5 Day Iceland Short Break Package - AA-WIE

Horseback Riding, Snorkeling, Golden Circle, Caving, Glacier and Blue Lagoon

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This incredible package tour is ideal for anyone who wants to experience the many natural wonders that Iceland hosts directly from Reykjavik. Filled with Iceland's "must-do" activities and "must-see" natural attractions, this package has it all! It includes snorkeling in the sapphire blue waters of the Silfra Fissure; scaling sheer icy walls, hiking across vast glacial wonderlands, riding Viking horses and much, much more. It is the perfect way to explore the land of ice and fire, discovering the many magnificent experiences it has to offer.

Duration: 5 days

Available: All year

Age limit: 14 years

Difficulty: Easy

Tour Highlights:
  • Discounted Package
  • Horseback Riding
  • Snorkeling in Silfra Fissure
  • The Golden Circle
  • Lava Caving
  • Glacier Hiking
  • Ice Climbing
  • The Blue Lagoon
  • The Famous Icelandic Pony
  • Gullfoss Waterfall
  • Geysir Hot Springs
  • Thingvellir National Park

Please note:

Below you can find a rough itinerary, however, the order of the tours can vary. We always send the final confirmation of the tour itinerary by email shortly after you book the tour and all the activities detailed below will be included in the final itinerary.

You will be picked up and returned to Reykjavik each day, where you can enjoy your evening in the capital city. Please keep in mind that accommodation is not included in the package so you will need to arrange this yourself. 

It is possible to upgrade to a solo ATV bike for the ATV & Horse Riding tour. The price of the ATV part of the tour is for two persons sharing an ATV. Please note that when booking in odd numbers an extra fee will have to be paid on location 6.000 ISK extra per person).

95 824 per adult

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Tour Description

The Icelandic horse

Icelandic horses are totally unique, thanks to the isolation of the species, meaning that you will be riding the same horse as the Vikings did. They are famous for their unique gait, known as the tolt, which means that they always have one hoof on the ground. Icelandic horses are the ideal way to explore the rugged Icelandic wilderness, experiencing incredible natural scenery, in a fun and enjoyable way: riding in Iceland is an experience that you won’t want to miss!

Snorkeling in Silfra

A sapphire colored jewel, situated under Thingvellir National Park, the Silfra Fissure is famed for being one of the finest diving sights in the entire world. It is actually a shallow ravine, between the North American and Eurasian tectonic plates, meaning that you will literally be swimming in the no man’s land between two continents! This combined with the stunning underwater visibility, offered by the glacial waters, makes it an experience that will remain with you for the rest of your life!

snorkeling in silfra package tour

Snorkel between the two tectonic plates...

Golden Circle

The Golden Circle tour encompasses some of Iceland’s most iconic sights, including Geysir, where seething hot springs, throw boiling jets of water up to 25 meters into the air! The magnificent UNESCO World Heritage Site, Thingvellir National Park, which combines stunning natural beauty and geological and historical significance. Thingvellir has the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, running through its center, meaning it literally straddles the continents of Europe and North America, also home to Althingi, the original site of the world’s oldest Parliament! Finally, there is the majestic Gullfoss (Golden Waterfall), whose majestic scenery and golden waters have enchanted people for centuries.  

Lava Caving

Lava tube caves are ancient volcanic conduits that would have once carried vast rivers of molten rock. As the area becomes less volcanically active, these tubes cool down, forming magnificent lava tube caves, which have gorgeous rock formations, vivid colors and much, much more. Exploring them is a magical experience, which will give you a new perspective on the land of fire and ice.

gullfoss golden circle package

Gullfoss waterfall.... one of the main attractions on the Golden Circle....

Glacier Hike and Ice Climbing

Hiking and ice climbing on the mighty Sólheimajökull Glacier is an experience that combines stunning natural scenery, with adrenaline-pumping fun. There are a host of incredible sights on show in this crevice-dotted wilderness, which your friendly guide will tell you all about. Then, around halfway through the tour, we will pause and try out the pulsating sport of ice-climbing (we provide all the necessary equipment), before we explore the ever-evolving glacier some more. It is ideal for anyone who wants a unique experience in a frozen wonderland.

