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The extraordinary natural phenomena of the northern lights can be discovered in many exciting and memorable ways. We offer you private tours which will give you exactly what you wish for - and the options are endless! Note: the operation of this tour is always dependent on weather conditions. We have to examine factors such as snow and clouds forecasts before we are able to decide whether the tour will take place. The prices are shown for the whole group. It is for you to decide how you wish to divide the cost between the group.

Duration: Max 5 hours

Available: Sep 1 - Apr 20


Hotel pick up & drop off in Reykjavik, guided Northern Lights tour.

Bring with you:

Warm clothes, sturdy shoes.

More pictures of Icelandic aurora borealis

Upon request.

For groups only (not scheduled tour)

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Note: If you wish to combine your day tour with an aurora watching tour in the late evening and night, have a look at this private tour. Click here.

Tour Description

Our experienced guides will use their local knowledge to take you to the places where there is the best chance of seeing the northern lights. However, as the northern lights are a natural phenomenon, sightings can never be guaranteed.

The northern lights are one of those rare natural phenomenons which people all over the world feel excited about seeing. It is truly magical to see the northern lights dancing their brilliant patterns across the night sky when the northern hemisphere is approaching its time of almost total darkness. Seeing the glory of nature´s color and magic is a majestic and never to be forgotten experience. At Extreme Iceland we want to give you the opportunity to chase the northern lights in a comfortable and fun way.

Private guided tours aurora borealis winter in Iceland

A bright night of full moon and snow on the mountains

We examine the weather forecast and atmospheric conditions for the night of your tour before we decide whether the tour can be operated or not. If we need to cancel this tour your payment will be 100% refunded.

If the forecast is good then we will take you on an tour to look at the northern lights, finding a place to enjoy them away from light pollution in the silence of Icelandic nature.

Private tours northern lights in Iceland

See the northern lights in Iceland!

Time and place

Your tour begins when we pick you up in or around Reykjavik at 20:00 and it ends at approximately 1:00 when we return you to your accommodation in or around Reykjavik.

We take you to the place which the weather forecast and atmospheric conditions have shown will be the best place on the night to see the northern lights. This location is usually within around a 1 to 1.5 hour radius of Reykjavik. It is important to us to go somewhere quiet and dark because the city lights greatly dilute the intensity of the colors. You can be reassured our guides are trained to find the best places to track down the lights - it is so exciting for the passengers to participate in the search. We always try our best to take you to a remote and peaceful place, giving you the chance to really experience the natural environment of a country which touches the Arctic Circle, whilst enjoying the wonders of the northern lights.

Private tours northern lights winter tour in Iceland

Private tours northern lights in Iceland for small groups

We sincerely hope you are lucky enough to see them. Our guides enjoy sharing their knowledge of the Icelandic Sagas, nature and folktales and will always ensure our passengers enjoy a memorable evening - even on those occasions when the lights do not show themselves.

Private tours northern lights in Iceland

The Icelandic winter has some surprises in store

After our northern lights search we drive back to Reykjavik where you will be dropped back to your hotel – hopefully to dream about the things you saw and experienced in the tour!

Aurora Bonus
If the Northern Lights don't show up on your tour you can contact our sales team here and we will book you on the Magical Auroras tour, free of charge. Please remember to mention your booking number in the email.