Highland Exploration - Super Jeep Tour to the Heart of Iceland - EI104

The stunning highlands in winter and northern lights ~ 7 days / 6 nights

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Extreme Super Jeep round trip for 7 days which is available from October till April. Prepare yourself for a week away from civilization. Connect with Iceland‘s raw nature and enjoy the magnificent landscapes on this challenging Super Jeep adventure. This trip contains snowmobiling, hiking tours, mountain gliding, river crossing, hot tubs and pools, mountain huts, horseback riding, geysers, waterfalls, tectonic plates and more than likely the mesmerizing Northern Lights! We observe the Northern Lights whenever they show up!

Duration: 7 days

Available: Oct - Apr


Pick up and drop off at hotels in Reykjavik, super jeep tour, accommodation in mountain huts and a farm, in sleeping bags (sleeping bag included), meals from dinner on Day 1 to breakfast on Day 7.


Upgrade with snowmobiling for a 1 hour ride in Landmannalaugar or Hveravellir (see the booking system).

Bring with you:

Warm clothes, sturdy shoes.

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More pictures from Hveravellir

More pictures of the Northern Lights in Iceland

Hveravellir in Winter

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For groups only (not scheduled tour)

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Tour Description

Extreme Super Jeep Travel

This tour takes you to the vast Icelandic highlands. An adventurous tour which isolates you from civilization for a week and takes you to places where even few Icelanders go in winter time. It gives you the chance to see the northern lights in magical places where there's no such thing as light pollution.

Our first destination will be the Landmannalaugar Hut. A nice hut surrounded by mountains with a natural hot pool located just 100 metres away from the hut.

True wilderness lays ahead of us when we want to reach the Laugafell hut. We will drive straight through the middle of Iceland heading north. You will be rewarded with beautiful scenery on the way and a marvellous hot pool upon arrival.

We will spend the last nights in the highlands in Hveravellir. We pass Höfsjökull, Iceland's third largest ice cap, on the north side crossing several (frozen) rivers. Hveravellir is located in a peaceful place in one of the most beautiful hot spring areas in the world. You can expect powerful demonstrations of the elements and/or calm, quiet weather with glittering snow. Nightfall brings moonlight, stars shining brightly and hopefully the northern lights decorating the sky.

Hopefully the weather is varied and you get a little of everything. However, we can promise you heated houses, a natural hot pool, great guides, good food, coziness inside – outside you have the wonder of the glaciers, the unspoiled nature, hot springs and a lot of hiking possibilities in the unusual light during the day.

We leave the highlands going south. You will spend your last night in a beautiful guesthouse owned by horse farmers. This is a great opportunity to discover life on a farm in Iceland. But most of all you will meet the unique Icelandic horses and have the chance to ride them.

Icelandic super jeep

Drive towards the arctic midwinter sun

Mountain Huts and a Horse Farm

Landmannalaugar is a beautiful hut with a well equipped kitchen. A natural hot pool is located just 100m away from the hut.

Laugafell is very cozy and basic. There is a natural hot pool just next to the hut.

Hveravellir has 3 houses for accommodation. The main hut has a well equipped kitchen, toilets, a bar and 3 rooms. Another hut is ideally located right next to the hot tub.

Geysir Hestar Kjóastaðir is a charming guesthouse on a horse farm. Rooms have an amazing view on the Geysir area in the distance. With a little luck you can see the eruptions from out of your bed.

Hveravellir geothermal area

The scenery in Landmannalaugar is truly mesmerizing


The huts and guesthouse all have a well equipped kitchen. Our guides, who are as well excellent chefs, will introduce you to the traditional Icelandic kitchen.

You can expect delicious food such as Icelandic lamb, various kinds of fish and our special yogurt called Skyr.

hveravellir nature reserve

Natural bathing & The lodge at Landmannalaugar in winter light

Our Staff

Our guides have a lot of experience travelling in the Icelandic nature. In the highlands, the weather can change quickly and only trained and experienced drivers can drive there. The average temperature in December at Hveravellir has been around -3°C in the recent years, but the frost can take the thermometer down to -20°C. So be well prepared and bring extra warm clothes with you!

Hot spring Hveravellir

Walk just a few metres from the hut and stand among hot springs of various kinds!


This tour gives you the chance to work on your snowmobiling, horse riding and hiking skills. Always check with the guides if you would like to go for a hike. They are at all times well informed about weather conditions from one day or time to another. Weather can change in an instant in Iceland so always stay in touch with them.

northern lights in iceland

The amazing aurora borealis are just magnificent and you will never forget them!

Complete Daily Program ...




