Northern Lights tour to Hveravellir Geothermal area - EI21

Winter super jeep tour to the highlands of Iceland - 3 days / 2 nights

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On this three day super jeep tour we head to Hveravellir in the central highlands of Iceland, away from any kind of man made light pollution - offering the best possibility of seeing the northern lights as brightly and clearly as possible. On the way we see Thingvellir National Park, the hot springs area around Geysir and the Golden Waterfall, Gullfoss - dressed in its winter clothes!

Duration: 3 days

Pick-up: 09:30

Available: Upon request


Hotel pick up & drop off in Reykjavik (with potential Northern Lights stop on way back), three day tour in a mountain truck, driver-guide, fuel, hotel pick up and drop off, accommodation in made up beds in the mountain hut at Hveravellir for two nights, 2 breakfasts, 2 lunches and 2 dinners.

Not included:

Lunch at Gullfoss restaurant on day 1, dinner at a restaurant on day 3

Bring with you:

Warm waterproof clothing, sturdy shoes. Winter overalls can be provided if required.

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More pictures from Hveravellir

More pictures of the Northern Lights

Upon request.

For groups only (not scheduled tour)

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Note: Northern Lights are a natural phenomenon and are dependent upon weather and solar activity - so sightings are never guaranteed.

Tour Description

Day 1

We drive from Reykjavik through Thingvellir (Þingvellir) National Park where we will have a short stop, then drive on through the village of Laugarvatn and have a short break atGeysir geothermal field. We stop at "The Golden Waterfall" Gullfoss, where we will take a lunch break at the restaurant and also get to see this amazing waterfall - one of the most beautiful in Iceland.

Northern Lights at Hveravellir Hut

The dancing lights of the aurora are known to be created when electrically charged particles from the sun collide with the earth's atmosphere

Then we drive up to the highlands along the Kjolur Road to Hveravellir - this unique nature reserve situated between the glaciers of Langjokull and Hofsjokull. When darkness comes (at around 20:00 in October and 16:30 in December) we may enjoy the moonlight and an uncountable number of shimmering stars. Later in the evening, if conditions are favourable, you have the opportunity to see the endless waves of the Northern Lights, whether you are standing on a glacier plain, on top of a icy summit or laying in a natural hot pool. Wherever you are, the Northern Lights will amaze you with the brilliance of their spectacular colours and light, made even more vivid by the contrast with the deep darkness of winter.

Northern Lights at the Hut in Hveravellir

One of life's greatest scenes are the Northern Lights - here they can be seen swirling above the hut at Hveravellir

It is good to take a walk to explore and enjoy Hveravellir. In wintertime, the drive from Reykjavik to Hveravellir can take 5-10 hours even though we use our best super jeeps (monster trucks) for this tour. Hveravellir is one of the most beautiful geothermal areas in the world with smoking fumaroles, beautifully shaped with sky blue, boiling water. It is a very special experience to take a look around and stroll beside the various hot springs.

Hveravellir Geothermal area

See the smoking fumaroles in geothermal Hveravellir This noisy one is named "Shrieking mound"

You could also relax in the natural hot pool or in the cozy mountain cabin whilst your guide is preparing a delicious dinner for you.  The geothermal pool at Hveravellir is unique. Both hot and cold water flows into the pool, which makes it easy to regulate the temperature of the water. The water flows quickly, which means that the water is clean at all times. Over 20 people can comfortably bathe in the pool at the same time. The pool and its entire surroundings are magnificent, offering a beautiful view of the geothermal area, Kjalhraun lava field and Langjokull glacier. There are very few things in this world which can compare to an evening taking a dip in the pool after a walk and seeing the northern lights dance all around.

Hveravellir Hut in Winter

Walk a few steps barefoot in the snow to get to the hot natural pool - it is lovely and absolutely worth it!

Hveravellir has two houses for accommodation. One has space for 33 people in sleeping bags, the other has accommodation for twenty people and is split into 3 separate rooms.

Day 2

According to your  interest you spend the day with some light hiking and taking a look at the amazing hot spring area or go for a short drive with the guide. In the afternoon you relax in the natural geothermal hot pool. You enjoy a delicious dinner in the evening, prepared by your guide. And you watch out for the northern lights, which if they show up, can be very bright and colourful - as Hveravellir is in the middle of nowhere and free from light pollution.

Natural Pool in Hveravellir

The Geothermal Pool is a great place to be - at any time

Day 3

After breakfast we drive south from Hveravellir and on a clear day a beautiful view to the glaciers of Hofsjokull and Langjokull and the surrounding mountains can be seen. We drive through Kjalhraun which is an enormous lava field (10–12 cubic kilometres) and covers a total of 180 square kilometres. Kjalhraun was formed in a gigantic eruption around 8000 years ago.

Green Lights in the sky

They are known as Aurora borealis in the north ...

We leave the Kjolur mountain road and arrive at Gullfoss Waterfall and the hot spring areas surrounding Geysir. Then we drive south to the crater Kerid where we take a short break. The weather conditions will determine the exact location where we hunt for the northern lights, we choose the place for dinner with that location in mind. We check the weather forecast, the northern lights' forecast and also use our own insight to arrive at a likely place where it is hoped this hardly predictable phenomena could show up ....

Finally we return to Reykjavik and drop you off at your accommodation.

Gullfoss in winterclothes

Gullfoss, the Golden waterfall is always an impressive sight!