7 DAYS: Snaefellsnes and Jokulsarlon - Multi-Day Package - EI72

The Highlights of West and South Iceland

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Iceland offers a variety of different landscapes, attractions and activities. The tour takes you to the Snaefellsnes Peninsula, in the West of Iceland, we explore some of Iceland´s most popular landmarks and drive along the coast of the Atlantic Ocean to the area of Jokulsarlon glacier lagoon, marked by magnificent glaciers, lagoons and roaring waterfalls.

Duration: 7 days

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Pick up & drop off in Reykjavik / Airport, guided bus tour, all necessary equipment.

Bring with you:

Warm clothes, sturdy shoes.

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Tour Description

The West of Iceland is characterized by countless little islands and small, quiet and peaceful fisher villages. On our way to South Iceland we explore some of Iceland´s most popular landmarks - geysers, waterfalls and national parks - we go snorkeling between the tectonic plates and snowmobiling in a desert of ice and snow. We drive on the Ring road, along the coast of the Atlantic Ocean to the area of Jokulsárlón, marked by magnificent glaciers, lagoons and roaring waterfalls.

Day 1: Snaefellsnes

You get the chance to explore a lava cave and several small fisher villages. Your guide will introduce you to the world of Icelandic sagas and tell you about the trolls and elves that influenced these places

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The Snaefellsnes Peninsula is located in the western part of Iceland. Your guide will take you there, driving through the tranquil landscape along the coast, and stopping at several landmarks. Our rout will bring you to the Hvalfjordur, which is a fjord in a very tranquil and peaceful, uncrowded area. On our way we often get the chance to see some Iceland horses and many small but beautiful places.

Another point of interest on our way is the Deildartunguhver, which is a hot spring, characterized by its high flow rate. Also Reykholt, a small village, rich of history and Icelandic Sagas is on our itinerary.

We continue to the Hraunfossar Falls, our last stop before we go to our hotel, where you can end the day with delicious Icelandic salmon or lamb.

Hraunfossar Waterfall

One of our highlights - Hraunfossar Waterfall

Day 2: Snaefellsnes & Caving Tour

On day two we visit some of the small fisher villages of West Iceland, go caving and enjoy the landscape of the Snaefellsnes Peninsula.

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We visit the beautiful town “Stykkishólmur”, located in the north of the Snaefellsnes Peninsula. Most of the inhabitants make their living from fishing or are engaged in the tourism industry. This place was also chosen as a filming location for the movie “The secret life of Walter Mitty” and not without a reason. The town has its own and very unique charm and you get an amazing view over the sea and the small, colorful houses of the idyllic Stykkishólmur.

We will stop at several small fisher villages located in Snaefellsnes, for example in Arnarstapi. You can wander along the coast, at the foot of Mt. Stapafell and listen to the stories about Bárður, who was half human, half troll.

We go to Djupalonssandur and take a look at the basalt columns that rise out of the sea on our way to the Vatnshellir. The Vatnshellir, is a lava tube cave, full of unique lava formations and historic Sagas. The lower part of the cave can be reached by a long and narrow staircase that takes us to the deepest part of the cave, where you can experience 100% darkness and silence, when turning off your flashlights. Búðir and its black church are the last point on our program for today.

Caving in Vatnshellir

Caving in Vatnshellir

Day 3: Thingvellir & Snorkeling

On day three we say goodbye to the West and head over south to Thingvellir which stores a lot of things including Silfra where we will snorkel or dive.

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Thingvellir National Park was nominated as a World Heritage in July 2004. Not only because Thingvellir is rich of history, as the first parliament worldwide was introduced in this National Park, but also because of its geographical features. At Thingvellir, the Eurasian and North American plate boundaries, which run through Iceland are clearly visible.

The Silfra fissure is located in the Thingvallavatn Lake in the National Park and is filled with freezing cold and very clear water, which makes this place an interesting location for snorkeling and diving. We will provide you with all the necessary equipment, and a dry suit, that keeps you warm throughout your time in the water. You will be guided by a diving instructor, leading you through the two continents.

