4-Day Sightseeing Tour Package in Iceland - AA-STP

Golden Circle, the South Coast, Snaefellsnes & Reykjanes from Reykjavik

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Explore Iceland on four different excursions from Reykjavik. Travel on a minibus to see the best of the Golden Circle, the South Coast, and two peninsulas — Reykjanes and Snaefellsnes. This four day travel package combines both popular sites and hidden gems: everything from Thingvellir and Reynisfjara Black Sand Beach to Kerið Volcanic Crater and the Blue Lagoon!

Small Group

Minibus Tour

Duration: 4 days

Available: All Year

Age limit: 6 years

Difficulty: Easy

Tour Highlights:
  • The South Coast
  • The Golden Circle
  • Snaefellsnes Peninsula
  • Reykjanes Peninsula
  • Blue Lagoon (optional)

Not Included:

  • Accommodation
  • Meals

Pick-up and Drop off:

We’ll pick you up in the morning from your pre-selected location from your hotel or a nearby meeting point in Reykjavik. The pick-up might take up to 30 minutes. 

We’ll drop you off at your selected location after the excursions. Return times vary each day from 3:30 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Please note:

Our itinerary for this tour is not fixed and is not listed in chronological order. This means that you may visit the Reykjanes Peninsula on the first day of your tour and the South Coast on any other of the four days, or vice versa.

44 973 per adult

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This four-day sightseeing tour package combines four excursions from Reykjavik. On each day, you’ll explore different parts of Iceland. Our experienced guides will take you to the South Coast, introduce you to the best of Snaefellsnes Peninsula, show you the Golden Circle, and tell you all about the geological paradise of Reykjanes Peninsula. 

Guests will also go off-the-beaten track and get introduced to the local life. You’ll meet Icelandic horses, taste local tomatoes, and try the best hot dogs in the country!

On this tour, you’ll travel in a comfortable minibus with free WiFi onboard. We’ll pick you up in the morning from your pre-selected location in Reykjavik and drop you off at the same location at the end of the day. On the last day, you have a few different options for your drop off location.

South Coast

The day begins as soon as we pick you up at your pre-selected location in Reykjavik at 8 a.m. or 9 a.m., depending on the season. We then make our way towards the South Coast. We drive past Sólheimajökull, an outlet glacier of the fourth-largest glacier in Iceland, Mýrdalsjökull. Our first stop is Reynisfjara, Iceland’s famous black sand beach. Look around to see the Reynisdrangar Basalt Stacks rise from the sea. Next, we visit the charming village of Vik. Here we’ll visit a local church and explore the town. On our way back to Reykjavik, we’ll stop at Skógafoss and Seljalandsfoss waterfalls. We’ll drop you off in Reykjavik at the same location we picked you up at around 6 p.m.

Day Highlights

  • Skógafoss Waterfall
  • Seljalandsfoss Waterfall
  • Vík in Mýrdalur
  • Sólheimajökull Glacier
  • Reynisfjara Black Sand Beach
  • Reynisdrangar Basalt Sea Stacks


  • Pick-up & drop off from Reykjavík
  • Guided Visit to South Shore Highlights
  • English Speaking Tour Guide
  • Free WiFi on Board Your Bus
Things to Do and See

Reynisfjara Black Sand Beach is a dramatic beach covered in eroded volcanic rocks. It’s been a set for many films and TV series, including HBO’s Game of Thrones. Reynisfjara has been rated one of the top ten most beautiful non-tropical beaches in the world!

Vík in Mýrdalur is Iceland’s southernmost village, located at the foot of the active Katla Volcano. One of the best-known landmarks in the hamlet is Víkurkirkja, a charming white church with a red roof.

Skógafoss Waterfall is one of the largest and most elegant waterfalls in the country. The water plunges down 60 meters (197 ft). On sunny days, watch out for single or even double rainbows near the powerful cascade.

Seljalandsfoss Waterfall offers a rare opportunity to see the falls from a different angle. Find the hidden path that leads behind the cascades!

Skogafoss Waterfall In Winter

Skogafoss waterfall in winter

Snaefellsnes Peninsula

We’ll pick you up from Reykjavik and make our way along the West Coast. We’ll drive through Berserkjahraun, a dramatic lava field, all the way to Kirkjufell, the most photographed mountain in the country. Our next stop is Djúpalónssandur, a black pebble beach covered in shipwrecks. Take a walk along the coastline in Arnarstapi, a cozy fishing village. Don’t miss your chance to cross Miðgjá Stone Bridge, a rock that naturally arches like a bridge. We’ll reach the capital at around 8 p.m.

Day Highlights

  • Snaefellsnes Peninsula
  • Village of Arnarstapi
  • View of Snæfellsjökull Glacier
  • Mt. Kirkjufell
  • Borgarnes
  • Gerðuberg Basalt Columns
  • Djúpalónssandur Black Sand Beach
  • Ólafsvík
  • Saxhóll Crater
  • Búðakirkja Church
  • Miðgjá Stone Bridge


  • Pick-up & Drop Off from Reykjavík
  • Guided Tour in Mini Bus
  • Guided Caving Tour (Optional)
  • English Speaking Tour Guide
  • Free WiFi on Board Your Bus
Things to Do and See

Mt. Kirkjufell — take a picture of the most photographed mountain in Iceland! The mountain rises high above the village of Grundarfjörður. Kirkjufell is rated one of the top 10 most beautiful mountains in the world. 

