3 Day South Coast, Landmannalaugar & Jökulsárlón - AA-3DSLJ

Explore the crown jewels of Icelandic nature as well as the isolated highlands

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A three-day adventure that has no equal, offering the opportunity to explore a multitude of spectacular landscapes that define the land of fire and ice. It will take you through Iceland’s magical South Coast and the geological paradise that is the Icelandic Highlands. It combines bubbling hot springs, mighty glaciers, stunning glacial lagoons and much, much more. So, if you want an experience that will remain with you forever, then this may just be the one for you.

Duration: 3 days

Pick-up: 08:00-08:30

Group maximum: 18

Available: Jun-Oct

Age limit: 8

Difficulty: Easy

Tour Highlights:
  • Small group experience
  • Seljalandsfoss waterfall
  • Skogafoss waterfall
  • Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon
  • Diamond Beach
  • Vik Coastal village
  • Guided Ice Cave Tour
  • Eyjafjallajokull volcano view
  • Þjórsárdalur
  • Hjálparfoss waterfall
  • Frostastadavatn Lake
  • Bathing in a natural Geothermal pool


  • Pick-up & drop off from Reykjavík
  • Guided Tour in a Minibus
  • All the Famous Attractions on the South Coast
  • Guided Ice Caving tour
  • English Speaking Tour Guide
  • Specialized Glacier Gear
  • All Necessary Safety Equipment
  • Accommodation for 2 nights
  • Breakfast
  • Expert Super Jeep Driver
  • Geothermal Bathing
  • Free WiFi on Bus

What to bring:

Warm outdoor clothing, a waterproof jacket and pants, headwear and gloves. Good hiking boots are required for the glacier hike. A bathing suit and a towel if you want to bath in a natural warm pool at Landmannalaugar.

You can also rent sturdy hiking boots, a waterproof jacket, and pants in the booking process. Please note, we do not rent gear from locations, this must be booked in advance.

About the Ice cave tour:

Our main ice cave to visit is the Crystal Ice Cave. At times it is inaccessible however and in that case, we will visit another ice cave. During the summer months (April-October), we will go to The Ice Cave Under the Volcano ice cave. If it is inaccessible, we will do a glacier hike instead.

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This 3-day tour is ideal for people who want to see Iceland’s iconic South Coast and the stunning landscapes contained within its remote Highland Wildernesses. It will take you out of the city to a series of incredible locations situated well off-the-beaten-track. If you want an experience like no other, then this may well be the one for you.

It will take you on an adventure through cascading waterfalls, rugged lava fields, and coal-black beaches before we arrive at the stunning Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon, where shimmering hunks of ice glide across the crystalline surface and come to rest on the mesmerizingly beautiful Diamond Beach. From there we will travel to Europe’s largest glacier for a hiking experience, unlike anything that you have ever done before we take in Iceland’s magnificent Highland wilderness on our last day. It is an experience like no other, which we guarantee will remain with you for the rest of your life.

The South Coast

The South Coast is Iceland’s second most popular sightseeing route, after the Golden Circle and contains a plethora of stunning sights. It encompasses the southern stretch of shore that is dyed black by the volcanic activity in the area and includes the picturesque village of Vik, along with the magical Jökulsárlón and Diamond Beach area.

It is situated on Iceland’s famous ring road, making it easily accessible throughout the summer months. It is also home to many incredible species, including sea-birds, seals, and adorable puffins, making it one of the most beautiful parts of Iceland and a must see during your time in the land of fire and ice.


Landmannalaugar is a legitimate natural wonder, replete with rainbow-colored rhyolite mountains that change color as the sun’s rays dance upon them. It is also renowned for the quality of its hiking, being dotted with relaxing hot springs, where visitors can take a bath to a stunning natural backdrop. Its name literally translates to the People’s Pool, because it was a safe haven for weary travelers as they traversed the unforgiving highland terrain. It is the starting point for the Laugavegur trek, rated as one of the best hikes in the world by National Geographic. We will explore this incredible, volcanically crafted landscape in the comfort of one of our specially designed Super Jeeps.

landmannalaugar iceland

Waterfall at Landmannalaugar

Day 1 - The South Coast

The first day of our adventure will take us to Iceland’s legendary South coast: a place of waterfalls, sublime beaches and much, much more. It begins when one of our friendly guides collects you from Reykjavik and we make the scenic journey through the rural countryside to the South Coast. Our first stop will be the majestic Seljalandsfoss Waterfall, whose gushing cascade crashes more than 60 meters down into a frothy white pool below. There is a hidden passage that offers access to a cave behind the curtain of water, allowing us to see this natural wonder from a completely different perspective. Be sure to bring waterproof clothing if you want to walk behind the waterfall because it is impossible to do so without getting a little bit wet!