Your guide will also show you around the National Park, with its waterfalls and historic places.

eruption tour

Beautiful Snaefellsnes

Day 4: the Golden Circle & Snowmobiling

Day four takes you to the most popular sights in Iceland. You will see “Geysir” and the geyser “Strokkur, the impressive Gullfoss Waterfall (golden falls) and you will get the chance to experience endless fields of snow and ice from a snowmobile.

Complete Program for Day 4 ...

The day starts off with an experience, which nobody who goes to Iceland should miss – snowmobiling. You are taken to the Langjokull Glacier (Long glacier), which is the second largest glacier in Iceland. You will get the necessary equipment and instructions on how to use the snowmobiles correctly before you hop on and dash through the incredible scenery of the glacier.

We also take you to “Geysir”, who was eponymous for what we call geyser today and his neighbor, the geyser “Strokkur”, which erupts every 5-10 min. Next we go to the “Gullfoss” Waterfall (golden falls) a beautiful and impressive landmark.


The geyser "Strokkur" erupts every 5-10 minutes

Day 5: Seljalandsfoss, Skógafoss, Eyjafjallajokull

On day five we continue our way along the south coast. On the way we will have a view on the volcano Hekla and will stop at the Seljalandsfoss waterfall and some smaller waterfalls close to it. We see the impressive Skógafoss waterfall, formed by the glacier of Eyjafallajokull and the famous black sand beach with magnificent basalt columns and pillars rising from the sea.

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The Seljalandsfoss is a 60 meter high waterfall, which you can admire from two sides. There are also several other small and big waterfalls to explore, fresh, clear water to taste and rocks to climb, in order to get an extraordinary view on the partly hidden waterfalls.

In between Seljalandsfoss and Skógafoss waterfall, we can go to the Eyafjallajokull visitor center. The eruption of Eyjafjallajokull led to a standstill in huge parts of Europe.

The Skógafoss waterfall is very different to those we see in the morning, and very impressive due to its height.

The black sand beach comprises many unique rock and lava formations as well as basalt columns rising out of the sea. It is a popular place for wedding shootings as it offers an incomparable scenery.

Ice Cave

Inside the Ice Cave (only in winter)

Day 6: Jokulsárlón, Svínafellsjökull – Glacier Hike

Day 6 is full of exciting and memorable experiences, which you can only get in Iceland. We go into crystal blue ice caves, see the famous glacier lagoon Jokulsárlón and the quiet Fjallsárlón lagoon. We are doing a glacier hike on the impressive Svínafellsjökull glacier. During winter we switch out the glacier hiking tour for an amazing visit to a naturally formed ice cave in Skaftafell.

Complete Program for Day 6 ...

On Day 6 we start the day with one of the most unique experiences Iceland has to offer. We put on our crampons and helmets and start the exploration of the ice cave. It is a fascinating experience to be inside this hall, with incredibly blue walls of ice.

After the Ice Caving Tour we spend some time at the beautiful glacier lagoon. It is an amazing place to take pictures of the crystal pieces of ice that were washed ashore by the sea, resting on the black sand. You can walk along the seaside or the lagoon and simply enjoy this incredible landscape.

Another experience that you should not miss is the glacier hike. Our guide will take us to the Svínafellsjökull glacier, where we put on the crampons again and start our glacier hike into this impressive area, which also served as a filming location for many successful movies and series.

Hiking on the incredible Svínafellsjökull

Hiking on the incredible Svínafellsjökull

Day 7: Caving Tour & Blue Lagoon

On our last day, we head back to Reykjavik and stop at Leidarendi, a lava tube cave, to have some sporty activity, before we go on to the Blue Lagoon. The Blue Lagoon is a
geothermal spa, where we finish our trip by treating ourselves
with time for relaxation in the warm water, the saunas and steam
caves there.

Complete Program for Day 7 ...

We will enter the lava tube cave Leidarendi through narrow cave entrances to reveal an extraordinary scenery of lava formations and unexpected colours. You will see natural stalactites and different rock formations.

After the caving tour we deserve a visit of the Blue Lagoon, a unique geothermal spa with many recreational options such as bathing in the milky blue water, massage and spa treatments or walking in the surroundings.