandskeid to the East - Sandskeid overview - Sandskeid to the West - On the road


Þrengslavegur road (39), Lyngbrekkur

Location map - Webcam feeds: Lyngbrekkur to the North - On the road - Lyngbrekkur to the South


Suðurstrandarvegur road (427), Selvogur

Location map - Webcam feeds: Selvogur to the West - On the road - Selvogur to the East


Suðurstrandarvegur road (427), Festarfjall mountain

Location map - Webcam feeds: Festarfjall to the East - On the road - On the road (2) - Festarfjall to the West


Hafnarfjarðarvegur road (40), Bústaðabrú bridge

Location map - Webcam feeds: The bridge towards Kopavogur town


Hafnarfjarðarvegur road (40), Arnarneshæð bridge

Location map - Webcam feeds: The bridge towards Gardabaer city - The bridge towards Kopavogur city


Reykjanesbraut road (41), Nónskarð in Kopavogur city

Location map - Webcam feeds: Towards Kopavogur city - Towards Gardabaer city


Reykjanesbraut road (41), Strandarheiði 

Location map - Webcam feeds: Strandheidi to the West - Strandheidi to the East


Reykjanesbraut road (41), Rósaselstorg roundabout

Location map - Webcam feeds: Seen to the North- On the road - Seen to the South


Grindavíkurvegur road (43), Þorbjörn mountain

Location map - Webcam feeds: Seen to the North - On the road - Seen to the South


Þingvallavegur road (36), Mosfellsheiði mountain road

Location map - Webcam feeds: Seen to the West - On the road - Seen to the East


Hringvegur  (1) Ring road, Blikdalsá river

Location map - Webcam feeds: Blikdalsa to the South - On the road - Blikdalsa to the North



Extreme Iceland


Webcams for other locations in Iceland


South West - West - Westfjords - North - North East - South East - South - Highlands



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