Day Highlights

  • Seljalandsfoss Waterfall
  • Skógafoss Waterfall
  • Reynisfjara Black Sand Beach
  • Vík Village


  • Pick-up in Reykjavík
  • Guided Minibus Tour
  • Visit to all highlights of the day
  • Lunchbreak in Vík (food not included)
  • One Night Hotel Accommodation (Vík area)


Adventure Hotel Hof
Charming Country Hotel Near Skaftafell & Vatnajokull
Or similar
Free Parking
Free WiFi
Room Service
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From there we will head to the equally beautiful Skogafoss Waterfall, whose wider torrent, crashes over a sheer cliff face and tumbles around 60 meters into a calm valley below. It is a place of myth and legend, with locals believing that a settler by the name of Þrasi hid a treasure chest full of gold under its rushing cascade, but no-one has managed to find it to date. It is also known for the two strange rock sculptures that are situated on the path beside it, which legend claims are petrified trolls, who were so enamored by the beauty of the waterfall that they forgot about the dawn and were turned to stone. Your guide will take you up the meandering stairway that comprises of 527 steps and will reward us with stunning views over the surrounding area.

From there we will head towards the stunning jet-black Reynisfjara Beach, whose dark volcanic sands provide a stark contrast to the blue waves of the Atlantic Ocean that washes against it. This scene is framed by the dramatic Reynisdrangar rock formations: remarkable basalt sea stacks that rise like columns up the cliff and look a bit like Ireland’s Giant’s Causeway. Local legend believes that they are trolls that were turned to stone by the sun. It was given the honor of being named one of the most beautiful non-tropical beaches in the world, a title that it more than earns and a must-see for anyone visiting the land of fire and ice.

We will then pause for lunch at the picturesque village of Vik, whose famous hilltop church offers a glorious vista of the town and Reynisdrangar on a clear day. It is also renowned for its birdlife and has a large colony of Arctic terns that breed and nest on the nearby cliffs.

We will then journey further east, crossing through a plethora of stunning landscapes, including moss-carpeted lava fields, imperious volcanoes, and gigantic glaciers. Our accommodation for the evening will be nestled under the Vatnajökull Glacier, Europe’s largest ice-cap, which will give you a profound new sense of the power of nature. If you are visiting between the end of August and April then this is a great place to watch the flickering celestial light show, known as the Northern Lights, a sublime experience that you will never forget.

jokulsarlon glacier lagoon

Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon at Midnight

Day 2 - On the Glacier

The second day of our adventure will begin with the mesmerizing Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon, a majestic natural wonder that is created by a retreating glacier. As it retreats large icebergs break off from it and glide across the icy-blue waters, creating a glimmering symphony of lights that is quite unlike anywhere else in the world. If we visit in summer then it is possible to book a boat trip that weaves its way in and out of this awe-inspiring scene (extra charge and must be booked in advance), allowing us to see this natural wonder from a totally different angle. The glaciers eventually come to rest on the sublime Diamond Beach, where they glimmer on the dark volcanic sands like diamonds: a breathtaking sight that will remain with you for the rest of your life. The Diamond Beach is perhaps the most photographed beach in Iceland, if not the world, and you really won’t want to miss this profoundly beautiful natural wonder.