Blue Lagoon

The world-famous Blue Lagoon is one of the finest naturally occurring spas in the entire world. It is nestled in the heart of a lava field close to Reykjavik and combines stunning natural scenery, with volcanically heated waters, to create a luxurious, rejuvenating spa experience. The Blue Lagoons nutrient-rich waters are famed for their healing properties, with Icelandic doctors, known to write prescriptions for a visit. Rest and relax to a stunning backdrop, this is a must-do when visiting the land of Fire and Ice!

blue lagoon package tour in iceland

The Blue Lagoon... a relaxation paradise!


Day 1 - ATV/Quad Tour & Horseback Riding

Day one begins bright and early with pick up, at 9:00 am, from your Reykjavik accommodation. (please note that this process can last up to thirty minutes depending on where you are located). From there we will make the scenic journey to the nearby city of Íshestar, a horse farm set in breath-taking natural surroundings close to the Bláfjöll Mountains.

There one of our friendly horse-guides will provide you with all the safety equipment you need, along with some safety tips, before we go on an Icelandic horseback riding adventure, which will take us through some spectacular natural scenery. The first part of the journey will take us to the lava fields, near to Helgafell, a stunning mountain volcano, which has dramatically affected the surrounding area. The lunar-like-landscape of this incredible lava field is a profound demonstration of how volcanic activity has crafted the incredible topography of the land of fire and ice.

From there we will traverse picturesque hillsides as we make our way to Hvaleyrarvatn, an idyllic lake located south of Hafnarfjörður. Popular with tourists and locals alike, due to its stunning backdrop, framed by the mighty Bláfjöll Mountains (the Blue Mountains). You will also get to experience the unique gait of the Icelandic horse, known as, tölt, which means that the horse always has at least one hoof on the ground. Then once the morning is over and the horse-riding adventure has finished, we will head back to Reykjavik, ahead of an adrenaline pumping ATV experience, ideal for anyone who loves a thrill.

We will head for the ATV base close to Mossfellsbær, where after a few safety instructions from our friendly experts, you will be given the powerful 650 cc CanAm Outlander Max Quad Bike, your stead for the upcoming adventure. The ATVs will take you to the idyllic lake known as Hafravatn, which is nestled beneath mighty mountains and surrounded by forest before the main event begins and we start to climb Mount Hafrafell.

Once we reach the summit of Mount Hafrafell, we will be rewarded by spectacular views across the entire of Iceland. On a clear day, you get panoramic views of the imposing Mount Úlfarsfell, the idyllic Hafravatn lake, in the valley behind Mosfellsbær, Mount Esja and the whole of Reykjavík. This means that it is the perfect blend of adrenaline pumping excitement and gorgeous natural scenery: an exceptional start to your time in the land of fire and ice.

Day 2 - Snorkeling in Silfra Fissure

The Silfra Fissure is one of Iceland’s glittering jewels and one of the most desirable snorkeling locations in the world. From the surface, this narrow channel of blue water meanders through a chasm in the lava field very close to the site of the oldest still existing parliament in the world, Iceland´s Alþingi. Silfra actually sits within the rift valley between the North American and Eurasian tectonic plates at Þingvellir where the plates have been slowly edging apart. Exploring the fissure from beneath the surface, a magical world, with amazing scene after amazing scene opening out before your eyes will unfold.

You will be stunned by supernaturally brilliant shades of blue, as the exceptional visibility reveals incredible rock formations within this amazing sub-aquatic chasm. Silfra offers up to 100 meters of underwater visibility, which is simply unrivaled. Comfortably warm in an insulated drysuit you will be free to enjoy feelings of weightlessness and supreme serenity as you drift along with the lazy current, simply awe-stricken at the spectacular sights in the depths beneath you!  There are four sections, each with a different character: the deep Silfra Crack, the majestic Silfra Hall, the expansive and rich blue world of Silfra Cathedral and Silfra Lagoon which has the most incredible visibility. Silfra has frequently been rated as one of the world’s top ten dives. There is nowhere else in the world where you can dive in a fissure between two tectonic plates! Are you up for a really special and totally unique experience?

Please note: You will not be able to wear glasses whilst snorkeling, so unless you bring prescription goggles you will need to wear contact lenses. It is also important that you are able to clearly understand instructions given in English. There are some health and fitness requirements for snorkeling, together with size restrictions (drysuit sizes available), please ask about these when you book your tour.

Pick up at 9:00 from your accommodation or a nearby pickup location in Reykjavík. Please note: the pickup process can take up to 30 minutes but you do need to be ready and waiting at 09:00.

