5 Day Lake Mývatn, South Coast & Jökulsárlón Tour - AA-5NI

Beaches, Waterfalls, Whale watching, Beer tasting and an Ice cave!

Explore both the North and South of beautiful Iceland! From dormant, volcanic landscapes, glittering glaciers, steaming springs, and enchanting ice caves, on this 5 day, guided minibus tour you will get to see it all.

This is a combination tour which links together two hugely popular tours, the 3 Day North Iceland & 2 Day South Coast.

Duration: 5 Days

Pick-up: 9:00AM

Available: Feb - Dec

Age limit: 8 Years

Difficulty: Easy

Tour Highlights:
  • Small Group Experience
  • Ice Cave
  • Brewery Tour
  • Whale Watching
  • Lake Mývatn
  • Vatnajökull National Park
  • Reynisfjara Beach
  • Diamond Beach
  • Skógafoss Waterfall
  • Seljalandsfoss Waterfall
  • Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon

Transport: This tour is operated in a minibus, small groups for a better experience.


  • Accommodation
  • Breakfast Each Morning at Your Hotel
  • Pick-up & drop off from Reykjavík
  • Guided Tour in Minibus
  • Beer Tasting Tour
  • Whale Watching Tour
  • Ice Cave Tour
  • English Speaking Licensed Adventure Guide
  • Free WiFi on Board Your Bus

Bring with You: Warm outdoor clothing, a waterproof jacket and pants, headwear and gloves. Spikes which fit onto your shoes are very useful in icy conditions (ice grips or traction cleats). Good hiking boots are essential, ice crampons are provided for the glacier hike, it is not possible to fit them to any other kind of footwear. If you don´t have good hiking boots you can rent them from us when you book the tour online.

Drop-off information: We drop you off at your hotel or a nearby authorized meeting point estimated for 19:00, depending on weather and road conditions.

123 242 per adult

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Note: Due to weather conditions and limited daylight during winter time the itinerary can vary between departure dates. Our guides evaluate the circumstances and weather forecasts and make the best possible decision

Tour Description

Day 1: Grábrók Crater, Hvítserkur, Akureyri, Dalvík, and Beer Tasting

We will pick you up from Reykjavik in our minibus for 09:00 am and head to the Ring Road, where the first stop will be an easy, short hike around Grábrók volcanic crater, formed in a volcanic eruption almost three and a half thousand years ago. The hike will not take long and is not difficult, but the view is incredible!

From there, we will take our next break at the ‘Troll of Northwest Iceland’ Hvítserkur, a basalt rock stack measuring 50 feet high, shaped naturally by the elements to resemble a Rhino standing in the sea!

Now you can relax after your first day on the tour with a trip to a local Microbrewery. Icelanders love beer and this hour-long tasting class involves a guided tour through the distillery, where the owners will introduce some of Iceland’s best craft brews and explain the process of how it is made.

To end the day, we will drive a short distance further, to Dalvík, a charming community fishing village, where we will spend the night in a comfortable hotel, hopefully searching for the Northern Lights, should conditions allow.

Grábrók volcano


Hvítserkur Rhino


Day 2: Godafoss Waterfall, Lake Myvatn, Skutustadagigar, Víti Crater, Myvatn Nature Baths

The second day will start with a morning drive to the amazing ‘waterfall of the Gods’, Goðafoss. Measuring 12 meters tall (40 feet) over a width of 100 feet. The waterfall is so named, because, after Iceland’s conversion to Christianity in 1000 AD, Þorgeir threw his Norse god statues into the waterfall.


After a quick stop at the falls, we will take a short drive to Lake Mývatn, one of the largest lakes in Iceland at 36.5 km2, but deceivingly shallow! The volcanic landscape is incredibly diverse, with waterfalls, hot springs, caves, and craters, which all make this area one of Iceland’s most famous protected nature reserves. On our way around the lake, we will visit the Skútustaðagigar pseudo craters. Formed almost 2,500  years ago by natural gas explosions as boiling lava flowed over the wetlands, today the grass-covered craters are amidst a hiking trail.

Not far from the craters is Dimmuborgir, a 2,300-year-old vast area of interesting lava field, complete with caves and rock formations, compiled of lava deposit. This incredible site is loaded with massive lava rock sculptures, huge rock pillars, caverns, tunnels, and lava bridges, the homes of the nation’s brutal and vile trolls!

After taking in the lava park, we will keep driving to a beautiful volcanic crater - Víti Crater, meaning Hell. The crater measuring 300-meters-wide was formed when the Krafla Volcano suffered a huge eruption, lasting for five years in the early 1700s. Today the crater is filled with blue and green water and is perfectly safe.


