Vikings of Thule - Golden Circle & Hveravellir - Two Days - EI01

The Hveravellir geothermal area in the highlands

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On this two-day package tour we explore the must-see attractions of the Golden Circle (Thingvellir National Park, the geysers and Gullfoss Falls), and we also travel off the beaten path to the geothermal area of Hveravellir in the Kjolur highlands. There we'll have the chance to bathe in the geothermal pool, and hike in the colorful rhyolite mountains of Kerlingarfjoll.

Duration: 2 days

Pick-up: 09:00*

Available: On request

Minimum: 4 persons


Hotel pick up & drop off in Reykjavik,transport in a Super Jeep, English guided tour, accommodation at Hveravellir and dinner during winter.

Bring with you:

Good hiking shoes, warm clothing, water proof trousers and jacket, bathing suit and towel (if you plan to bathe in the hot pools).

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Upon request.

For groups only (not scheduled tour)

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Tour Description

Day 1 - The Golden Circle

We will start our two-day tour by driving from Reykjavík to Thingvellir National Park, where the Great Atlantic Rift is clearly visible and is slowly pulling Iceland apart. The Icelandic parliament Althingi was established there in 930 AD. In 2004 Thingvellir National Park was added to the UNESCO’s World Heritage List.

Then we continue to the geothermal active valley of Haukadalur which contains the super Geysir which very rarely spouts, but when it does it can erupt steaming water 200 feet upwards. The geyser Strokkur spouts hot water about 60-100 feet upwards every 5 - 8 minutes.

Hot Spring in Hveravellir

Hot springs in the middle of the wildernes

After enjoying the geysers we will drive to Gullfoss waterfall, in the river Hvita which originates from the lake Hvitarvatn on the south east side of Langjokull Glacier. Gullfoss Europe’s largest waterfall. We will have a short lunch-break here at Gullfoss Restaurant.

We will continue our drive into the highlands through the Kjolur road to Hvitarvatn Glacier Lake where we will have fantastic view up to the glaciers, Sudurjokull and Nordurjokull, both outlet glaciers of Langjokull.

Gullfoss Waterfall Iceland travel tour

Gullfoss - the waterfall which plunges into a great canyon

On our way to Hveravellir we will pass Kjalhraun an enormous lava field. When arriving in Hveravellir we will spend the rest of the day relaxing in the natural geothermal pool or enjoying some light hiking around the amazing hot spring area. The pool and its entire surroundings are magnificent, offering a beautiful view of the geothermal area, Kjalhraun lava field and Langjokull.

We will spend the night at Hveravellir. During the winter the restaurant is only open for groups with advance reservations and then your guide will prepare meals for you.

Hveravellir hot pool thermal bathing nature super jeep tour

The thermal pool by the hut deep in the Kjolur highlands at Hveravellir geothermal area

Day 2 - Hot pool & hiking

In the morning we will take a walk to see the hideaway of the outlaw Fjalla-Eyvindur (Mountain Eyvindur), the most famous of all Icelandic outlaws. Fjalla-Eyvindur and his wife Halla reportedly fled into the highlands shortly after 1760 and spent some 20 years living in the wilderness at Hveravellir. We can see a tumbledown circle of rocks that was their home and Eyvindarrétt, the sheep pen where he kept the sheep that he had stolen from the farmers. At Hveravellir numerous place names recall their stay like the hot spring Eyvindarhver that has a fitted wall of stones around it to facilitate the boiling of meat.

Steamy fumaroles around Hveravellir

Steamy fumaroles around Hveravellir

We will then take the car and visit Beinahóll (Bones Hill), a historical spot, in 11 km distance from Hveravellir. On the way our guide will tell you the story of Beinahóll. Next, we continue to Þjófafell (Mountain of Thieves) and Þjófadalir (Valleys of Thieves), around 14 km from Hveravellir.

We will return to Hveravellir where you will have some free time to relax in the hot pool, do some hiking in the rhyolite mountains of Kerlingarfjoll depending on the season. Weather conditions and other factors will determine which hiking routes are explored.

In the afternoon we return to Reykjavík where you will be dropped off at your hotel.

Kerlingarfjöll hiking nature rhyolite mountains colorful

The steamy rhyolite mountains of Kerlingarfjoll in the Kjolur highlands