Magical Auroras - Northern Lights Tour - EI26

Go out to search for the northern lights - Our most popular aurora tour

A minibus evening tour where we look for the northern lights. We check the cloud and aurora forecast and drive out of Reykjavik to a location where conditions are optimal to find the magical auroras.

Included in this tour are free photos of you and your group so you can keep the memory of this natural wonder! See photos from previous tours here.

Duration: ~4 hours

Pick-up: 21:30 - 22:00

Available: Sep - Apr

Age limit: 6 years

Difficulty: Easy / Sightseeing

Tour Highlights:
  • Northern Lights search
  • Small group tour in a minibus
  • Free photos of you/your group
  • Expert Aurora Guide
  • Stargazing

Location: South West Corner of Iceland

Included: Pick up and drop off at hotels or guesthouses in Reykjavik, tour in a minibus, English guidance, northern lights tour.

Bring with you: Hiking boots or sturdy footwear, warm outdoor layers, weatherproof top layer, headwear, gloves, and scarves. There is no such thing as too many layers on a northern lights tour! A tripod for your camera is very useful too.

Contact us: If you have a question about this tour you can use the contact form here below.
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Video: Northern Lights over Iceland

9 990 per adult

Children (6-11 years): 4 950

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Aurora Bonus
If the Northern Lights don't show up on your tour you can contact our sales team here and we will book you on another departure, free of charge upon availability. Please remember to mention your booking number in the email. Please note that the Aurora Bonus is available once per customer.

Tour Description

The Northern Lights

Escape the city's light pollution and come with us to look for the magical Northern Lights or Auroras Borealis as they are called as well. Our specialised guides will decide, on travel day, where to go, after taking into account both the aurora forecast and cloud cover to maximise your chances of seeing them in all their glory. We travel in a minibus, which means small groups and therefore personal service from our guides.

northern lights iceland

Remember to bring a tripod if you want to take a picture of the northern lights


We never know where the best conditions will be. The weather changes quickly and the destinations vary. We might head to the National park Thingvelllir, Reykjanes (The Southern Peninsula) which is covered with lava and extreme landscape or Borgarfjordur which is a beautiful fjord in west of Iceland to name a few.

What are the Northern Lights?

This natural phenomenon happens because of chemical reactions in the Earth‘s atmosphere. Gaseous particles collide with electrically charged molecules and atoms released from the sun‘s atmosphere. These particulates from the sun are blown towards earth by the solar wind and can enter both the northern and southern hemisphere because of weak magnetic field at the poles.That‘s the reason for why we only see those dancing lights close to the Northern pole (Auroras Borealis) and south pole (Auroras Australis).

The different colours are due to different molecules, oxygen forms the most common one, yellow/green and nitrogen produces blue/purple-red for instance.

magical auroras iceland

magical auroras iceland

Please note: As the success of the Magical Auroras tour is heavily dependent on weather conditions, we reserve the right to cancel departures until 18:15 on the day of the tour. If the tour goes ahead and no northern lights are seen we offer clients the chance to join another evening’s departure free of charge upon availability. The second tour might possibly be in a minibus. Note that you need to re-book through the booking portal link in your voucher.

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Magical Auroras - Rated 4.9/5 based on 28 customer reviews


5 by Dustin Kennedy 2018-02-23
I booked Extreme Iceland for a variety of tours while in Iceland and none disappointed. I wish I had experienced this company before I arrived as most my tours were booked before we landed, and the ones I went on with other companies did not even compare. I must say, our driver was unbelievable. Not i only informative the entire time on educating us, but would not quit until he found the lights. He was calling friends in different a parts of Iceland getting weather and my updates in effort to plan and head to the right spot. We drove for hours, in which other drivers and tours had quit and gone home, well we were one of the only tours to see the lights that night as a result. When we finally found a break in the sky, our driver couldn’t have been more excited for all of us. He took professional pictures for us as well, and uploaded them for us to download. Such an awesome experience. You would be crazy not to book with these guys. Thanks again!

Northern Lights tour

5 by Elle 2018-01-27
An amazing tour- a poor northern lights forecast, but we were treated the most spectacular display. Simon was a great tour guide- really friendly and knowledgable :)

Perfect day

5 by Mylene Le borgne 2018-03-03
Everything was great and well organized. Our guide was awesome with lots of stories

Northern Lights

5 by Pietro & Claudia 2018-03-10
Great experience with Northern Lights tour on March 2nd. Tour guide was simply the best! We saw an amazing show in the sky. Unforgetable experience!!!