Djúpalónssandur is an arch-shaped bay with dark cliffs and a beach covered in black pebbles. Remains of an iron vessel lie on the beach as a tribute to the tragic shipwreck of an English trawler.

Arnarstapi Mountain House On Hill Snafellsnes

Arnarstapi Mountain

The Golden Circle

Today we’ll visit the three main highlights on Iceland’s iconic Golden Circle and add extra stops for an unforgettable day. Thingvellir National Park is a historically important location and UNESCO World Heritage Site. Iceland’s first parliament, Althing, was founded here in 930 CE. A popular diving and snorkeling site, Silfra Fissure is also located in the park. Geysir Geothermal Area in Haukadalur Valley puts on a show like no other. The most active geyser in the area is Strokkur, which goes off every 5-10 minutes. Gullfoss Waterfall is one of the most powerful waterfalls in the country. Falling in two drops, it’s just over 30 meters (100 ft) high. Apart from visiting the Golden Circle, we’ll also step off the touristy track to visit Kerið. This volcanic crater lake formed when a cone volcano emptied its magma reserve 3,000 years ago. The cone collapsed into the magma chamber and created the crater. To get a closer look at local life, we’ll visit Friðheimar Greenhouse Farm. Here you’ll have a chance to taste locally-grown tomatoes as one of the farmers talks you through the growing process. On our way back to Reykjavik, we’ll stop to pet cute Icelandic horses. We’ll drop you off in Reykjavik at around 5 p.m.

Day Highlights

  • The Golden Circle Sightseeing
  • Þingvellir National Park (Thingvellir)
  • Friðheimar Tomato Greenhouse
  • Geysir Hot Spring Area
  • Gullfoss Waterfall
  • Kerið Volcanic Crater
  • Icelandic Horses


  • Pick-up & Drop Off from Reykjavík
  • A Guided Tour of the Golden Circle
  • English Speaking Tour Guide
  • Entrance Fee to Kerið Crater
  • Free WiFi on the Bus
  • Friðheimar Exhibition
  • Taste Local Tomatoes
  • Icelandic Horse Petting
Things to Do and See

Þingvellir National Park (Thingvellir) is the important historical site where Iceland’s first parliament, Althing, was founded. It’s also the meeting point of the North American and Eurasian tectonic plates and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Geysir Geothermal Area is famous for its boiling mud pools and exploding geysers. It’s home to Strokkur, the most active geyser in the area. Strokkur spouts water high up into the air every few minutes. 

Gullfoss Waterfall is an impressive sight on the white water Hvita River. The water cascades down in two stages from a height of around 30 meters (100 feet). 

Kerið Volcanic Crater Lake stands out from the surrounding landscape in red volcanic rock slopes. The crater lake is around 3,000 years old. The mesmerizing water is aquamarine blue.

Waterfall Gullfoss Golden Circle Touristic Travel Path

Gullfoss waterfall Golden Circle

Reykjanes Peninsula

Today we’ll visit Reykjanes Peninsula, a UNESCO Geopark located along the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. Once everyone’s aboard our minibus, we’ll make our way towards Kleifarvatn Geothermal Lake. We’ll ride across large lava fields that resemble a lunar landscape. Our next stop is Krýsuvík Geothermal Area with its multicolored hills and bubbling mud pools. Stroll on the boardwalk to explore the area to see all the major sights. We’ll meet the large colony of sea birds that live on the Valahnúkur Cliffs. The cliffs themselves are just as impressive as the birds. Right by the cliffs, we’ll see the oldest lighthouse in Iceland, Reykjanesviti, originally built in 1878. Walk from one continent to another in a few seconds! A bridge between Europe and North America stands in Sandvík. The bridge between the continental plates stretches around 15 meters (50 feet) and symbolizes the connection between the old and new worlds. After visiting Reykjanes, you can choose to go back to Reykjavik, or we can drop you off at the Blue Lagoon or Keflavik International Airport. If you would like to go to the Lagoon, you need to book your tickets in advance (we recommend booking for 3 p.m.). You’ll also need to organize your own transport for the trip back to Reykjavik or to the airport after the Lagoon. If you carry on traveling with us to Reykjavik, we’ll reach the city at around 3:30 p.m.

Day Highlights

  • Reykjanes Peninsula
  • Kleifarvatn Geothermal Lake
  • Krýsuvík Geothermal Area
  • Gunnuhver Steaming Mud Pools / Hot Springs
  • Reykjanesviti Lighthouse & Bird Cliffs
  • The Bridge Between the Continents


  • Guided Minibus Tour
  • Pick-up & Drop Off from Reykjavík
  • English Speaking Tour Guide
  • All Entrance Fees (except the Blue Lagoon)
  • Free WiFi on the Bus
Things to Do and See

Kleifarvatn Geothermal Lake is the largest lake on the Reykjanes Peninsula and one of the deepest lakes in the country. At some points, it reaches a depth of nearly 100 meters (330 ft). Nestled between lava rocks, the lake is rich in aquatic life and attracts many anglers. 

Krýsuvík Geothermal Area is rich in mud pools, sulfur deposits, and colorful crater lakes. Feel the power of geothermal activity up close. Stroll on the boardwalk to see steaming volcanic vents and hot springs, all framed by colorful hills.

Gunnuhver encompasses Iceland’s largest mud pool, multiple hot springs, and steam vents. The groundwater in the area is all seawater that’s rich in colorful minerals. The underground temperatures reach 300°C (570°F), so staying on the trails is essential.

Kirkjufell Snafellsnes Waterfall Sunset

Kirkjufell Snafellsnes waterfall