Day Highlights

  • Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon
  • Diamond Beach
  • Boat Ride Optional
  • Vatnajökull National Park
  • Natural Ice Cave


  • Hotel breakfast
  • Guided visit to natural ice cave
  • Certified Glacier Guide
  • All necessary glacier equipment
  • One Night Hotel Accommodation (Skaftafell area)


Reykjavík Lights Hotel
Inspired by Northern Lights in a modern building located in the capital of Iceland
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Free Parking
Free WiFi
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From there we will head to magnificent Vatnajökull Glacier, Europe’s largest Ice Cap, which covers almost 8% of the entire of Iceland, with a surface area of around 8,100 kilometers. There we will meet our friendly, certified guide who will give us all the equipment that we need and provide us with a quick safety briefing. Then we will travel to a glacial tongue that unfurls from the main body of Vatnajökull, for an exhilarating hiking experience in a vast icy wilderness. Our journey will take us across pristine white snow and past some stunning ice sculptures and craggy crevasses. This ever-changing landscape retreats and expands according to the season and is a popular filming location for Hollywood films such as Batman Begins, the Secret Life of Walter Mitty and HBO’s iconic Game of Thrones Series.

We will head to our countryside location in the small town of Hella, following our glacial adventure, to rest, relax and discuss all the amazing things that we have seen.

We will also explore an Ice Cave. Ice caves are temporary structures that are formed during the winter, meaning that it is impossible to visit the same ice cave twice: they normally have mesmerizing shapes and colors making for a truly profound experience.

jokulsarlon glacier lagoon seals

Seals at Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon

Day 3 - Landmannalaugar Safari

Our final day will take us on an odyssey through Iceland’s legendary highlands: a remote and isolated place that contains some of the most varied and spectacular landscapes that you will ever see. We will visit this incredible wilderness in a specially designed Super Jeep with one of our friendly guides who will tell us about all the myths, legends and natural wonders that we see. The trip will encompass some of the defining features of the land of fire and ice, including mighty glaciers and the capricious Hekla, Iceland’s most active volcano.

Day Highlights

  • Landmannalaugar
  • Hekla Volcano view
  • Þjórsárdalur
  • Hjálparfoss Waterfall
  • Frostastaðavatn Lake
  • Natural Geothermal Pool


  • Hotel breakfast
  • Certified Guide
  • Geothermal Bathing
  • Drop-off in Reykjavík
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The first stop on our journey will be weather dependent, if it is clear, then we will drive almost 900 meters above sea level, for a spectacular vista of the surrounding area. Before we begin our descent into a region populated by craggy lava fields, vast craters, and icy-blue glacial streams before we arrive in the stunning Landmannalaugar area.

Landmannalaugar is a truly magnificent place, famous for its hot springs and multi-colored rhyolite mountains that are dyed all manner of colors as the sun’s rays hit them. We will drive through this spectacular region to a serene hot spring valley, where wispy plumes of steam rise into the air. Here we will pause for a relaxing dip in a naturally heated river, surrounded by majestic countryside, an amazing experience that you won’t want to miss, so don’t forget to bring your bathing suit!

Our next stop will be the ironically named Ljótipollur Crater (Ugly puddle in Icelandic), a turquoise volcanic crater lake, whose blood-red sides provide a stark contrast to the clear blue waters. It was hewn into the earth by a massive volcanic eruption many millennia ago and is an absolute must see for anyone who visits Iceland.

We will then head to the Thjorsardalur Valley: an oasis of emerald formed by two huge volcanic eruptions. There are a pair of rivers that flow through it, known as the Sanda and the Fossa, along with slopes populated by birchwood trees and two majestic waterfalls, called the Hjálparfoss and Haifoss. The Haifoss is the highest in all of Iceland, whose towering cascade tumbles down a sheer luscious cliff face.

While the Hjálparfoss is also unique, being one of the most easily accessible waterfalls in all of Iceland. It is situated at the meeting point of the Thjorsa and Fossa rivers, where a wide torrent of water flows across two lava steps into the valley below. It is steeped in history and its name translates to the ‘Help Waterfall’ because it was the point where travelers would pause to graze their horses and relax during the harsh process of crossing the Icelandic Highlands.

Our final stop will be the gorgeous Lake Frostastadavatn a vast mountain lake, which is situated 570 meters above sea level and is surrounded by stunning rhyolite mountains. The lake has a large population of trout and is frequented by fisherman, we will stop here for a photograph before we head back to Reykjavik after a day of fun and adventure.

Once we return to Reykjavik our amazing tour will have finished and we will drop you close to your accommodation.

diamond beach iceland

Many say The Diamond Beach and others The Crystal Beach