From the crater, we won't have to travel too far before we reach one of Iceland’s geothermal areas, Námaskarð. The very active area is part of the Krafla volcano system where the landscape is made of poisoned earth, with minerals that paint the site in vivid patches of color. New lava doesn’t come up through the surface, but the land is still active with bubbling mud pots, gurgling hot springs, and screeching fumaroles shooting meters into the air.


If you like, on our way back to our hotel, we can make a stop at the wonderful Mývatn Nature Baths, or ‘the Blue Lagoon of the North’. The lagoon and the basin contain around 3.5 million liters of water, with an average temperature of 36 – 40°C. The bath is a lot cheaper than the Blue Lagoon - around half the price! But still has the same health benefits with the mineral-rich, alkaline waters, beneficial for skin problems and even respiratory illnesses like asthma!


Once you are finished with the baths, we will return to the same hotel in Dalvík village, for a second night.

Godafoss Waterfall


Myvatn Baths


Day 3: Whale Watching, the Glaumbær Turf Farm, and Reykjavík

Our last day in the North of Iceland will start with an exhilarating whale watching boat tour, where chances of meeting whales, dolphins, porpoises and more are very high! Success rates exceed 99% in summer! The most likely animals to see are humpback whales, as they rarely stray too far from the bay. White-beaked dolphins, harbor purposes, and minke whales are also frequent visitors.

Staying in Dalvik bay, you will have the chance to try out some sea angling, one of the more popular hobbies for locals. Depending on what we catch, we will barbecue it and share the fresh catch together!

After the lunch, we will be stopping off at Glaumbær turf farm,  before our return to Reykjavik for one night. The farm is composed of 13 recreated authentic turf houses, with walls built of earth, layered in a herringbone pattern. The original farm was built around 900AD, during the Age of the Settlements but the homes there today are a lot more recent, the oldest of the houses created during the 18th century.

Our final destination on day three will be Reykjavik, where we will stay for the night.

Whale Watch Boat tour


Day 4: The Grand South Coast

The South Coast is a firm favorite destination and a welcome break from the crowded streets of the city. Throughout the day, you can expect to witness magical landscapes of mountain ranges, spacious lava fields, waterfalls, black sands, and glacier tongues.  

The first stop on the second half of the tour is Seljalandsfoss waterfall, famous for being the fall you can walk all the way around!

Our next highlight is very close and you can’t see one without the other! Skogafoss waterfall is just around the corner, and a strong Hollywood favorite! Skógafoss is found at the base of the infamous volcano, Eyjafjallajökull, which spontaneously erupted in 2010.  

As we continue on this long journey, we come to Iceland’s best black sand beach; Reynisfjara, famed for picturesque basalt column formations, jet-black lava sand and the Reynisdrangar peaks. Within the mountain Reynisfjall you’ll find an amazing basalt columned wall and if you look closely, you will notice that there is a naturally formed cave within

Passing through the charming small village of Vík on our way to our accommodation, your hotel will be in the Vatnajökull area.

We will enjoy a relaxing evening, and if you want to stay up late, if the conditions are right it is the perfect place to hunt for the Northern Lights!



Day 5: Land of Ice

Spend your last full day in Iceland in the ice! This day is going to be chilly but absolutely worth it!

You will spend the morning around the astounding Jökulsárlón glacier lagoon, with huge icebergs jostling their way into the Atlantic Ocean. Getting up an up-close look at the glacial tongue of the great Vatnajökull glacier does not get any better than this!

The Ice Lagoon is a totally mind-blowing experience. Huge icebergs of wondrous shapes have detached off of Breiðamerkurjökull glacier and nudge one another along the huge lagoon.

Get an even closer look at the splintered icebergs, when they wash onto the black sand shores of Diamond Beach, sparkling like glittering diamonds, but even more priceless!

If you are fortunate to come in Northern Light season, or ‘winter’, with the help of a qualified guide, you will get a chance to explore a glacier, by venturing into the shimmering, blue world of a crystal ice cave! A once in a lifetime experience as ice caves change year on year and never look the same day by day! New caves are formed each winter by the melt and freeze cycle of the glacier. Their everchanging appearance only adds to the enchantment.

If you arrive in midnight sun season, or ‘Summer’ you won’t miss out as we will drive back to Vik, where you will be able to examine an Ice Cave located within Mýrdalsjökull glacier. Or alternatively, if there's no ice cave accessible at the time, a glacier hike will be arranged for you.

After visiting these excursions we head home, back to Reykjavík, where the tour will conclude at around 19:00, 7 pm.

Diamond Beach

Diamond Beach

Ice Cave

Ice Cave

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