Aurora guide fantastic

5 by Tariq Pir 2018-03-12
Very enthusiastic and informed guide. He wanted us to get the most out of the tour.

Great Experience

5 by Andrea S 2018-03-19
We were picked up promptly and having picked up others we headed out of town. Our tour guide was really helpful, friendly and knowledgeable and really took the time to explain how to get the best pictures. You really do need to get your camera sorted whilst on the bus as it is infuriating for others if you are flashing lights around once you get to a destination and they are trying to get pictures! Our guide spent a lot of time taking photos so that even if ours hadn't tuned out well we still would have had good ones to download. A fantastic experience and I would highly recommend!

Northern Lights

5 by David and Ellen Jordan 2018-03-25
The guide we had and the knowledge he imparted on the night could not have been better. The bonus of course was that we experienced seeing the lights in their majesty and would not have done so without the persistence of our guide who travelled far and wide to get a decent cloud break. It was stunning. Thanks again.

They tried!

4 by RAGHU 2018-04-07
The tour guide tried his best to find a gap in the clouds. But couldn’t. He drove South for quite a distance. After a wait we headed north. No luck. Mini bus is recommended as it helps get in and out fast in the cold night.

Amazing tours with great guides

5 by Dilini 2018-04-19
Having spent a full day and night on tours, I can’t say how much we enjoyed the time. Both guides were great and so informative. Would highly recommend

April 12th Tour

5 by Mariana Oliveira Rodrigues 2018-04-20
The tour was great, but our tour guide Clemmy really made the difference. He has an extensive knowledge and he’s very passionate about the northern lights. We got a tour and a lesson about nature and science. The tour was a great experience and even though the lights were not too bright, Clemmy took some great photos of the Aurora. Definitely recommend this tour!

Gilly is our hero!

5 by Cole 2018-09-30
The night had gone on and we hadnt seen anything more than a 3, but just as we were about to enter the city Gilly spotted the lights ans we got to see a wonderful view!!

Never give up

5 by Yasushi 2018-10-01
The solar activity was low, but the end of tour, we finally saw the northern lights. Never give up!

Magical Aurora's

5 by Ron 2018-10-07
The guide was very knowledgeable and kept us informed of where we were going and what we were looking for. We had stopped a couple of times as we were to meet up with a second Extreme Adventures Minibus, however after a couple of stops and not connected we just moved on. This resulted in a couple of unnecessary stops but nothing of great significance. The guide took us to a couple of locations where we were able to get a good view of the Aurora's. The guide also advised what we were looking for and pointed out where they were once spotted. He also provided good assistance for ensuring the proper camera settings were in place for the best picutres.

October 16th Tour

5 by Hsiuwen 2018-10-16
Simon, our tour guide, was awesome. Simon is knowledgeable, polite and very patient taking pictures for us one by one. We saw the northern lights pretty soon after leaving the city, which was great. On top of that, right before midnight, a huge scale of northern lights appeared! I am so happy and grateful! Thank you for a wonderful viewing of the wonderful northern lights!

Northern lights tour with Extreme Iceland

5 by Chris 2018-10-17
Loved this tour. We were lucky enough to see the lights and would recommend to anyone. The bus collected us on time at our hotel and dropped us back again afterwards. The driver didn't really say much on the way to the location and we stopped off for half an hour at a service station for no apparent reason. That said... I didn't book the tour for a chat on the bus so I knock no points off for that. I didn't even mind the delay at the service station because I think it was the case we were just waiting for optimum conditions. Either way the tour took us to see the northern lights we wouldn't have otherwise seen so absolutely no complaints whatsoever.

Great guide!

5 by Katy 2018-12-18
We had the same tour guide Nick (Scottish, wasn’t told his surname!) for the northern lights tour and also golden circle tour 2 days later. Nick was very knowledgable, we learned so much, and he was also very laid back and we felt very comfortable on our tours. Nothing was ever too much and we all had such a laugh! Would highly recommend! Thanks again Nick!

They won't give up!

