Private Northern Lights Tours in Iceland | Aurora Borealis Tailor-made Tours

Private Northern Lights Tours in Iceland

Tailor-made northern light luxury adventures - Aurora Borealis

  • Private northern lights tours - Group Offers

    Tailor-made aurora excursions

    The extraordinary natural phenomena of the northern lights can be discovered in many exciting and memorable ways. We offer you private tours which will give you exactly what you wish for - and the options are endless!

    3-5 hours
    Sep 1 - Apr 20
  • Custom Northern Lights Safari

    The glory of the Auroras in Iceland

    We will follow the weather, which is a very Icelandic way of travelling. If the weather is good for going north, then we go north. If it looks better toward the south, then we will go there. Another option is to "The surprise trip" - you simply leave it in our hands and we will book something gorgeous for you.

    2-10 days
    Sep 1 - Apr 20
  • Auroras in Iceland - Customized Tour Combinations

    The icing on the cake

    Why not extend your day tour to include a tour where we go looking for the northern lights, if conditions allow. Tours which begin in the afternoon could easily be prolonged until 1 AM if the auroras show up. These tours can include snowmobiling, caving, volcano or glacier hiking, relaxing in a natural outdoor warm pool and far more.

    Sep - Apr