Reykjavik - Landmannalaugar

Pick up is at your hotel in Reykjavik. Your guide has taken care of everything you will need for the next seven days, and you have of course packed all you need for yourself. Before we enter these wonderful highlands, we will stop in the town Selfoss. You will have the possibility of buying drinks and food here if you wish. When everybody is ready, we get into our monster truck and head for the amazing volcanoes Eyjafjallajökull and Hekla. On our way we will see glaciers in the distance and the beautiful south coast with roaring waves.

We leave the highway to see the picturesque waterfall Hjálparfoss. Your guide will also tell you about Icelandic use of pure, green energy as the second largest power station in Iceland is close by.

Our last stop before heading to Landmannalaugar is the Highland Center Hrauneyjar. Your guide will need to stop here to deflate the tires, so the super jeep can float over the ground without problems. When we start up the engine again it is all off road from here. We will cross lava fields, rivers and drive over mountain passes before the enchanting mountain hut in Landmannalaugar shows in the horizon.


Landmannalaugar - Landmannalaugar

Hakuna matata! Everything is possible today. You will have to chance to go snowmobiling, to hike around the area and to glide down the mountains on plastic bags.

If you are longing for a more quiet time, then why not take a nap in the cozy hut, read a book, or relax in the natural hot pool? In the meantime your guide will be preparing a delicious Icelandic dinner with the finest of Icelandic groceries.

When darkness falls it is a perfect time dive into the natural hot pool to enjoy a starry night. If we are lucky the Northern Lights will show up and give us an unforgettable evening.


Landmannalaugar - Laugafell.

An astonishing day awaits us! After a good breakfast we will drive straight to the center of Iceland. The view on our way there consists of fantastic rhyolite mountains and raw nature. Only a few people travel here during the winter, so put on your exploration goggles and let’s see what the highlands have to offer!

Upon arrival you can jump straight into Laugafell´s hot pool and relax after an exciting drive. We will spend the night in a cozy mountain hut and hopefully enjoy the wonderful Northern Lights in the evening.


Laugafell - Hveravellir.

Today we are going from one hot spring area to another – if we are lucky! Today’s travel is a hard crossing of the unforgiving Icelandic nature. We will have to cross a dozen of rivers north of Hofsjökull glacier. The Super jeep might get stuck along the way, but with everybody’s help (and a couple of shovels) we will be on our way again in no time.

The landscape we drive through is close to unbelievable. Open plains that are too harsh for trees to grow, roaring mountains and wonderful stone formations. We will drive until we get to the mountain hut in Hveravellir.

We will spend the night here and your guide will tell you about the history of Iceland and tell you an excerpt from a saga or two. This is a beautiful place with a lovely hot tub – perfect after a long drive!


Hveravellir - Hveravellir

The mountain hut in Hveravellir is the equivalent of a five stars hotel. It has running water, comfortable toilets, an industrial kitchen and a geothermal Jacuzzi! In other words it has everything you need for a perfect day in the Icelandic highlands. Walk to the hot spring area around the huts and see how the earth is boiling under the surface.

Your guide will teach you how to build an igloo and if everybody helps out you will have the perfect place to cozy up when the evening comes. You can also go on a tour with the super jeep around this area and visit the oldest mountain hut in Iceland.

On the way back to the mountain hut you can get out of the car, get a compass and try to find your way back to the mountain hut yourself! If you dare to go on this exploration, a delicious dinner will be awaiting you upon arrival. (If you choose to drive back we promise that you will get dinner too!)


Hveravellir - Kjóastaðir

Unfortunately we have to leave this magical place today. After packing the super jeeps we will look for civilization again.

Once out of the highlands the amazing Waterfall Gulfoss will appear in front of us. On a beautiful day the water flowing down the river Hvitá and into Gullfoss appears as golden, hence the name “The Golden waterfall”. The Golden waterfall is fed by the Langjökull glacier which we have driven next to for almost a 100 km.

We will spend our last night in the charming guesthouse Geysir Hestar in Kjóastaðir. From here we will visit the Geysir area which is just another 5 min drive. The Geyser area is a special scene with tons of geothermic power under the ground. The original geyser which has given its name to all other geysers is not active anymore, but the little brother Strokkur erupts every 5-7 minutes and can release hot water up to 40 meters (130 feet)!

Back at the guesthouse you can meet the horses and take part in a brief ride.

A delicious dinner will be prepared afterwards. The perfect ending to the perfect day!


Kjóastaðir - Reykjavik.

After a delicious breakfast it is time to head back to Reykjavik. We will make a last stop in Thingvellir National Park where the world’s first parliament was founded in year 930. We will walk in this valley and see how the tectonic plates from America and Eurasia are slowly pulling apart. In the distance you will see the beautiful Waterfall Oxarárfoss. We will then drive you back to your hotel in Reykjavik and say good bye – for this time!

Map - (click to enlarge)

Map of Super Jeep Tour to the Heart of Iceland

Note: Please note that the schedule may change owing to weather conditions.