5 by Hadi 2018-11-04
"Short and to the point: - Knowledgable guide - Experienced ppl, really do know how the chase the lights - Wont give up! Will go to 2-3 locations if they have to to find them - Gets boring while you're waiting for the light to appear, nothing anyone can do about that - Take with you some snacks, packed soup maybe and good music. Can be a while till you see anything - Check for best updates on Aurora activity - BOOK FOR EVERY DAY YOURE THERE FOR! Tours get cancelled (and refunded) if its raining or very cloudy (which it often is)"


5 by Martin & Sue 2018-11-06
We had an amazing experience with Extreme Iceland! We were unable to get on our first choice Northern Light tour but booked Extreme and was so glad that we went with them instead. Picked up as told and then very well looked after by Nick who took us out to try and see the lights! He took us to different sights in an effort to try to get the best visibility and we were rewarded by midnight with a fabulous display of the lights captured by Nick on his camera but also visible with the naked eye! Nick stood out in the cold and made sure everyone got a good photo! We would highly recommend Extreme and the work Nick put in to making our evening so special! Many thanks we are still talking about it now!

Absolutely Incredible

5 by Richard 2018-11-09
Had an absolutely fantastic time. We were lucky enough to see the Northern lights and they were incredible. The tour was amazing and Arnar was brilliant!

November 11th Tour

4 by Jessica 2018-11-18
The tour was good. The tour guide did a very good job of explaining the chances of seeing or not seeing the Aurora. We didn’t see much, but did a little. Supposedly he took photos of us, but I have not yet seen the photos on the website. Not sure what happened there?

Northern lights

5 by Helen 2018-11-19
Bit of a mishap with the traffic not being very good, but not the driver's fault. Our tour guide explained the chances of us not seeing anything and what we could expect to see (no green in the sky) so we were already prepared. We were very lucky, we caught them straight away and they gave us plenty of time to watch them. A real bonus was the picture they took of everyone and put on a googledocs so you can download your picture the next day and have a lifetime momentum.

Nice tour, but missed the lights!

4 by Linda 2018-11-29
Terrific guide (Clemmy), very entertaining and knowledgeable. Went out to try to see the lights the first day of our trip, but they were a no-show. It was very easy to rebook for another try 2 days later, got the same great guide, but unfortunately nature did not put on much of a show. Clemmy has his camera set up, and we could see the lights in the camera screen just above the horizon with his aperture settings picking up the faint green color. Unfortunately it wasn’t much to see with the naked eye - just a faint light color in some areas. We probably could have pushed to rebook for a third try, but decide 2 attempts were enough for us. Minibus was a tight fit but otherwise comfortable. Tour length (about 4 hours) was long enough to get a good try at seeing the lights, but not too long to get boring or frustrated. Would recommend this tour despite our disappointment with nature!

Great Company

4 by Emily 2018-11-29
I booked three tours with Extreme Iceland (Arctic Adventures) and had a great time on all three! The staff is absolutely fantastic! I would definitely book through this operator again.

Last Night of 3 week holiday in search of Northern lights

5 by Judi 2018-12-02
We had done a northern lights cruise up the coast of Norway without seeing the lights, we then flew to Iceland for a week and had two outings to see the Northern lights while on a tour with no luck. Our flights were changed which meant we had one more night in Iceland so I booked with Extreme Iceland to go out for the last time to hunt the Northetn lights. Our driver and guide was Gumi and he was wonderful . Lots of great information . We drove out to the National park but there was too much cloud cover so he moved on . Through the camera we could see a small arc of green so he quickly got everyone to have a photo with this green behind them . It wasn’t much but if nothing dlse came at least it was something . It was getting late but he was happy to stay out the suddenly the sky lit up , the Northern lights were dancing all over the sky, it was magical .

Highly recommended

5 by Ycka 2018-12-03
Clemmy was our tour guide. He explained very well how the northern lights was formed. He was not just a great tour guide, but a very good photographer as well. He taught us the right setting for our cameras so we could get a good photo of the northern lights. I just want to suggest that he should turn off his cellphone or put it away from his mic while talking on the tour so it would not make static noise.

Northern Lights

5 by Pravir 2018-12-10
Very satisfied. Cannot complain too much once you have seen the lights! Tour guide was very helpful in helping other set up their cameras to get the most optimal picture. The only complaint is that the tour guide should have been taken photographs of the customers given. Nevertheless he was friendly and informative. It would also be great to have a link to all the photos that he took with his camera on the night.

Fantastic Northern Lights Tour

5 by Marlen 2018-12-15
I greatly enjoyed this tour . Nick, our guide , was most informative about the northern lights. I especially appreciated the camera utilized to capture NL images . I highly recommend this tour - a must do.

Amazing Experience

5 by Daniel 2018-12-17
I had some tours with Extreme Iceland, and all of them were excellent. I don't have a single bad thing to say about the guys. Had a great time!!
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