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Iceland's true heart where darkness is revealed

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Lava tube caves are not something that you see just every day. If you're looking for a unique experience with not a boring moment, this might be the tour for you and your family, friends, or co-workers. You get to be a real spelunker explorer! We provide the outfit of course: hetmet, torch and gloves.

Duration: 4 hours - 2 days

Available: All year


Suitable for all - tour adapted per request.


Caving equipment such as helmets, torches and gloves, guided tour by our caving expert guides. You just choose the type of accommodations if applicable, activities and eating requests.

Bring with you:

Warm clothes, sturdy shoes.

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Upon request.

For groups only (not scheduled tour)

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Note: It is very important to wear good hiking shoes that are suitable for walking on uneven lava surfaces.

Tour Description

Nobody really knows how many caves there are in Iceland, since it is certain that many of them have not been found yet. There are caves in all shapes and forms, and it is very easy to find spacious, small, dark, bright or long narrow caves all over the country.

Most of them have rocks in colors that you won't believe unless you see it with your own eyes. Exploring this fascinating underworld in earth's entrails make us sometimes think of our own innards.

This cave is in the north of Iceland

This cave is in the north of Iceland

The boys love it...

This is as much a tour as an adventure. Everybody loves to play the explorer of an unknown world that 'nobody' has every seen. You can now become an amateur spelunker. We provide the necessary equipment: helmet, good torch and gloves. Some of the fascinating features you may expect to see are:

Narrow tunnels, spacious domes, the exterior and interior aspects of lava fields, volcanic craters which were formed by eruptions, where it is easy to look around the crater's walls and see the route taken by the once red hot molten magma. Many of these beautiful, phenomenal natural caves were created when the surface lava solidified but magma continued to flow in tunnels. And it was not so long ago!

The icicles can be found during the winter time

Exploring a fascinating lava tube cave - the icicles can be found during the winter time

In some of the caves you will need to crawl, whilst in others you would mostly be able to walk normally. Hiking through some of the caves should not be considered an easy feat. In some places you would have to get down on your hands and knees and in many places you may need to duck your head.

A few of the caves in Iceland are just a short walking distance from a road, so you do not have to hike far to get to them.

Other features include ice sculptures (winter only), lava tunnels, the extraordinary scenery of lava formations and a palette of unexpected colours. There are also natural stalactites and many different rock formations to be seen.

Buri cave

New spelunkers exploring cave Buri, not far from Reykjavik

Incentive trips

You can even see caves that became the residence of a band of 'professional' outlaws in the olden days. Today, 1000 years later, the remains of their settlement in the lava tube systems can still easily be seen. This is a perfect tour for an envigorating corporate trip!

There are also caves which are located deep in a lava field where we need to hike for a while just to reach them, but the pathways are fun to tread and the scenery is astonishing. Going caving will allow you to experience Iceland's spectacular nature both above and below the ground, since getting to many of the caves involves a hike far from the beaten path.

What was your first thought?

What was your first thought? It's in Ferlir lava tube

In Iceland there are caves which run in a circle, caves which have roots almost two meters long hanging down from their ceilings, caves with several entrances, caves with chambers of ice, caves with many skylights and a cave with 17 m high vertical pit made from a lava fall which is the deepest lava pit on earth!

Some of these caves are so spectacular they are said to be unrivaled by other similar caves anywhere in the world.

Floki lava tube cave in Iceland

Floki lava tube cave is just as its name indicates: 'complicated'

Regardless of the weather

We don't need to have many concerns about the weather when we are exploring the natural treasures of Icelandic lava caves. It will be dark, and it will be fresh.

The length of the caves can vary from a couple of hundred meters up to almost 2 km. Each and every cave contains its own subterranean wonder world. In the large caves it really can be easy to get lost, so being accompanied by a professional caving guide is extremely important. There are caves which are labyrinths containing magnificent lava formations, glassed walls and vivid colors.

Speleothems in one of Iceland's lava tube caves

Speleothems in one of Iceland's lava tube caves

On our caving tours travelers are given enough time to really take in the unique and extraordinary beauty deep beneath the Icelandic landscape before we trek back to the clean and crisp air of the Icelandic wilderness. Some of the caves are located quite close to each other – making it is easy to visit a few caves in just one day.


The Cave Explorer studying the features of the lava cave

The Cave Explorer studying the features of the lava cave

Respect for nature and safety are always our main concerns. There are seldom handrails, lights or any other tools installed in or around the caves. Most often we rely completely on the equipment we carry with us and it is important that everyone respects our guidelines.

The caves are located all around Iceland; however, it takes only about 30 minutes to drive to the ones which are closest to Reykjavik.

On the volcanic island which Iceland truly is, the caving possibilities are wonderful and almost limitless.

This would be the Icelandic subway...

This would be the Icelandic subway...