Day 3 - Golden Circle & Lava Caving

Day three begins bright and early, at 9:00, with collection from your Reykjavik accommodation. (please note that this process can last up to thirty minutes depending on where you are located). From there we will travel to the foot of Bláfjöll (the Blue Mountains), to go on a lava tube caving adventure, which everyone is sure to enjoy.

Once we reach our base, your professional guide will get you kitted out with all the equipment you need, before we journey into the dark, subterranean world of the lava tube cave. Lava tube caves are an incredible natural phenomenon, wrought into the underbelly of the Earth by volcanic activity that occurred many thousands of years ago. They were once molten canals, which carried molten rock beneath the world’s surface, gradually turning to stone as the areas become less volcanically active, to form rounded tubes that are steeped in geological significance. This means that each and every lava tube cave is totally unique, offering stunning rock formations, a multitude of colors and much, much more. Your expert guide will take you through this alien landscape, providing fascinating information on how these incredible things came about.

Once we return to the surface, we will take the picturesque drive to the Gullfoss waterfall (golden falls), one of the most wonderful places in Iceland. When we arrive, we will be greeted, by a cascading powerful waterfall, crashing across three lava steps and set to a luscious green background. It is called the golden falls, because of the golden hue that its water takes on a summer’s day, with rainbows also common: it is an awe-inspiring sight that will send shivers down your spine.

After Gullfoss, we will travel to the Geysir geothermal area & hot springs, home to a large number of bubbling geysers. Foremost of these is Strokkur a bubbling, seething hot spring, which violently throws torrents of boiling water into the air every 5 to 10 minutes. You will also see the larger Geysir, which gives all geysers their English name.

Then we will travel to Thingvellir National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, steeped in both historical and geological significance, it is home to Althingi, where a group of nobles met in 930 AD, making it the oldest continuously running parliament that is still in operation in the world. It is also crammed with geological wonders, including the gap between the European and North American tectonic plates, which runs right through its heart, and means that visitors can gaze across the gap between two continents.

Day 4 - Glacier Hiking and Ice Climbing

Day four begins bright and early, at 8:00, with collection from your Reykjavik accommodation. (please note that this process can last up to thirty minutes depending on where you are located). From there we will travel to the mighty Sólheimajökull glacier, an ever-evolving frozen wonderland, a glacier tongue which expands out of the Myrdalsjokull ice cap in the south of Iceland. This is where our glacier hiking and ice climbing adventure will take place, one of our best seller tours and a long time favorite among participants.

The Solheimajokull glacier, has an otherworldly quality: a crevice-ridden wilderness, replete with craggy rock formations, stunning ice sculptures, and lunar-like ice craters. It is a truly unique place, perfect for adventurous people who love to explore the natural world. As soon as we arrive, our friendly guide will provide us with all the equipment that we need for this magnificent adventure. Whereupon we will journey out into this ancient frozen land and explore the magic it has to offer. The professional guide will be on hand to explain the history of glaciers in general and provide fascinating details about Solheimajokull itself. Adventurous people amongst the group can try out ice-climbing, using ice axes, crampons and safety lines. It truly is an awe-inspiring experience and one that will remain with you for the rest of your life.

Then as we return to Reykjavik we will make a quick stop at the magnificent Skogafoss & Seljalandsfoss waterfalls. Seljalandsfoss is known as the waterfall you can walk behind, a delightful and refreshing experience, as you will get a bit splashed from the falling water. The Skógafoss is where a torrent of powerful water, crashes down 60 meters into an icy blue pool beneath it. Following that, we will return to the capital, where the action-packed day ends.

Day 5 - Reykjavik & the Blue Lagoon

Day 5 has a more relaxed and less intense schedule, allowing you to sleep in or explore the wonderful city of Reykjavik by yourself. The time of your Blue Lagoon experience will depend on availability, however, we will try to book the one that best suits your needs.

The Blue Lagoon is one of nature’s finest, chosen one of the 25 wonders of the world and a must-do when visiting Iceland. It's a naturally occurring spa combining milky turquoise, nutrient-rich waters with black-moss covered rocks, to create a visual feast. Bathe in geothermal water, which is naturally heated, making it the ideal place for some rest and relaxation, set to a stunning natural backdrop, which will send shivers down your spine. It is the ideal way to end your magical Icelandic adventure and is a spa experience that cannot be beaten.

geysir geothermal area

Geysir hot springs...

horseback riding in iceland

Horseback riding in amazing landscapes...